Laughter the Best Medicine

Yesterday after bathing my sons i told J that he should get out and wipe dry. But he takes his own sweet time and i got mad.

Raising my voice a little with my angry face, i told J to be quick else i’m gonna take the cane.

He came out, holding my face with his little palm and tell me, “Mama, don’t angry face okay? Don’t angry face okay? Must listen to Jedric”

OMGosh i burst out laughing… he sounds exactly like me~~

Normally i bring him out for shopping these are the words i tell him

– no crying

– no shouting

– no angry face

– must listen to mama



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My garden….

Previously in my melaka hse i hv a garden which i planted all the wrong things. I hv the pumpkin and the potatoes leaves which i dun even like to eat! It spead all over my garden and it looks like a garden of weeds.

Now i’m smarter i plant something that goes up instead horizontal..
So now i hv spring onion from my onions that already start to sprout, curry leaves tree still a baby..i stole from the road side, snake long beans i grow fr seed and love to eat, also trying to plant passion fruit but i think the rain had flooded them, rose tree also steal fr road side and lastly my custard apple that i also likes to eat



Water bottle review


I had quite a collection..but nothing is perfect

(1) anakku sippy cup, price is ok arnd rm5 and spout is soft but not too soft until can be chew off.¬† My sons love to chew the soft spout or straw. spout is big enuf for the washin brush to enter and scrub off the oil and dirt. So, it’s very good during feeding time, because all the cereal and oil can be wash off. The only cons, it leaks because the spout is the entire dome shape of the cup and it can come off quite easily. Oh, it hv cover too but i’m too lazy to search for it..

(2) tommee tippee explora active sport which is the newest in the family cost rm28. Non spill perfect, no cover boo-hoo! The spout is hard type therefore biting proof perfect, but it is not straw in the inside so my boy need to tilt his had to drink! Boo-hoo!

(3) forgotten wa brand ad it cost a bomb rm80. This is almost perfect! Stainless steel so u dun need to bother about bpa or non bpa plactic. It is definitly safe. The spout is hard type and it comes with xchangeable inner accessories sipper ( tilt head to drink ) and straw. Both my sons use this but… i hate when the leak. Both my sons will purposely make it leak and play with the water. What happen next is they step on the water and slip. I had bad xperince in slipping. Darn this could be the most perfect bottle ever! Love the xchangable parts and the bite proof tip. Very easy to clean as every part can be dismntle. We know strae bottles tend to stick dirt the most in the hard-to-clean area and it’s really gross.

(4) safety first cost rm15. Spout is soft and great for teething baby. I still prefer straw type. Leak!!! Anyway this is my 1st bottle ever bought so, cant comment much as i hv no expericne.

(5) bros, rm18 if not mistaken. If i hv other choice of straw bottle i wont go for this at all. Yes, it can be dismentle to clean all he part which is better than¬† any other straw bottle. it leaks and the straw is easily tear. I had to change so many times.. it’s cheap, rm6 for 2 sets but hate it as it encourage the kids to bite even more.

Flowers for mama

Jedric had suddently made a bunch of flower from his stinky pillowcase and present it to me….
He said ‘mama, flowers for you’
It’s the first ever flower he gave me…isnt he sweet?


M is One


This little boy had grown so much. Everyday he is still clinging to me like the super glue. Did i get use to it? I don’t think so.. but one thing for sure.. he want me to pamper him like nobody business. Sometimes he’ll juz pretend to cry so tat i carry him. Very notti… he is also attention seeker.i can’t play or carry koko.he’ll come and make sure he gets a part. After tat he’ll kick or smack his koko.

He is quite smart too… there’s once he took all my container fr the¬†cupboard¬†and i told him t put them back, he did! Even close the door.¬† Ytd he took my spec and pass them to me, but i¬†didn’t¬†take it, instead i told him to put on the table, he even know where is the table. I was shocked!

