Ever since he started kindy. i cannot be in control anymore. i dunno what he had learn. i dunno what he did. i dunno his “ins and outs” anymore. which makes me loose control…

but today he told me he ate porridge and who eat the fastest and he dirty his pants abit. so at least everyday he had been telling me.. “i eat bread” is true. at least today is porridge. 

he also came to me and ask “may i go to the toilet” meaning that YES he did went to the toilet in school. i was so worried that he control his urine until back home coz when i keep asking him did he go to the school toilet he say NO. 

and also when he saw my lips he ask me  “why ur lips is dry? Go drink water please” so i know that teacher had been taking good care of them asking them to drink water. 🙂 i am also wondering why is his water bottle always so full until one day i heard him say “can u refill my bottle” then i know he learn tat from school 🙂


Simple Conversation

Just a simple conversation i knew i had made the right choice always letting them running wild in the garden and playing arnd the neighbourhood.
He was reading his phonics book on the way back from school. It was the word “dig” & “pit”
So i explain to him pit is like the hole he dig at my garden. 
He adds on…

I use my glove and dig. Then i put in the plant and do like that like that. (he’s patting so i told him bury and patting the ground)
then i put water and my plant grow. is pink flowers. (he repeat everything again but this time.. ) is yellow flowers. is very tall.