Happy 4th Anniversary to us…

This year we have a small celebration… last year with a newborn. i’m not even in the mood to do anything…

First in the afternoon we went to Guardian to buy some sun-block for Jboy preparing for the trip. Didn’t tot that we could claim the free gift from Guardian. Since we’re only short a few so we just stand at the entrance of Guardian and ask if they are collecting. Most of them don’t. So you can stand there few days and get a free toys yourself! muahahha…..

Unintentionally wearing tiger suit too

Night we went to Sanfrancisco Steak House for our little celebration together with my parents and bro. Ā (lucky you bro!)


As i flip the menu my eye… *ting* saw something F.O.C “Entitle for free kids meal with 1 main meal” Therefore Jboy eat for free.. but actually mommy and everybody else eat for him. He just wanna play with the fries.

When we reach home, Ha-b gave me a known surprise. (because i ask for it) Chanel loose powder šŸ˜€

4th Anniversary pressie *muaks*

this year 3 of us ..i wore a new top leh~

Thanks Ha-b for the wonderful meals and pressie… Happy Anniversary ..


Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a Wii game that i love.. hehe…no wonder my ass is still so huge after playing Wii

Anyway i’m feeling hungry and so i came out with a self recipe…that was watever i have at mom at that moment

(1) Tuna

(2) Spagetti

(3) Salt & Pepper (yes my son can eat pepper)

(4) Olive oil

(5) Cheddar cheese

(6) Garlic


(Should add vege the next round)

and it taste yummy too.. Ā see i’m nearly a qualified SAHM too … heheh….. i think i’m not 100% qual as SAHM coz i don’t cook like others do. Thanks to some friends who inspire me and motivate me… hehe..

Interesting Outdoor Activity – Flying a Plane

My boy is a hyper boy… i need to think of a way to let his energy drain out before sleep.

Therefore i bought a plane to fly with him….. fix the plane to the gun and pull…walaa the plane will cruise off….then of course u need someone to pick it up… GUESS WHO!

(Grandpa flying a plane-Jboy is waitting)

(Jboy chasing after the plane)

(Like a puppy playing “fetch” he gets the plane and run back to Grandpa)

I played with him twice already… but never get the chance to snap a picture … (of course la, i’m flying the plane duh~~) After 3 days flying it for dozens of time.. the plane need someĀ servicing..the kepak all torn dy~~ maklum la only RM12.90 (fr JJ)

(after servicing)

But it is real fun and very interesting outdoor activity for Jboy. He learn how to fly the plane too!


(After servicing by Grandpa)

(Dirt from the mud šŸ˜‰ )

After all the running, tripping over and falling, he is a pretty dirty and sweaty boy… but good exercise … šŸ˜› (no wonder he’s getting thinner and mommy is getting fatter)

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Jdric Supplement

I dunno if toddler needs supplements… but since we already started with Appeton which is a free gift from EJ gugu comp so I continue to supply him with multivit. Didn’t stick to Appeton coz the colouring is terrible!

Scott Emultion claim for brain development and away from sickness (especially flu) .. but not working leh… dun care lah. Jboy loves it..

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Merry Merry Christmas

Today Jdric is 1yr 2mth 3wk and 4 days old.. cool eh?

This year didn’t set up the Christmas tree because i was too bz with my son and because he is too playful i’m sure he’s just going to pluck all the “ball” from the tree. I shall only setup next yr….

Merry Christmas everyone…

*pic taken from google*

Jdric and Mommy Shopping

This is the very first time we go shopping together. I’d never bring him out alone but no choice coz i’m suppose to prepare the big nite, Ā Chinese Winter Solstice Festival. Mom just half way recovering from the operation so i tot maybe i could just cook a simple meal for the nite. nearly 2pm we depart from my home, Bt Berendam….

(2pm : looking fresh)

On the way to Tesco, at the traffic light, i peep on my boy.. he’s very quiet, good boy and didn’t lau kai….(surprisingly)

(Parking at the entrance)

Then i start to search for a parking, God is always good to me.. i got the parking right infront of Tesco entrance! *yippie* Not i’m lazy to walk la.. i dun wan to carry my boy and walk such a long distance.. troublesome.

Even surprise me more is that during the whole groceries shopping he didn’t lau kai at all. He is so obedient, sitting nicely in the trolley. We spend around 2hrs…

(4pm: Sleep jor)

Leaving Tesco at around 4pm i peep at my son again at the traffic light..sleeping jor.

When i reach mom house, Jdric woke awhile but i put him back to sleep so that i can start with my cooking. Preparing the food, marinate whatever that need to be marinated, wash watever need to me washed…chop chop, cut cut, wash wash….

5.30pm start my 1st dish… lamb stew. Lamb need longer time to cook…

6pm wanted to cook my pandan chicken but there’s no pandan leave big enough to wrap m chicken so i just lay the small pandan leaves in the wok and put my marinated chicken on top of the pandan leaves. no need oil…the Ā juices from the chicken boil the chicken itself

Dunno why 7pm my lamb stew still looks like lamb soup! *argh* mom say i should had open the lid so that the water will dried up abit. bodoh! Then.. i also forgot to cook rice… muhahaha….

