Jedric now can swim on his own. I didn’t even need to get into the pool or get wet. I just hold the camera and take picture of him.

Then tat day we were playing hide and seek. Me and mom hid behind the door and he went kitchen looking for us, and the went around the hse making noise.

I also play catching with him. He sit in the walker and come chasing me… because he want me to carry him. hehehe…

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Bake or Fry

2 afternoon when hubby is not around i try 2 ways of cooking salmon.. one of my favorite western dish besides lamb chop.

1st attempt : Fry, the skin and the meat all koyak.. it stuck to the pa. But the oil all manage to come out from the fish ad i threw it away because too geli. I know it’s good but.. no thanks. Can use to cook vege later on. hahha. Nice taste but not presentable

Look at the oil, and i didn’t even put a single drop of oil

2nd attempt : Bake. Nicely done. Meat all intact. Taste so so only..

Look at the geli-fying fish oil

Conclusion.. frying is better because i can taste the “chau ta” smell, chinese say the-wok-smell..

Just feel like writting

3 more month he will be tuning 1. This is all happening so fast.. i don’t want all these to be so fast. it’s like he’d grown up sooo fast and i haven’t got enough of his baby-hood. Although his weight haven’t been increasing for 2 mth, (9.5kg) but his height has increase 2cm. hahah.. 69cm now.

Now is quite grown up, can stand and sit quite firm. Of course stand with his own support. He can hold his bottle so firmly and when he finished his milk he’ll pull out himself. smart boy eh? How come we were so stupid to continue sucking air last time?

He can slide in his walker and control. He loose his temper whenever he ask to carry but no own layan him. he’ll pull my pants. Is so funny. the way the runs in the walker lintang pukang when he is angry.  he starts to get afraid of things especially sudden loud noise and he’ll hug me tight tight. anyone can carry him, he don’t have preference as long as get to be carried. he will day dream staring at the wind blowing the leaves and for quite a long time too. the way he hug his bolster is soooo cute. he mumbles mama and papa but dunno if he is really calling. he talk with himself. and he read to himself too. he likes to listen to stories but i never get to finish it because he’ll want to read on his own then. he loves computer because of the sound the keyboards makes when he runs his finger on it. he love phonics song and love youtube. hahah… he love when grandma sing twinkle twinkle little star. he laugh out loud, really like his dad.

he loves my apple puree mix with rice cereal from nestle. and banana. but he doesn’t like fish porridge or vege porridge. i think he have sweet tooth. since he have 2 little front teeth, i’m giving him baby biscuits. he like the soft baby biscuit but dislike the teething Heinz biscuit. i think because no taste kua. he drink plain waters so not a huge problem to make him drink water.  he doesn’t bite his teether but the rubber coaster. hm.. waste money.

as a stylo mylo kidz he got his 1st clothing, a baby Gap pyjamas the “Tour Bus” then 2nd comes in the Nissen pyjamas and then Belle Maison Green Boy Set. He’ll look at the camera and his smile is real charming. perfect model

Recently he’s playing climbing the bed head board and pretend to fall down. he’ll repeating doing it for 10-20times. if he dun fall, he’ll kick a few times until he’ll lies down on the bed. so funny..

when he sleeps, (he still sleeps with me.. ) he’ll roll near to me and sometime making sure i’m sleeping beside him. he’ll sleep on me or he’ll sleep underneath my ketiak..or even on my’s so warm. when he’s napping, you can wake him up anytime, (at least let him sleep a 10min lah) he’ll still wake up and smile..he’s not grumpy..

he loves to swim too! (yes i mean playing waters) grandma bought a swimming pool, i also bought a swimsuit and swim toy for him. since he just recover from flu i’ll let him rest a few weeks before we continue back our swimming activities. 1wk around 2 times. heheh…

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Fell down

He was sleeping in the spring cot, i off the light and the room was real dark. Thinking that he could sleep better in the spring cot i didn’t transfer him to the bed. We were in Selayang room. Suddenly a loud bang and then he cried so loud.. i knew he had hit the bed frame. Luckily we had secure him with the thick spring mattress below the spring cot. But my japanese bad frame from Ikea is the culprit. He fell and knock on i dunno which part. He was crying and his face was all red. The next day, there was a slight blue black on the face. So it’s the cheek that had hit on the bed frame. *argh*

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159 and counting

today is exact 17th week of my

i’m happy that i’d reach 159 visitors at 5:56pm and still counting..i really hope that everything will be good and Ha-B don’t have to be so stress with financial. 😀

Today went to check-up. Partially because Jboy was having flu and cough. he didn’t sleep the whole nite. Didn’t sleep well. crying all the way.. hai~~ SO went to the government but then.. i cannot wait so long. The queue was too long…we switch to private clinic. Slight cough but lung everything is OK. a little allergy … i think due to the prawn porridge he ate yesterday.

he is 9.5kg.. is slightly above average but definitely thinner. Last time we was always at the stretch limit.. hahaha..2mth ago was 9.4kg.
Heigt = 69cm.. still a shorty.. hahah