Caring for each other

I am glad that my two boys are constantly thinking of each other. Especially koko. Whatever he do he wants didi to hv them too…bad or good. ytd we went shopping and J grab a box of choc and he insist didi also wanted one box. And so he pick one box and hand over to his little bro on the stroller. Seeing this… how not to buy two rite ? Even tho one box have twelve small pack inside.

Today i secret gv lil mboy a strip of seaweed after he finish his meal. I wanted J to finish his then i will gv him his portion but M insist that he needs to gv one to koko too. Sweet.. so i juz didnt bother with the rule “tidbits after meal” anymore. Juz glad they are united and always thinking of each other.

J is also a great help when it comes to getting himself ready. He can bathe himself as well as didi. Just likehow i bathe him. I will mention every part i wash, like hair head armpit neck leg feet etc…so he did the same with his bro. He cant relly wipe himself dry,but is ok. After shower he wear his own pj and dry his hair. There is once i heard him calling his didi to come over helping him to dry his hair. Is a great help already. He is able to apply tooth paste and brush his own teeth which i am happy about it too. Four years old.. helping me to prepare himself n lil bro, what can i ask for more rite?

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you won’t judge when you become one yourself

i used to give looks at parents who let their children throw tantrum at the supermarket. shout and yell. and i also give looks at parent who yell and their kids or even slap them in public. is like.. they are not so good with the parenting skill…not until i have my own.

i know now how hurt issit to be judge. i know how is every child different is many ways. even same child can be different over some time period or ages. now son is not at their best behaviour at all times. cranky when not enough sleep and many stunts can happen. going to hypermarket, passing toy department can cause a huge drama. sometimes i just ignore and let him shout and scream (oh wait, was it someone used to give a terrible-parent-look due to this? – haha) i had once drag him to the washroom and try talking to him. but he wasn’t calm and insisting to buy the toy gun. it may not cost alot. maybe the easiest way to settle is to just get it for him and she can shut up and be good the whole groceries shopping. but no, i do not wan to implement this “routine”. We had used the go-home-now approach. we drove straight rite home. we had use the ignore-his-whining approach. we had use the drag-to-a-corner approach. we had use the threaten approach. at different times, some may work some may not. at different age you need a different approach. and yes sometimes i really feel like slapping him in public but thankfully i am still able to control myself. so who are you to judge other when u do not know what had they gone through?

during our holiday at the beach. J wanted to play sand castle and M wanted to be in the pool. i’m stuck between the pool and the beach. both didn’t wan to give him. beach or pool. beach THEN pool or pool THEN beach. both were screaming when i move a step toward either. don’t ask where is hubby, of course if i am left alone with 2 boys he surely have some important things to do which i do not want to go in details. ppl were staring at me and my boys as thou i do not know how to nego with my kids. and they cannot compromise with each other. so this made me a bad mom for letting my boys disturbing the peace of the relax pool/beach side activities? 

at the breakfast cafe, my elder son choose to pour his milk into the cereal and after he do tat he refuse to touch the soggy cereal. i had to pour and separate the milk and the cereal and force him to drink up the milk to salvage the min wastage. my younger son decided he want to follow his big bro and pour his cereal with milk. and he starts to play with them! my decision is to let him do it because his younger cannot be stop for what he wants he will make sure he gets it or nobody is in peace. he won’t listen or wont even give in a bit. i don’t want to start how they always starts the fight with each other due to this. the opposite mat salleh old couple were looking at me as though i am some crazy mom who let them dive into the cereal and play with their food. that look really makes me feel like *argh* u think i dun wan them to behave sitting down at the table eating everything and politely leaving the table in the best manner?

at the birthday party my younger son was screaming and the good kind soul bring him a balloon and my son just scream at her in the face and wack the balloon away. so my son is misbehaving throwing tantrum in the public and show no little manners of saying thank you. i am a bad mother for not teaching him right? everybody knows discipline should be taught at a younger age and preferably before entering the schooling days where they get more bad influence. hey u think i don’t know that? is not so easy. said i easy.. but to really do it and practice is no where near simple, okay. 

u can disagree with other parents teaching.. but you can never judge it is right or wrong because you are not in their shoe and every child is different.

Sharing is Caring

J request to drink coke.. and so i allow him. But he insist that his little bro also wanted some. Normally he will drag his little bro into everything! Yes EVERYTHING as tho that with his little bro, everything mummy will say YES. So i was thinking probably he wanted his bro to have the coke is due to that – so that mummy say yes. So i told him, is OK. Mvric doesn’t want it and if he wants it u can share with him.

He took his cup which i pour in very little coke and gave to his bro to share! I am really happy. But his little bro just gulp in everything and made him furious. hahaha… but i gave him a little more coz he shared! 🙂 and.. nope this time he didn’t offer notti little bro.

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