Homeschool ABC

Had been very stress out when some kids his age already know how to read and write their own names. Of course they went school early but this doesnt mean tt he can hv luxury time staying at home rite? He can be slow, but cant, not know anything. But glad he knows most of his phonics. Recently i heard at std 1 they need to write short essay. 3 sentences. I’m like wtf? My son cant even recognise his own name!
Quickly i start him with writting alphabets. Im sure he is as stress out as me. Suddenly need to buck up. wat to do. Already late late. One week 1 alphabets… so only 26 weeks which is 7 mths.. but surprisingly.. he can do 2 alphabets in a week! Can free hand write them. Of course i need to skip all the home school when im back at mom place. Ourersonal school holiday.. haha… no wonder he love to go back grandma.


reward him with chocolate after completing his ‘A’s

(one line to the left, one line to the right, cross the line)


first few using pencil but he cannot write properly so gave him a marker and he request to write ‘A’. i guess he is more confidence with them but told him to also practice his ‘B’s and yes.. he love writting ‘B’ than ‘A’ now.. haha

(one line down, small head and a huge tummy)


writting halfway he mistaken writting an ‘A’.. haha
(go up and turn around- like a car he said)



Chocolate Genoise

Never i had followed 100% of a recipe, is either i omit this and that or i replace this and tat 😛
Ya i’m never a follower.. this recipe i had followed 95%

Very nice, small portion enough for teabreak and breakfast but then we finish it in few hours 😛

I had replace the sugar with brown sugar. SO it is not so sweet but flavourful with cocoa ~ heaven~

The reason i love this person blog is because she shows step by step pictures. Example, they always say, beat the egg until fluffy. How fluffy is fluffy? SO this person actually shows it in her pictures. 🙂

2ndly, i dont like to use measuring scare, mine is very analog and it is quite broken (30y) so, i prefer to use measuring in cups, and she had her recipe in both! *Heart*

I stumble on her blog when i had a whole bottle of Bailey Irish Cream cuddle, waiting to be thrown. I totally forgotten about it and really wasted to throw the whole bottle. i sieve the cuddle and kept the remaining in the fridge. Mostly recipe call for 2tbs, haiyo sampai bila i can finish the Bailey? But her recipe call for 375ml of Bailey! so i tot why not gv it a try, i even replace 1 of her ingredient coffee to Bailey. So if really double Bailey-fied! haha… when i tasted the mixture (before baking) it was horrible. Bitter and very alcoholic. but i decided to bake them… and turns out… FULAMAK! greatness~~ and my son Jboy, took a few pcs. I didn’t stop him as i was thinking alcohol vaporise after heat-rite?

But it is still alcohol so i bake another Choc Genoise which takes little ingredient to test out weather i can do it or not. I’m suck at making the cake rise~ haha~ yup turns out good.. taste great too.

I think i’ll try all her recipe 1-by-1 , hehe…