Recognizing Alphabet

Once day this little son my mine were playing in the garden, and out of a sudden he ran to the car and pointed the car plate and say “A”. Mom, dad and i were stunt. I ask him where’s “B” and he point at the other car with the “B” number plate. So i test a few more and realise he knows more than A and B

A to D – all can recognize

e – instead of capital he knows the small case

H – hah

J – jet

L – mmm (phonics) but wrong la..

O – he say ball.. probably i need to improve my writing skill dy

P – P

S – snake

U – umbre ( is actually umbrella)

OK for a 20mth toddler rite? More than half he can recognize dy…

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Waking the sleeping beauty

When i open my eyes this morning, he was sitting there looking at me with a big smile. Then he kissed me on my lips…how sweet…

It was 8am, and i refuse to get up. Normally he’ll either play until he fall asleep again (by himself) or wake me up.

He have a few method to wake me,

(1) Tell me “chou chou” (smelly) – it’s either shit or his pee came out form diaper

(2) Call me and give me my “pek” (spec) and “mei mei” (hairband)

(3) Play with my hair and disturb me by opening my eye

(4) There’s once when i cover my eye with my hand, he slap me *ouch*

Anyway something special happen today, after 2 hours i still refuse to get up he kissed me non stop until i’m wake.. aw~~ he does know how to take my heart rite?

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where my friends will be?

When we first stayed together, we often have gathering with friends. We call it quarterly gathering at my place. It was fun.. most of the time it’s BBQ. Sometime we’ll have steamboat. There some special times, (when i’m super free) i’ll cook and invite my friends over for dinner. Table for 4 or table for 6 (most). It was fun and enjoying.

Then we move into our new place.. we still have these gathering but it’s much less. It’s always on special occasion like house warming or birthday celebration. We’ll still have yumcha and dinner with close friend tho. But ever since Jboy was born.. ops.. nothing happen anymore. saddening uh? Dinner and yumcha had totally cut out… probably like once a mth? my friends…. where are you….

I’m moving up to somewhere very far already. Worst.. i’m not working anymore so my guess is… i have no friends.. wuhuu~~ thinking of it makes me so sad and lonely. Husband work i stay at home jaga anak. I will be typical housewife with no friends… wuhuu~~~ maybe my friend will be my neighbour whom i borrow the salt or sugar.. oh no!! i cannot imagine myself doing that… i don’t want to be a yellow-faced-woman….


Feeling very unhappy and down for the pass few weeks. I was thinking i probably need some time break. Being away from all these things i’m facing now. My 24-7 child care and my current nomad life .. with all the changes. Probably i need to getaway..get AWAY to some where.. few choices i can either visit

(1) Jakarta where my beloved cousin is there.. and with a place to stay

(2) Macau where my another cuz is there but that will not be my choice because i’d been there b4

(3) Taiwan where my friend is there very month and i can save on the accommodation staying with her in the hotel

The question is where to put my son? When i 1st delivered, i was so guilty to let ppl take care of my son. i’m always thinking tat, “son is urs why ask other to take care? where is ur responsibility?” this guilt feeling had been in me until i dun wan to go for yum cha with friends, going cinema, going shopping without him.. i just don’t leave him anywhere even with my mom. But as time goes by, sometime i need to run some errand (not all the time) i’ll leave it with mom. probably like 1-2 hours… max also 4hours – when i visited the doc for my this pregnancy check-up.

Now tat i’d gotten over it for this issue, i have another thing in running wildly in my mind. Whenever i leave my son with anybody (yes even my mom) i’ll hv this worried feeling. i do not know it’s the worried that my son will miss me, worried the person cannot handle my son or even is it too much burden for the person who’s taking care.  i juz cannot “fang xin”. Eating dinner with firends makes me lo lo luin need to go back quickly. Probably i’m just one of those paranoid mom.. going vacation is really out of the questions because i have all this crazy feeling..

I tried to get over this feeling i have. So i really decide that i’ll go somewhere… before i bomb. At least to ease my stress. Then there’s is 1 nite i woke up.. mid nite. i can’t sleep.. i picture myself leaving and wave goodbye to my son who is standing at the door, 1 hand holding his pillow 1 hand waving back at me. OMG my heart sank. Sank so low…is like.. will i be happy leaving him? Will i be stress-free leaving him? Will i even enjoy the trip? I don’t think i will… i’ll most probably break down in tear missing him too much.

I realise that, the “stress” i’m having doesn’t come from him. Therefore leaving him and go for a vacation will not help at all. What makes me really happy is to see his piggy face every nite, kiss his good nite before I sleep. Every morning his big huge smile and manja-ness  when he roll over to me and lie on my arms. Each morning he tries to wake me by calling me and yelling “yeah” when he manage to wake me.. bring me my pek (spec) and hairband to ask me to get up. This is wat makes me happy each day so why i wanna to go anywhere when  he is the one releasing my stress?

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The other nite

Some amazing things happen… it was nite last feeding b4 i put Jdric to sleep. Off all the lights as usual to get the sleeping mood. And then i told Jdric like i told him on every feeding “Jdric after u finish the nen nen (milk), gv mama the bottle” . After awhile i heard him finishing the milk, can hear air suction. So i move over and feel him with my hand trying to get the milk bottle. Sometimes he refuse to let go. I don’t know he’s not enuf or he just wanna hav the suction pleasure. Anyway i was touching all over his face trying to get the bottle but i still couldn’t feel it.

Then suddenly this small little tiny hand grab my hand. Then he hand me the bottle with the other hand. I was like “what??!!” i mean.. how can he be so understanding at this age to know i’m trying to get the bottle and i can’t see and can’t find the bottle? He is just 1.5yr old and yet the way he act like he is an adult who knows what i’m trying to do. Oh my boy… he had grown up didn’t he?