Waited until arnd 8pm baru boleh makan…. luckily my parents ate heavy tea break…*phew*

(mine lamb stew)

(recipe book lamb stew)

I didn’t took picture of the pandan chicken and spinach. But the lamb cooks yummy rite? haha… dad had 2 bowls leh~~ next day the soup even more yummy..

So..conclusion.. dunno how to cook nevermind… just buy 1 recipe book and follow…

*For the lamb stew i didn’t follow exactly the recipe book coz instead of bay leaf i bought basil! *piak* so i just add in basil into the soup coz i cannot differentiate the taste of basil and bay leaf. muhahaha.. i also add in my fav celery..

Cream for Eczema

I’d change the shower gel back to Sebamed… been applying this 2 creams on 2 different place.

Ezerra (given from a friend) i apply few days on his calf Ā before changing the shower gel. There’s slight improvement… but after a few days his legs starts to worsen. Then we quietly get the Sebamed. I didn’t apply on the face…when when everything gets worst i use Decocort. It was previous purchase from Dr Jessica during our previous visits to her. I first apply on the face.. when he is sleeping. 2 days straight.. immediately his face starts to sooth down abit…seeing that i apply on the legs too…

After a few days, probably 3-4 nites, redness of the leg had reduce but still flaky. The face had cure nearly 90%

(roughness reduce, redness gone)

(90% ok dy~~ )

Dunno… maybe it’s time to cure.. maybe the cream did help.. or maybe changing back to Sebamed did help. Whatever is it.. it’s getting better. Thank God

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Brushing Teeth

Jdric love to brush teeth…. last time i used hanky to just wipe his mouth but ever since he have more than 4 teeth i occasionally uses the finger tooth brush to brush his teeth. Until recently i make it a habit to train him about brushing teeth. When i say brush teeth he’ll put his finger into his mouth and brush… Using this is safer than using the hanky because he’ll bite but at least my finger is not so painful after that..

bought it b4 he was even born during Pureen warehouse sale

He could sense that i bought a real tooth brush for him. He just refuse to let me stick my fingers into his mouth using this anymore. But i did apply the new tooth paste la~~ maybe it’s the tooth paste that he doesn’t like? I also bought the wrong tooth paste i think. I read the instruction saying “Do not swallow” i tot all kiddies tooth paste can be swallow?

new tooth brush and tooth paste

Didn’t use the tooth paste anymore. Need to check-out more about the tooth paste from theĀ pharmacy. Just use water and real tooth brush. He’ll try to bite on the tooth brush once a while but he knows how to open widely and let me brush his teeth when i tell him so. I find baby tooth brush very cute. hehehe….

*Don’t get cheated by the “super soft” brush, it’s not really that soft perhaps the brush is too short that makes it hard.. i find it medium

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Ezcema the 4th time

After a few days his eczema is worsen. I don’t know i should call it eczema orĀ sensitivesĀ skin. I don’t see him scratch itchiness and it goes off quite fast compare to my other friends bb. Maybe it’s just hyper sensitive skin. Ā I apply a medication given from aĀ dermatologist who work in GH Melaka. Thanks Theen *muaks* At first the skin seems to show improvement and so happy. The rough skin dries up and start to peel. But then after a few days.. it got worst. Maybe his skin got immune to it?

redness and roughness

His face i don’t apply anything because afraid he’ll touch his face and put his finger in the mouth. But looks like i need to do something..

mopeng face again

This is the 4th time the eczema attack him lo. 1st time was when was born, 2nd time was when he started solids i don’t know what i fed him, 3rd time it was the same cause with the 2nd time the Calsi-yum GrapeĀ flavouredĀ yogurt and now the 4th time suspecting the Johnson Soap.

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LOTD : Wan Sin & Steven’s Wedding Dinner

18 Dec is the date i will rememberĀ forever because it’s my bestie cuz bday! Happy bday LeeWen Jie..wishing u all the best, good health, good wealth and faster find a hou kuai sok!

But this year 2010 this date had become even more meaningful. 1 of my bestie friend (yes i have many bestie i cannot decide which is the best) got married after so many obstacles so many years. It’s also my son’s GodPa & GodMa wedding..

I didn’t went to the crash-the-door session because my son sleep until 10am and nobody jaga him lo. However we did go to the church wedding. MY came to fetch us after becoming the jimuis.

To prepare for this important dinner, i’d let my son to skip the morning nap and only nap at 3pm. Hopefully he is able to nap until 6pm. So after he nap, i took my short nap arnd 10min because someone scared me with her snore! I start to colour my face since there’s nothing to do. Arnd 3something i started.

My eye shadow everything in perfect combi and then i tot maybe i should fix in my fake lashes coz it had been a long time since i wore it. Right eye 3 times i got to get the lashes stick to my eye. Left eye… i cannot get the lashes stick! I tried until my eye shadow all smudges and then i had to erase and apply again. Still cannot get it fix so i threw the lashes and get another new lashes. Probably 20mins for me to get the left eye fix! *gosh* it used to be less than a min for both eyes. Looks like i need to hv more practice.

Finally everything is done, with my left eye shadow abit cacat but i dun care anymore….


Orange-brown-yellow eye shadow

no i’m not pregnant it’s just plain fats šŸ˜€

My darling son woke up after all my preparations. Arnd 6+ .. good boy eh? Just in time…

Congratulations Wan Sin and Steven! Love both of you and Happy Marriage with many many cucu cicit!