An Adult Story

There was this little boy. Who live in the dark for such a long long long time. All he could hear is just fade voices and water all around him. He have no friends to talk to.  All he have is a long long string to play with. One day he heard an unfamiliar voice, not long he could see a bright shiny thing coming right into him and it’s getting bigger and bigger. And suddenly everything around him is so bright and so noisy. baby got scared with all the noises and bright light and he started to cry.

But even tho baby is scared, he could hear a familiar voice calling him “baby”. he feel warm and love by 2 people whom they call themself mama and dada. He was so happy, everyday he just eat, sleep and play. Mama would bathe him, play with him, feed him and carry him all around. In the evening, when dada return from work, he would cuddle baby so tight and play with baby. He also put baby to bed and tuck baby in so tight. Sometime he will hug baby to sleep too.

After a few year, as baby grow up, He could not feel so much love arnd anymore. He could hear mama and dada talking to each other loudly all the time and it scares him. 1 day, dada took a big huge bag and leave the house. B4 he leave he told baby to take care of mama. dada look back with a sad face and tears rolling down from his eye. Dada promise will visit baby once a wk.

baby don’t understand why dada have to leave. why can’t dada and mama stay together and love baby like it used to be. one day when dada bring baby to their fav ice-cream shop, baby ask dada why dada leave them. dada’s tears roll down again and he didn’t say a word. baby told dada, that mama is also hiding and crying at home all the time. dada then told baby that dada make mistakes and make mama cry. then baby told dada to apologize to mama because baby always makes mistake and make mama angry but when baby apologize mama will be happy again. dada juz shook head.

after a few days baby when to mama and ask why mama didn’t forgive dada like how she forgive baby everytime he make mistake. mama told baby it’s an “adult story”. everytime mama juz say the same thing, when baby ask. baby didn’t understand but didn’t give up.

baby grow older as he was going into primary school, he saw his friends dada and mama came together to his for family day, concert day. they always sit together. baby was sad again and remember about “adult story” his mom told him. he ask his friends around him. what is an “adult story”? his friends answer him, you love me, i love you then get married. “LOVE”  is the word. but why love would separate his parent? he still couldn’t understand.

when he was in secondary,  during his graduation ceremony  he saw his friends dada and mama again. they came together. baby got sad again and wanted to findout why he doesn’t have dada and mama that comes together. he ask his friends again what’s “adult story” . this time his friends told him it’s exciting to be and adult because you don’t need to worry about exams and you can play all day long. everybody is so excited to grow up. “Exciting” is the word. baby is still confuse.

baby soon going to college. 1st day of college baby saw many dadas and mamas came together in a car. baby dada and mama didn’t came together. they always came in separate cars and leave in separate cars.  he was sad and start to ask around his college friends what is “adult story”. his friend just answered him 1 simple word. “SEX”

baby couldn’t understand why. It was “Love” , “Exciting” and “Sex” that causes his parents to split. Suddenly he realize… he found out the reason why his dada and mama were separated. Why they didn’t live together and have to come in different cars all the time. He knew what is the “adult story” all about.. he knew what dada did ….. is was “love exciting sex”… the “adult story” his mama was trying to tell him was……..”adultery”


Congratulation to AiYin N YeeSiew -23Oct2010

This was my first wedding luncheon or dinner i’d attend after i deliver. reason i finally could fit into my dresses because my boobs is smaller after i quit BF. Jboy was also could eat solids and walk so should not be much issue. Most important is to plan out his nap so that he stay fresh all the time during the luncheon. I put him to nap at 10++am until around 1pm (cool eh?) Just use the auto rocker and rock non-stop. Keep quiet the entire time. haha..

But it was really a disaster. He just keep on running chasing after all the bigger boys. I think too much energy after the nap. Playing with the confetti on the floor and running around. I had to chase him with my dress and heels. I didn’t got any chance to sit down nicely and eat my food. most of the time i’m swallowing (faster than my normal rate) He cannot sit still in his bb chair. End of the day, my feet had a blister from walking running too much. The next day, guess what, my both thigh hurts because i did alot of squatting! No wonder ppl say being a mom will become thinner.. unfortunately i chase him bcoz it’s dangerous to run in a restaurant. At home, i wouldn’t care much~~

Look Of The Day (LOTD)

(Since he had so much nap, i have all the time to do my makeup)

BB Safety

(look at the purple finger nail…- don’t u just love the thigh?)

