Day 3 in my own place

So how was it? 3 of us living in this hot warm and cosy house. Not very nice or big or luxury, it’s just nice for us and the kids have lotsa space to run and play… well Mboy still doesn’t know how to run of course. All our furniture is old, back from our Malacca house and it makes this house TOTALLY like Malacca home feeling! I can’t hardly tell apart. (ok i’m just joking) Anyway i really can’t wait to do all the activities with the kids once we have settle down.

Now i just need to to alot of cleaning, “sparking”, tuning and also rearranging the furniture to be really full-child-proof. The living hall is about 80% completed, just that the book shelf and some drawing need to be hang properly and wiring to be HIDE! The room is well, nothing in it so i’m not so worried. This is the 2 area where the boys spend most of their time.

Adjusting.. Jboy is well adapt to alot of places. Since young i’d been worried that he might not be able to get used to certain places if we’re on a holiday or back to my parent’s place. Since he’s a baby i’d been switching rooms to sleep. Of course in our own place it is easier to do it. So, i think it helps abit and he is quite happy about the new home but constantly asking where’s everybody. I think he is bored. haha, wait till his bike and pool is here then he won’t be.

Whereas for Mboy, he cried for the pass 2 nites. Especially after evening. I suspect he doesn’t like dark or dim room. I told hubby to change all the lighting to a bigger volt. Let see how today. His nap is still not adjusted back to the normal routine i set for him – which is 3 times per day, total about 5 hours. šŸ˜›

Me, i’d been and feel like a full time housewife now. Cook, laundry, cleaning…all the housewife work lah. Erm.. super tired but HAPPY but then again SAD. i can’t just go anywhere i want to go and hubby is always pass xx Ā reach home. (ok for safety purpose i shall not write the time and hope no one tries to kidnapped us) But luckily he gets to spend a few hours with the kids before thier off to bed BECAUSE THEY SLEEP LATE LAH. My luxury time is normally like now, i get to blog, FB and play FB games.. but because we’d just move in, this is the time i do all the scrubbing and cleaning (except for today because i wanna blog) šŸ˜€

So.. everything, so far so goo and God Ā really loves me. Thank you Lord.


Good Day 21 April 2012

(1) Mavric started to crawl FORWARD

(2) We moved into our new place šŸ˜€

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Happy, Scared, Excited, Worried, Overwhelming, Glad

All these mix feeling is coming to me now. We had sold off our old home house. We moved all our things to our new house home. But we haven’t officially move in yet because it was the “cheng beng” season and no one move house – according to some ppl lah. BUT i’m thinking if you’re praying to theĀ ancestorsĀ all these while and now the ancestors are all out, aren’t you suppose to “celebrate” with them when u move into a new place? haha… But i don’t care lah. As long as it is not disturbing me… so meanwhile Ha-B can go and straighten things out while waitting for the auspicious date which is 21Apr2012.

So far everything turns out OK. Thanks to my mover Ha-B who had move the whole house up to our new place, Rawang, and unpack most of the boxes šŸ™‚ Because i told him i just want to move in and it is in a ready-mode to live in. I just wanna jump in and feelĀ comfortable. He really make it quite come true. Thanks ah dear a zillion ga-zillion.

Now here comes my mood…. abit scared because i’ll be living with 2 monsters. Recent “activity” J pour M Ā a cup of corn on the walker and they BOTH played with the buttery floor and walker!!! OMIGOSH… u don’t know how difficult to wash both buttery son! Not to mention slippery lagi tu~~ now i’m scared i can’t handle both at the same time.

Worried coz i will need to prepare food for 3 ppl now onwards. ei~~ where’s Ha-B rite? He will not be at home MOST of the time. morning go out work.. come back nite after 9.30pm so i guess no lunch or dinner needed for him.

Happy & excitedĀ becauseĀ this will be our new home. I can build my castle in my little cozy home. Do the things i want to do with my kids, trained and teach them the way i want with noĀ interference. Our own life, our own home, our own place… ah~~

and also quite glad coz the time is finally here that i don’t need to tolerate with any other thing.. besides my kids that is…

Overall.. i am really happy this is happening so soon. Thank you God … and of course Ha-B