I have a few activities for my boys.. and 1 of it is already fullfill (to my surpirse)

Cinema : It was dark and they we not afraid. Of course there’s ork-corn (popcorn) to munch. Then when the advert started, the loud noise didn’t even bother M or J. Both of them were sitting nicely on theirs seat (the cinema wasn’t full so M manage to get a sit on his own) staring at the huge big tv with mouth open. hahaha…
Well J manage to finish the 2 hrs sitting, squating, climbing and shouting! Toward the end.. he wanted to get more ork-corn coz mummy ate everything 😛 but we stop him. We as M he was sitting on my lap half way.. abit scare of the bad monster.. oh.. btw we watch “Bola Kampung”.

This is my 1st time watching bahasa movie in the cinema.. an after 4 years not gg to the cinema.. oh boy. the ticker is darn expensive. Well … an experience… 🙂 and a super duper good  one!

Next activities :
– Zoo
– Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum
– Science Center (got free ticket)
– Holiday (beach)
– Farm (14th April)
– Firefly (the real firefly) – btw the plane was also in my list

I personally prefer the “touch, feel ,see” method to let them learn because they learn faster.


Colouring progress


Using the colour pencil. It was too fine, and he is kinda lazy to finish up even 1 portion. Keep asking me to do it and hold his hand to do it.


Using the crayon after few session. He manage to fill in the blanks. Most of it. Even tho the colour is out and he didnt colour within the outline. But i’m quite satisfied with his progess.


This was done in the car journey fr melaka to kl. He hv lotsa time and colour the whole page! Next session will be focusing colouring within the outline.

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