Cophie Turns 4

May 27th 2008 Cophie had turn to 4 months old. He is 2.8kg now. Big boy already. So mummy buy him a present for his itchy teeth and new leash (instead using Missy’s which is too big for him).

Actually i took a red leash because he is white but hubby said “Please lah, he is a boy” True also, the red looks pink-ish. So i took the blue leash which represents boy. (why boy cannot wear pink meh?)

When home, gave him the toys, he didn’t bother to touch it. But when i start to roll the toy, then Cohpie realise that it’s his toy. hahaha.. love it and start to play with it.

You see the greedy dog. Want to hold on to his 2 toys. Actually Cohpie have 1 red bone, 1 black bone and 4 tennis balls. Now new green toy. So lucky.

As you can see this is a temp temporary cage for Cophie when we are staying in Selayang. He will stay in my room and with this brown cage. I think he likes it because he likes dark places. So every night he will go into the cage and sleep wan. Of course cannot close the door la, else how is he going to drink water and pee pee ler. Besides it’s too small to keep him inside. So just let him “oi-oi” inside lor.

Maybe my next blog i will write about his place is malacca house.


Cophie please

There was this pet expo some time ago in mid valley and mummy had bought many tit-bits for me. Now can see my tummy getting bigger and bigger look like somebody even though he tries to wear vertical line shirt to cover up…. hhehehehe…

( junkies and 2 round tummies 😛 )


( i am a tissue box )


( look at us playing, hehehe )


( am i just too adorable? )


( mom made me a nice and comfy cushion for my basket and then i destroy it, i can’t help it, my teeth are really into biting )


** sorry SL i am not able to fulfill your baby shower thingy because i feel that i have the responsibility to get u a nice boxes to deliver to friends and family as this will be the 1st time event. i don’t dare to let you down. sorry **

this is my new cupcake decoration batch. not so much of fancy stuff compare to my sales period but still ok-lah  🙂

Desiree my beloved niece

(still a very little baby girl)


(lil baby deserie)

Ugly Duckling?

(this was deserie when she was a little older but still refuse to play with me)

Getting cuter and cuter

(she is willing to play with me awhile dy)

( the smile she was taught)

( now she even ask me to play with her )

( also let me take her picture, ha ha ha i am able to trick her to love me dy )