Waking the sleeping beauty

When i open my eyes this morning, he was sitting there looking at me with a big smile. Then he kissed me on my lips…how sweet…

It was 8am, and i refuse to get up. Normally he’ll either play until he fall asleep again (by himself) or wake me up.

He have a few method to wake me,

(1) Tell me “chou chou” (smelly) – it’s either shit or his pee came out form diaper

(2) Call me and give me my “pek” (spec) and “mei mei” (hairband)

(3) Play with my hair and disturb me by opening my eye

(4) There’s once when i cover my eye with my hand, he slap me *ouch*

Anyway something special happen today, after 2 hours i still refuse to get up he kissed me non stop until i’m wake.. aw~~ he does know how to take my heart rite?

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