More of Meh-vrik

well i don’t know what to say..i’d been unfair to M for not writing his progres like i used to do for J. .actually i did wrote a long list  during my confinement but when i re read it’s all about J and i. since i wasn’t the one taking care of M during the 1st mth so  there nothing to write about him.

after 3 full mth with him now i’m still not used to his routine. in fact i can’t even set a routine for myself properly…..coz i’d been kiving like a nomad. i can’t even set a routine for myself how to set for him? living like this had really been very torturing fr all of us,the kids especially…

Mavric is 8kg now at 4mth old… last mth and this mth he gain 2kg . yup it’s alot but thnk goodness he is on BF so is still OK … nurse also didn’t scold.. and besides he isn’t really over weight lah… still within the border.. just higher side. 😛

He starts to flip TODAY – 3rd Jan 2012  and i witness it too. happy happy…

His bottom teeth (left side) can be seen abit and so does is MOLAR on the left side. It’s really a funny growth teeth… no sequence wan..

He can grab things too.. especially my fingers. He always grab and put it in his mouth to chew… teether he dun wan pulak!

He still wants to be carried all the time, refuse to lie down.. if u lift him up and stand.. he’s even more happy

He doesn’t like being alone, he need sound to calm him, he likes ppl talking to him, playing with him…else he’ll mengamuk

I wish he grow up faster, and can release me from all these tiring days but then… when i think back, there’s only 2 month away he will be on his solid, i feel abit “mg seh dak jor” means, BF will be less… 😦

then he’ll start to crawl, then he’ll start to walk… then i will miss all the good times he lie down and start chasing him.. *gosh*


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