(we bought this the same day, BEFORE he got the purple nail)

(this was bought earlier but only last for few hours because he bite it off)

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Giveaway #13: The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket [Stylish Mum’s Essentials #1]

Thanks to MieVee who had organize this lovely giveaway. It just right for us. Currently my poor boy is having comforter set which comes along with his bedding we bought since he was born. no blanket for him. poor boy.. he is always waking up at nite because it was too hot covering him with his comforter. wish i can win this blankie.

some intro..Mutya, co-founder of Spinkie (Singapore based online store that specialises in stylish baby products handmade by designer Mums and Dads) The store have blankets, bibs and dresses made from lovely printed fabrics!

Hurry up and join now. Giveaway will run until 7 November 2010 (Sunday)

Sunday School

They started at 10.30am. Praise and worship but Jboy didn’t pay much attention. He just run around in the hall and kacau other kids. :S

Then the class start to seperate into few groups and we’re in the toddler grp where by it’s meant for 2-3yrs old. :S

Jboy did enjoy in the class singing and dancing. He was runing and clapping his hand all the way…

(look how clever is Joel kor kor)

Then all the kids sit down and gather around for some story telling. He is really into the story telling.. nah.. i’m joking. where can sit still. after awhile he starts to run again.

(getting restless)

They all had some artwork and activities. ya my great Ha-B didn’t capture any of those he just sit at the corner playing is BB. (toopid) It was his first class at least show some interest or take some picture lah! *argh* now u know why his boy is this acting such way.. showing no interest at all. yes i’m too busy entertaining my boy i didn’t capture anything either.

They had some biscuit break and then back to the class to continue with the plastersin play time.  we went back earlier because it’s time for his nap.

Dunno should bring him to the next session. He seems to be very happy but he is disturbing other kids too.

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Water Tumbler

There’s so many out there. My cousin specifically told me not to get those with straw. Those bottle where u turn to close the bottle and the straw will somehow bend and hide inside. She said those are very dirty and cannot wash. Later it will grow fungus and it’s un-washable especially kids drink their bottle with oily and dirty mouth after food.

I took her advice and bought sippy cup from First Year. It has 6set and cost only RM10. Jboy had been using the sippy at home and and sippy water tumbler (RM10)

Pro: Jboy don’t like to drink water. So the rubbery tip is nice for biting and he tend to sip bit by bit water into his mouth. At least is a good way to trick him to drink water. The bottle itself is also rubbery so it won’t slip away. The tumbler is not fully water leak proof but it’s not a huge leak either. Overall is easy to dismantle and wash.

Cons: The cap is really lousy. It never stays at the bottle. Too loose. The tip looks very “chakai” looks like it had been cut by a blade or something. Although the cut had not expand but i still feel it not professional at all.

Overall: For the price, OK lah. what to expect. It’s just a drinking bottle.

After sometime i realise, my boy still doesn’t know how to sip from a straw. so i start to search for a washable straw water tumbler. It’s from Kidbasix – The Safe Sippy. This time it cost me a bomb! RM89. Reasona i choose this 11oz  not-so-well-known brand

(1) it had 2 function, sippy and straw. so i don’t need to worry if he doesn’t know how to use a straw? just switch to sippy loh.

(2) all the part could be dismantle and wash. no hassle and no more dirty oily fungus. hahaha..

(3) no need to worried BPA free or not. It’s stainless steel. maybe can use until next kid. but since my sister bought the wrong colour (suppose to be green) she is buying a pink if my next is a girl 🙂

Cons : ya still there’s cons.

(1) the handle looks fragile. i dunno it is or not but it can be bend and i’m scared that my chorlo boy will break it. but so far OK.

(2) when it’s converted to sippy or straw it’s not leak proof. there’s another accesories (that comes with the bottle-dark orange) it’s like a plug to prevent leak. so it’s still leak proof but if u fix the “plug”

(3) abit mafan to keep all the “spareparts” lah. so going out can only choose sippy or straw. unless u kuasa to bring everything out. i bring, i keep it in a small container.

(look how i strip naked the bottle..hehe)

Can’t believe i used to write reviews of make up and now i am writing reviews of diaper and water tumbler??

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Life is so funny~~

There’s 1 day, i went to the bank, my son was still struggling to walk on his new shoe. he’d always been kaki ayam so he can’t walk properly with shoe. but banks, carpet fall down also nvmd loh. jus abit dirty ma. then i saw this old man walking with a tongkat. he sat down and my boy just walk toward him and look at him. the old man also look at my boy and gave him a smile. i look at both of them…. life is so funny… the old man is struggling to walk and my son is also struggling to walk too. circle of life~~

Today i went to do my pap smear. we were in a lift. my son is scared of the sudden movement in the lift so he was shouting and smiling at the same time to get over his fear. then i look at the lady behind me, she was smiling at him. i told the lady he is afraid of the lift sudden movement. then we went separate way. i went to the paediatrician for my boy check up 1st. After his check up, i went to my gynae and i saw that lady in then lift, she walk out from the clinic looking pale and dizzy. She can’t walk properly.  i highly suspect that she just had an abortion. life is so funny, i’d struggle to get a baby and she just threw it like tat..(but i suspect only lah~~)

Health Conscious or Fussy?

