Still Suffering from Red Yeast

Well, previously i mention that i had bought something for Cophie to consume to get rid of the red yeast infection. It does work, but didn’t completely eliminate all so it attack again in a very short while. Now i just leave it and i know all these will not work. 😦
Poor Cophie baby


Benefit Me – update

As promise my before-after-powdered face. ( my body is a bit heaty now, so pls ignore my extreme red-ish lips and face )

Another before and after. Don’t really see alot of coverage but enough to smooth-en my uneven colour tone. Especially the red-ish cheek and cover up abit of my not-too-large pores. Good enough to serve me as a moisturizer. But whoever who wish to have good coverage, i don’t really suggest to go for this lor…

Benefit Me (again)

Previously in my blog, i mention that i had purchase the bene-tint. i got these nice praises from colleagues for having natural pink-ish face. hehehe… but i told them what i’m using la. i juz don’t feel comfy lying to ppl.


Anyway this time i had purchase the “You REBEL” tinted moisturizer. My moisturizer and and sunblock had emptied (at last). Oh and btw, i had been a very good girl finishing all my left over products and samples. this is my condition to purchase a new item. So i bought this new tinted moisturizer that act as a sunblock as well.

Today i applied and went to work. i just dot my forehead, nose, chin and both side of cheek and used my fingers to blend. i know i’m suppose to used a sponge but i didn’t want to waste it and besides nobody used a sponge to apply moisturizer. 😛 i also got nice-sweet feedback from my colleagues. they said my face is smooth and almost flaw-less. *yippie* this thing works. it gives the result of naked make-up.

Who still need BB cream? (actually i wanted to get this but after reading a few bad comments regarding the dry and hard to blend, i decided to skip the idea) I’ll post my before and after application in my next post. Today i just want to announce my joy of getting to know this new “toy”….BUT

Somehow i fell abit shitty buying it too early… coz i foundout that this week they are having the sale for Benefit which means that i had purchase and expensive “toy”. *argh*


Updating post: I don’t feel shitty anymore because the Benefit warehouse is not selling this. *Yippie* 😛

How True Can This Be?


They ask her, why did you get married in such an early age?

=> Because i love him and i am very sure he loves me the same in fact even more than i could imagine.

Are you sure he is the one? How sure?

=> No doubt


=> He is patient, he is loving, no matter what i did; right or wrong he will always find reasons for me. When we have disagreements he will put himself into my shoe and understand the whole situation without even me trying to explain why or what i did. I get angry for no reasons, he blame it on the menstrual. I told him I’m easily agitated, he said God’s arranged in such a way for him to be a more patience with me. He explain countlessly how he loved me and remind me that we should work things out no matter what happen because deep down inside us we loved one another. He told me the “balloon” story. He never shout or scream, he is always at his best controlling his anger well. He reminds me how lucky i am. He talks with his true open heart.


They ask her, why did you get married in such an early age?

=> Stupidity and naive

How sure you are marrying the right man?

=> Dunno


=> He no longer is the man i married to and i no longer remember why i even get married. He don’t talk and he even ask me to “shut the hell up”. He don’t listen and he throws his anger whenever he feel like it. I told him my menstrual is on the way, he persist on getting on my nerve.

“The Cinderella in the fairy tale had turn into her nite mare. Isn’t this a very contradicting sad? So the email that had been circulating with the “before and after marriage” is true. Hahaha…..Perhaps life is full of changes and when the changes is untolarable, unbearable, at the point of giving up, what could be next? Some choose to be ignorance, some choose the easy way out. But if there is no solution, there’ll be none”

Lucky Lucky

My parcel had finally arrived from the Maybelline Water Shine 3D Collagen contest i won few months ago. The winner was announce on the day of my bday. I think it’s my lucky year.

1 Maybelline Water Shine 3D Collagen Lipstick

1 Maybelline Volum Express Mascara

1 Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeshadow Palette with instruction at the back to guide on how to apply the colours

1 Maybelline Angelfit Flawless Affinity Foundation (light ochre)

cool eh? Next time try your luck, who knows you might also be as lucky as i am…


Talking about luck, I was in Sg for Raya and came across the lucky charm bracelet. I am not as rich as “someone” who get the whole thing in in gold, so i just get something in silver with fake crystals. Free bracelet if purchase 5units. MY took 2 for pendant so i just took 4units. I’m adding my collection later when i go to Gardens Mid Valley. In Msia those with fake crystals are very much more expensive compared to plain. So i’ll just mix and match.

( the nice packaging box)

( I like best the dragonfly and he poodle i’m taking out as pendant later on )

~ Shu Shoo Shu ~

I’m thinking that it’s been a long time since i update diary so i’ll write about my shoes / sandle / heels etc.

My most recent working heels is from SnowFly; RM160 ( damn ex but super comfy ). I didn’t intend to buy just wanted to try cause it’s rather cute but my leg refuse to let go. No choise, need to pamper my feet because i have ankle and toe problem. Yes i have a crooked toe that need to wear a toe correcter or operation to cure it.

My most recent sliper is from Birkenstock; S$60 ( damn cheap if i am earning S$ ). I wanted to get for a very long long long time. VC told me it’s good for my flat feet.

My most recent lady-like sport shoe is from Adidas; RM70 ( good price ). I just love hate the shop that made me spend everytime i walk there. It’s location in MP upstairs. Recently i told ha-B not to walk in but he didn’t listen to me. I spoted another Adidas for RM70 again. I didn’t even wanted to have the 2nd look and walk out immediately! “good girl”

And now i present my feet protector:

–> Wear to work

—> Wear for sports, long walk, vacation

–> Wear for dinners and short walks but usually don’t wear them

–> Wear most of the time to anywhere including work.. 😛