Frustration with Customer I

I came across is unbelievable customer. She is going tru my retail items and she wanted a wholesale price for all of them.

Cus : please quote me all the wholesale price for my order…(not all my customers are end customers)

Me : Those are only for retails.. but i’ll check with supplier which ever you’re interested in.

And so she gave me a few design which she is “interested”. After i’d check i get back to her…

Me : only “D” is available

Cus : You haven’t answer me what about the design “C”. How much you’re selling (basically she cannot understand what “ONLY” means??)

So i rephrase my answer to her…

Me : All other design not available anymore. OUT OF STOCK. The ONLY design available is “D”

Cus : I understand that. I want to ask for per pcs. Can you give discount? (she is so blind that she can’t see my price in the website or my requirement to get a discount?)

Me : So i told her, as mention purchase above 3pcs you’ll get a discount.

Cus : Ok, i already bought something else from someone.

Me : It’s ok. Thanks.

4 days later….when my retail and wholesale is closed.

Cus : As per my request before, if i can’t get the wholesale for the items since it’s closed. when are the your stock coming? maybe i could buy from you? (what is she thinking, didn’t she just go tru my retail items and ask for a wholesale? now she want to ask about retail again? why didn’t she juz buy at retail in the beginning?)

and so i explain to her what is a wholesale and what is a retail incase she had mistaken that i’m going to sell her the wholesale price!

Me : We have 2 type of pre-order
(1) Retail : Selling single item (per pcs) and the price is stated in the picture itself.
(2) Wholesale : there’s a MOQ and our website is bla bla bla…the one of your interest is RM44 per pcs. MOQ=6pcs therefore whole lot is RM264.

Cus : I dont think i want it anymore, maybe next time. I have ordered something else. So the items i asked for below is also out of stock? you dont have it with you there? ( i really don’t understand her problem. isn’t it stated clearly which sizes i have and which i don’t have and IT’S PRE-ORDER?)

Me : Sorry it’s all closed. Just for your info pre-order is you pay, i order. Therefore you need to wait for items.


Special thanks to a special friend

I hardly talk to her when we’re in secondary.. we’ve nothing in common back then…

NOW, we’re almost the same topic. KIDS. haha.. this is a never ending story we can tell each other.. learning from each other.. after knowing her more, she’s a nice person, and a very informative person. she would spend time reading and doing survey for her kids.

and initially i was supporting her to continue with her BF and now ends up she had more than enuf. i need to learn from her pulak.. hahah.. i hardly had enuf when jboy is on solids. 😦 but i guess it also means i can stop anytime and plan for another.. heheheheh….

it’s really unfortunately that her son is like jboy. (or perhaps jboy is worst?) anyway skin problem that is…she’s really a great mom…she reads alot and try all sort of different things to cure her son… she even share with me her mom’s remedy. i haven’t try it out yet, but weather it works or not, i’m really glad that she is sharing this with me because i really hope that there’s something can cure my dear boy. it’s so worry-fying that he might not be cured and looking at Ha-b’s family’s condition, haiz~~

Thanks LL for sharing and learning from you too!

Standing tall

my boy can stand… by himself.. he’s like an ape now.. hahah.. standing with both hand lifted high.. i guess he’s proud of himself too…*yeah mummy is very proud but i think grandma is happier when i’m your age. mummy already can walk at 9mth old…*

besides this, he have 7little baby teeth. his bite is a killer. he nearly bite off my nipple a few times. it’s painful but pain of joy..

he can climb down from his walker.. and half of his body still in the walker..

when he wakes, he juz sit up straight in the sarung and sometimes.. ended up on the floor. he will try to make his way out..

he climb to the 2nd steps of the stairs all by himself..

he still in love with NTV7 new commercial, he love it whenever Glee’s commercial is up.

He prefer pumpkin porridge nowadays. he still dislike water.

he can sometimes sleep on his own but most of the time, he just cry to be put to sleep. he will sing to himself to sleep. light must be all off and no sound can be made.

his afternoon naps is still twice, once in the morning half to 1 hr. another is 3-4pm for about 2-3hrs.we try to put him to bed at 10.30pm. but always ended later than that. (bad mommy)

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My new Life with New Goal

New life : Additional family member
New goal : bring up Jedric with full of love and care
Future goal : Another female “J”.. Jolie maybe?

I’m a SAHM or WAHM for 8mth now. Jdric is already 10th mths old. Looking back and thinking back to all those i’ll seek advice and spoken too..  i really want to thank every single 1 or them. Especially WP, MY, YN. This 3 person changed my life.

WP: She really disagree with me quitting my engineering job. She thinks that’s i will have more expenses when bb grow bigger and she really worry about my shopping habit. She is a very money conscious person therefore talking to her had given me more motivation to be a WAHM. She advice me all the financial side when bb had grown bigger because she have 1 of her own already. Well she really give me something to ponder.

MY: She is a very “open” and “balance” person. She will listen to me and try to understand my situation. She’d also spoken to me about the financial side not with the bb only but also with my own family. She know she got no choice but to kick me more with my small biz. He’s a great motivator.

YN: This is a mother of 2! She is a super workaholic manager. During her 1st child she was working so hard that she hardly have any time with him. 2nd child there was a financial crisis that resulting her having a tough time find a job. So she was a SAHM for awhile. But guess what? She fall in love with it. She even told me that she regretted not spending enuf time with the 1st child. I totally understand her situation and i didn’t want to miss anything and regret later.

ML: “your child will never remember what toys he had or what milk powder he drank, but he’ll rmb the time spend with mommy”
What are the cons being at work?

– not able to go on vacations with parents (no money lah)
– not able to pay the dinner everytime
– not able to shop for my shopping crave
– no more colleagues or friends to chat with or lunch
– wasted my degree cert

What are the pros not being at work ?

– besides Jdric, there’s actually more..
– spending more time with parent
– can sleep more
– home is definitely cleaner
– gardening? (nah~ half my garden eaten by snail)
This article have everything i need to say:

This article i wrote why i quit:

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