1st jap

Actually is the 2nd time jboy is being jap. 1st time was right after he was born.

We decided to go to governement poliklinik.. and skip all the optional jap like rotavirus and pneumococal. While waitting, i’m the one feeling scared and worried. It’s like so heart pain if i see my jboy kena jap and i dunno how’s i’ll react when he cry non stop.

I met my roomate from the hospital. she also was here for the jap. her baby is 6.5kg. more than jboy eventhough she was born lighter than him. Compare with jboy, he is nothing. her arm is so much bigger than him and her face is so chubby. oh no.. we lost! maybe jboy was fed with 90% BM (breast milk) kua. the baby girl was fed with 40% BM and 60% formula. oh well, i’d check with the growing graph, appearantly his weight is normal and his length is more on the higher side (wierd) and his head is on the smaller side (wierd-er)

Weight: 6.4kg


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Shitty business

J-boy pass motion once only. Few days ago he had been passing motion twice per day. slowly it should be only once and harden. Now it’s still like the “dal” for roti canai. 😀

I wonder when he can only wake once for midnite feed… 😦

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HUGE milestone

After delivery i lost 6kg.

After 3wks delivery i lose another 5kg.

Until now… 4wks had passed i manage to lose another ONE kg.

huuuray…. (so pathetic)

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Grandpa Bday

Extra milstone, he can suck his finger. i didn’t realise coz these few days were cold so i le t him wear his mitten. but then his mitten is always wet. so i took off and he juz bring up his hand and put into his mouth. wow… when did he learn this. uwwuhahah….

Another funny thing is that he is afraid when we let him sleep in the spring cot. Cannot shake too hard. funny… he only act this way only recently..today. how we know he is scared? he raise his 2 hands sometimes even leg. then his faciall expression.. and the sound he make. he really seems scared.

we went secret recipe for grandpa bday. happy grandpa got cucu teman him this year bday.

on the way back, i nearly trip over while carrying j-boy. how dangerous.

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Finally home

why there’s so much frustration that i’d predicted and i still wanna go? the 1 only reason is because i feel that my in laws also love my boy and i should let them spend more time with him while i’m still on maternity. i guess there won’t be another chance unless i quit my job or having CNY long holiday.

reaching home is such a relieve to me. entering our room. oh no.. grandpa had bought the mobile toy and had already fix at the cot. got to get the one i bought and exchange for another toy. yippie 2nd toy for j-boy.

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Shopping Day….

At last..i’m free-d. I’m so relieve i can step out from the hse and go shopping. wanting to get the mobile toy for j-boy to hang on his bb cot. there’s a discount at isetan. after discount is Rm80. i know still expensive but this will be the 1st very toy at i find useful and bought for him. 😀 proud mommy and daddy.

Went Garden’s and of course Robinson my fav. i bought the Avent washable breast pad. 20% discount. i find it quite reasonable lor. Rm50++ but there were 3 pairs with 1 laundry bag. The teat i survey for Avent also quite reasonable. 1biji is arnd Rm10 and after discount is less 20%. ok what.. heehhe.. can afford to continue using this brand. i tot wanna change brand coz too ex.

Today is a great day. J-boy had been very good. sleeping in his pram whole day. even if he wasn’t sleeping he was laying quietly looking around. oh my good obedient boy.

I also have another thing in mind for myself. ada-cada-BRA. i can’t seems to find any in those maternity shop. D-cup is the biggest they have. i’ve no choise to get it from marks and spencer. don’t ask me about my size. all i can say is tat i will reduce it once i hv the extra $$.

we were out since 1pm until 7pm. then dinner at a place i forgot the name.

reaching home.. a black black face was waitting angrily coz baby is not suppose to go out late at nite… ops.. but i don’t care

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I cut his finger nails when he was sleeping. I’d cut it before i came here. real short. but only few days it grows again. afraid that he might scratch himself i cut again loh.

Now a days i didn’t let him wear the mittens anymore. Nurse say if keep on wearing he can’t feel his palm. ok loh… take out loh. need to cut finger nails.

At home, i’ll cut it while grandma feed him (bottle la of course) here, i juz need to wait for him to fall asleep. but after cutting 2 fingers, he start to make noise. he is very sensertive ppl touching his fingers. so i stop cutting and then zoom.. he just scratch his face like tat. blood start to come out. not say dripping out la.. but it’s like keep flowing loh. aiyo yo…

1 success story, i manage to capture his shit and it was alot!!

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3rd day at Selayang

Today Ha-B coming back tonite. He’d plan to go back his main branch to work on Thurs and attend a company dinner on Fri. good planing…

yesterday nite, he sleep well as in normal lah. however his shit and pee still not being “capture”. no timing loh.. he already potty train to shit at 7-8am and afternoon 1-2pm and later in the evening 7-8pm. but i also cannot let him shit properly here. everybody like to kacau him when i hold him at the potty. and then.. when he cries (during shit) ppl start to tell me.. dun let him shit anymore coz dun wan him to cry. *geezz

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2day at Selayang

OMG. OMG. OMG. No milk no milk no milk…

Only 2oz? why why why. but frankly speaking i didn’t pump for few days. i think at least 3 to 4 days. i juz feed him direct whenever he want to eat. and these few days he had been drinking less… so i guess my production also low.

or issit i didn’t drink enuf fluid? or no fish soup? i need to follow instruction of few experts, pump freq and it will come automatically.

Using digital measuring (my weight) – (my weight + J-boy) = 5.8kg

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Tiring nite

Oh gosh..terrible nite. wake every 2hrs. normally arnd 4hrs he’ll wake for him milk. but now every 2hrs?? i guess he not used to the room or bed. or he must had sleep alot during the day.

i’m force to get up early. 9.30am…*argh* geram nie..i want my sleep…….but i’m being serve here. bf da sao prepare, lunch da sao prepare. it’s those healthy korean food (sushi) or sandwich. wow…

today also.. 2oz is already enuf for him. normally he’d to drink until full full then only fall asleep. now.. 2oz fall back to sleep?? hai~~ all order mixed up liao…

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