Maverick Phang

How come this time so fast i have a name? Coz i’d already choose it much earlier to match with Jedric.

Why Maverick? 1st, coz it starts with ‘M’ which is my name instead of ‘J’ Ha-B’s name which is already used for 1st child. 2ndly, it rhyme with Jedric.

Pronounce as Mav-rick , American origin. Btw Jedric was Polish origin.

Meaning? an independent man who avoids conformity… Avoid conformity means very self centered? don’t like to follow others? BUT can also means that he is able to decide on his own and do it his own way? Don’t follow other buta-buta

You see lah, u see lah… i think of boys name but girls name nothing in the list. How not to have 2nd child as a boy??

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