Yup he is a big boy now. Shld treat him like one and pa more attention in guiding him. He is also as active as his koko last time. Infact not only he start to walk earlier, he is a better climber. One two step he reach on top the coffee table, dining chair no problem. One thing for sure he is more careful, he wont simple run and bang his head against the wall. Rmb i had this issue with J tat he likes to run and can’t control and knock¬†everywhere. Every pic we took is there’s a duku langsat on the forehead.

He still sleep 2-3 times; one in the morning¬† arnd 12pm, another probably arnd 3-5pm depending on the koko.i prefer to put both of them to sleep and i can hv a peace of mymind. Thethird nap is normally 8-9pm which i prefer he don’t take them. But it really depends how cranky he is. As a mother we must alwas learn to switch into diff mode at anytime.

He still eats very tiny little BUT huge improvement where he dun eat at all. Still battling but is good he nows open his mouth!

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What else could actually goes wrong… >_<

I had actually featured 2 of my online items on “BintangDeal”. First it was OK they actually paid me the 1st payment “quite” on time. However 2nd payment was delayed and i didn’t actually push them bcoz ¬†there’s some customer request for a refund. So i went on featuring my 2nd item. Not only the 1st payment was way way delayed but the payment from the 1st featuring was not made. Total they had owe me RM755. I had to really email them, called them, week after week but not a single cent! Finally i start to post on their FB for payment and then.. there was a call stating that will bank in immediately but.. still none.

Their excuses:
– boss only work at nite and therefore, payment only at nite
– boss promise to bank in tonite
– tomorrow boss pronise to pay –> dunno how many time they use this
Рnext week will definitely bank in

After all the excuses, i got really mad and told them to give me their office add and will collect cheque form them because it seem so difficulf for them to bank-in to me! Well, of course follow up with “bugging” email eceryday to pissed them off. FB once a while to remind them and catch their attention. Itupn 2 weeks they manage to settle everything.


This time i was featuring in “mates”. Nothing is wrong up till now, but along the way i got good sale. *yippie for that* but as the deals goes on, my supplier decided they wanna charge me extra for every single pcs i ship! After posting half of the sale, the other half i got to go on the lost side of nearly RM10. And this time i was hoping please don’t sell anymore. But the sales just got better. *bom* another 10 units sold! Alrite~ a deal is a deal, no choice but to post it out with a lost. But thank God the 1st half was enough profit to cover my lost. And then came an email from customers stating that they got the defect item. I need to place/refund. The things is i’m already at not earning anything. *sigh*

The only good thing is that i had also feature another smaller item which should not cause any problem. But then sales was not so good but oh well, better than nothing. Can cover my lost for the other item. But then, something just had to happen. Supplier pack my stuff wrongly and swap my items. The one that ordered 2 was send 1, and the one order 1 was send two pieces. *argh*Why tiny little mistake had to caused soo much trouble!!


My health… is no good either. I have this kinda growth-like-cyst in my inner lips, call¬†Mucocele. It caused by the saliva duct/gland got cut. COuld be due to biting or sucking. Probably i’d¬†accidentally¬†bitten my lips. It there nearly a month! Irritation and it just got worst. I bite it hoping it will be an ulcer and it will be easier to solve. *gosh* the thing turn purple-ish! I think the blood must had explode inside the cyst. My hand got itchy and burst it with a needle. And blood came out and i was happy coz it got smaller! But alas, next day it grew again and more irritating than ever. It like water bubble! I took the watermelon powder for ulcer used and apply on it. Decide to remove it but normal policlinic refer me to the hospital for surgery. *argh* I GOT NO TIME! but luckily after applying the watermelon powder it got smaller and today it looks just fine. Hope it will be smaller and be gone!

I tot i could make my life happier, so i bake! yes.. i burn my arm while removing the baking tray~~

Yesterday i tot i could relax and have a drink! 1 cup of nice red wine but as i was putting it back the cord, my hand slip and “piang” yes, my very tasty wine smash on the floor. now i not only cannot drink anymore i need to clean up the glass.

EVERYDAY i just got something bad happen to me~~