My boy is born to hv a hyper sensitives skin. I’m always concern when it comes to anything that contacts with his skin or food. At least for a year.

I used baby detergent “Pureen Kiddi Wash” although many parent don’t really think that it’s necessary but i continue to used up till he’s at least 1yr old. Ya now i’m still using because i haven’t finish up the previous bottle. I don’t know what’s the effect toward Jboy’s skin if i don’t used it. But so far i think it’s ok. Sometime i will add a cup of “Dettol” too. Recently i’d been mixing with adult powder wash using the detergent just to remove stains like poo and food stain. So far still OK. (keep my finger cross) So hopefully when this bottle finish i don’t need to use it anymore. Expensive you know!

When comes to washing his feeding bottles and other utensil. I used “Anaskku” It was Sale when i bought them. RM22 for 2 huge bottle. It’s also used to wash vegetable or fruits but of course i’m not so kuasa to do tat. It’s like normal dish washing detergent but it claims to be made from plant based ingredient. I don’t know lah. I hv 2 bottles so it’s a long way to go to finish it up. Last time when i was BF i will used everyday bcoz the bottle is super oily and the pump too. Now i just used 2-3 days once? yes i am a lazy mom. i don’t use soap everyday to wash his bottle but i sterilize every time b4 i use it.

Recently my son is not eating well so i also bought a low sodium table salt to mix into his porridge. I don’t know.. i just feel that normal salt we eat contains chemical to whiten the salt. this salt is natural evaporate sea salt. haha.. i dunno i’m too much or over. but no harm just doing what i can do for the best of him.. hm…

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Going down the bed

FL taught me to teach my son to go down the bed the proper way. Always tell him “backside first” i’d been telling him this since he is able to crawl. still no help.. then i realise.. i also didn’t teach him what is backside.. muahahha….. no wonder he doesn’t know. then i start to how him and guide him.. walaa~~ few weeks of teaching and showing, he is now able to get down from the bed by himself and he likes to do it. however our bed is quite high so he need to jump abit…but consider a huge improvement. although i can be more relax that he can get down the right way, but 1 wrong steps he’ll surely bump into his head again.. and this time is back of the head…still need to keep my eye on him.

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Eating Disorder?

My son had not been eating properly recently. He just lost interest in eating suddenly… He used to be such a great eater, a vacuum cleaner. Now he just refuse to eat anything. Even his fav rusk biscuit pun tak mau~~ puree, cereal, biscuit, porridge. none… i even tried salty, sweet, thick, thin, watery but still… none. One day he can finish up the whole bowl. The next day he’s not eating even a bite! Why?

I tried asking solutions, i tried surfing. Conclusion it’s OK for him to be uninterested in food. Deep down in my heart still feel abit not right. how can a 1yr old bb only drink milks? he is not teething or any other discomfort. Why won’t he eat? Every meal i have to fight with him. Experts says, don’t force. Eating is like learning how to walk or talk. BUT toddler don’t suddenly won’t talk or won’t walk after they know how to rite? *argh* frustration… now i just go with his flow… i cook. he like he eat, he dun like i eat…but this will create a fussy eater later on, rite? so how should i go about this? give or don’t give? force or don’t force?

i keep tracking his interest in food. he love rusk biscuit. finish 1 box i bought another. now he refuse to eat. he used to love raisin… now he just spit it all out and play with it. there’s once he love sweet food. so i only cook sweet food like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, corn, apple. but suddenly he change and like salty food like bowril. he finish 1 bottle and so i bought another and then he refuse to take a bite. he likes adult food but when i steam rice for him, he don’t want to eat. not even a bite! so i try to change the ingredient. hopefully will findout what he likes in the end….

being a mum is such a challenging job….this boss is so irrational xP

( steam fish, corn, potatoes, garlic, onion soup – dislike)

(steam pork, corn, potatoes, onion soup – finish half)

So what is it he don’t like compare to yesterday’s meal?? could it be the fish smell?

(steam pork, carrot, potatoes, onion soup )

Ignore the side of the bowl it was eaten during the afternoon and then continue to pre-heat in the slow cooker for dinner. 🙂 He manage to finish the soup but not the rice. Ok-lah the main nutrient was int he soup.

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