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Interaction between them..

Yesterday nite.. mid nite actually… Jdric was sleeping like a worm as usual. Golek here..golek there…. He put his leg on my stomach. Lift and put down and then again and again for 3 times… then awhile after that.. i could feel the one inside responded by kicking me 3 times too! So young.. they already show sign of fighting playing with each other.. ah~~ how sweet of them…

Two boys are not so bad after all right? Family genes..

The funny part is.. girls or boys is suppose to be from male donor. But how come all his sisters have 2 boys too? It should come from their husband wat… too wierd…

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Final Jap

Jdric is going through the final jap. Booster for measle, mumps and rubella. Every jap he’ll fall sick. 5 times jap, 5 times fever. At least 2 day to completely back to his energetic self. The longest was i think 4days? He had twice feverish due to virus. 1st time was the rain. 2nd time was the trip to Singapore recently that i didn’t gave him enuf fluid. Total 7 times.

But this time, daddy wasn’t around. Poor boy…However, grandpa and grandma was around to layan him. He’s also older now that he knows how to act! After the jap he was ok, but when reaching home, seeing grandma.. he complain. Then when he saw grandpa, he said pain pain ..walk walk (cannot walk) pointing is leg summore… When we walk also semacam. Kaki tempang.. haiz.. my boy.. so cute.

Not too high, 38.6degree the highest. Mid-nite he didn’t really shoot up so i try to delay his medication longer. He is allergy to paracetamol like both of us. Rashes. But i don’t know if he’s itchy or not. I change his medicine to Nurofen ( not i change la.. i ask from private doc)

5 months from now.. i’ll need to report back to the gov clinic every mth again. sien.. long queue…

Weight : 11.8kg

Height : 77.4cm ( i can’t believe he’s only 1cm taller compare to he was 14th mths? must measure again)

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Maverick Phang

How come this time so fast i have a name? Coz i’d already choose it much earlier to match with Jedric.

Why Maverick? 1st, coz it starts with ‘M’ which is my name instead of ‘J’ Ha-B’s name which is already used for 1st child. 2ndly, it rhyme with Jedric.

Pronounce as Mav-rick , American origin. Btw Jedric was Polish origin.

Meaning? an independent man who avoids conformity… Avoid conformity means very self centered? don’t like to follow others? BUT can also means that he is able to decide on his own and do it his own way? Don’t follow other buta-buta

You see lah, u see lah… i think of boys name but girls name nothing in the list. How not to have 2nd child as a boy??

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Sad, Guilty and feel like sh*t

After Missy ran away, i was so depress i need to have another as a replacement. I bought Cophie from a guy. I’m guilty about it.

But Cophie was a very naughty dog. He bites and destroy everything. He pee everywhere even poo in his cage. Normally dogs don’t pee or poo in their sleeping place. I’m angry with Cophie at all times. He makes the most noise and he barks at every thing that pass by my house! (actually he is a really good guard dog) The more  naughty he is, the more i hate him and miss Missy. Missy was always an angel. I didn’t really love Cophie as much as Missy. I hardly train him or talk to him or play with him.

Not long after i got him, i’m preggy and preggy with 1st child is always most pantang. The experts say, the saliva of a dog is very dangerous for preggy woman and so i leave the bathing and caring for Ha-B. It was then Ha-B’s pet. After Jdric was born, Cophie is send out the house. Jdric loves Cophie. He’ll search for him or play with him behind the grill. It was really a nice sight to see that a home, with a pet and my son is enjoying it…it’s feels like a complete HOME

Today, everything had changed. Ha-B had to move up KL to start his own business. We will soon move up. I not only have no time for Cophie BUT no space for him anymore because we’ll be down grading ourself to smaller home. Probably a condo .. doubt can afford landed. We decided to give Cophie away. It’s sad but it’s for the best.

1st adopter was a just-grad-boy who wants to own a dog. But that week he is suppose to take Cophie, he told me his parents doesn’t allow him. Well, i’m glad coz i don’t think his parent can tolerate this noisy house alarm barking dog. 2nd adopter is PERFECT! Family with 2 boys, and i’m sure Cohpie is going to be very well taken care. But the day b4 the adoption, they gave up coz 1 of his son is scared of dogs. Oh… my heart kinda relieve because i’m not prepared to give him away. I cried every time when someone wanted to adopt him. I’m selfish.. i didn’t take good care of him and didn’t want to give him away.

Last wk, my neighbour told me Cophie was whining (sort of crying) my heart was soooo ache. I feel so bad..he didn’t whined or make manja noise b4. OMG i’m such an a**hole. I told my neighbour, if anyone would love to adopt i’ll be glad to give him away. The next few days, uncle confirm someone is interested. I gave him the house key and told him to let his guy have a look and if he is interested just take it. OMG 2hrs later, he told me the guy came and took it already. OMG OMG OMG… i didn’t even hv the time to think and prepare myself. I didn’t even say good bye or hug! Is it better this way? It feels like someone stole my dog!

I came back i cry so hard. I don’t know how the guy looks like. I don’t know if he is capable.  I don’t know if he is a dog breeder. I don’t anything about this guy. I didn’t provide a good home for Cophie and now i couldn’t even find him a good home? I really feel like sh*t. I’m such *argh* .. someone should just shoot me dead.

Sigma Make Me Cool 12 Brush Kit

Since being 2nd time preggy i hardly had any make up on my face and didn’t bother to do anything. 1st i’m too broke to buy anything for myself, 2ndly i don’t know where to find time. 😦

Saw this Giveaway by in International Giveaway, im’ delighted. At least i can try my luck on the winning something for myself and doing up my face once again.

Picture below is the giveaway item. Tempted? Try your luck before the contest ends.. 10th June.

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