It’s a Chi Ku Teng

Took MC for MGGT checkup (basically it’s a diabetic test) at the poli-clinic today. Waited damn long just to get my nombor giliran. Dunno what they are doing. It’s not according to 1st come 1st serve. Really getting on my nerve but no choice it’s FREE. What to expect rite? Waited around 30- 45min until my turn and then next counter to withdraw my blood another 45min. I’m really loosing my mind at this point. I keep on asking myself is it worth to wait. My blood is boiling at 100ºC for waiting so long. I’d been fasting since yesterday 10pm . Super hungry lagi tu….

9.30am finally my turn. After withdraw my blood i was thinking that i finally can have my breakfast. I normally had my breakfast at 9am. BUT the nurse ask me to drink a cup full of glucose. It’s pure sugar (thick) and continue to fast. Come back 2 hours later which is 11.30am. NO MEALS ALLOW! *argh* i’m loosing my mind now. I’m super hungry, my blood is at 100ºC and now i need to go through all the Q again? *argh*.

I went up to the next counter for the normal monthly checkup. Basically it’s done by nurses. Only emergency or critical they will asign you to the doctor which is in the next room. Of course if you’re asign to the doctor you’ll need to wait and Q for another round. After everything it’s 11am. It’s not 2 hrs yet,so the nurses won’t want to withdraw my blood. Have to wait another 30min. Sitting there like a budak bodoh for 30min. After everything, it’s nearly noon.

I made another appointment to visit the private doc to do a scaning. Governement don’t scan. They just press the stomach and tell u it’s okay. So i do my check up at 2 places, governement and private. When the doc scan, i saw wierd round thing. It’s the head.. then the stomach..the the hand and leg. It’s MOVING!! the leg is kicking, the hand is moving up and down and the head is moving up and down. His head is kinda big. I think it’s the father’s gene. Doc also show me the eyes socket. He say it’s looking upwards. So adorable. I suddenly forgot about what happen earlier in the morning. I just could smile and smile. The little BB is moving non stop. Then Ha-B ask about the sex. Guess what?! It’s a Chi Ku Teng!! His leg were spread widely and we could see so clearly. Showing off uh? My friend told me to talk to the BB the nite before the check up. Ask the BB to spread the leg so doc can check and BB really did. Clever eh…Mommy and daddy so proud.

The miracle little ones is just 10cm and we could see the spine and eyes and fingers. So… adoroble. God is really a genius!

I also just realise that i’m at my 2nd trimester, i feel more uncomfy. I had vomitted few times. My BB dun like garlic and fried rice. Basically BB dun like chinese food (guess it’s the garlic) I still have no craving but i’m wondering am i sick or it’s really the nausea pregnancy thingy. It’s not everyday i have this feeling. Oh.. i also don’t need to wake up at nite to pee! *yippie* can sleep more.


What to eat?

Normally Ha-B will cook, and i dun hv to worry about food. Even though sometimes it’s tasteless i just eat it coz really bored of outside food. Since he’s away nobody cooks for me.

Every day reach home, i just think of anything i could cook from the fridge. Today i cook porridge with Dried scallop, “hou see”, prawn and dried sotong.

Side dish, canned sawi and canned kacang. So unhealthy rite? but i really do not know what else to tapao outside. So boring…


Sick again

I’d been sick again. Ever since my body been shared by two, i’d fall sick easily.

Not those morning sickness or any sickness cause by BB. but it’s the flu and cough.

At my 1st month of pregnancy, i’d terrible for 2 solid months! Then out of sudden i was cured.

Now at my 14wks i’m sick again. Even though i’m eating fruit daily and Vit-C. Started with sore throat. Followed by watery nose and cough. Headache and “pekak”. Dry and crack lips. I really try not to take any medication but i cannot tahan. I can’t breathe at night. My lung is tight, and nose is block. Wake up in the morning, my throat is dry (caused i breathe with my mouth). The thick flem cannot get out. Chocking me and making me wanna vomit.Infact i’d been chock by the flem  and vomit few times.

In the office, the basket is full of my discusting tissue soak with watery flem. I really have no choise but to take the medication to dry up my watery flem.

Guess eating an apple a day don’t really keeps the doctor away.

My loving husband

Ppl say pictures says a thousand words.. Ppl say action speak louder than words… Ha-B is in KL training for 1.5wks. Since i’m a very lazy person so he’s worried about me not eating proper meals (or the BB)

So he fill-up the water bottle beside the bed..2 bottles left and right side of the bed


Fill up the fridge with my fav yogurt (obviously i ate most of it already) & fruits



Various soya bean (obvious for the BB) for my various mood. i don’t know if it’s having different taste


The ice cream he promise after m1st trimester… but it was Haagen Dazs he promise. kedekut nie….


Wake up call sms / call. Of course i won’t publish those msg here… later you all too jealous… wuhahaha…