I Love Hada Labo

Yes i bought the Hada Labo set from Guardian for RM129

I’m used to be Shiseido user.. but i don’t find it very suitable for me.. not that it gv me more problem… it just didn’t make me feel better.. hahahah..

I’d also tried Kose and i love the oil cleanser but unfortunately they don’t produce anymore… their toner is too whitening and i’m not a whitening person… within few weeks can see that i’m fairer and i don’t want that because my face tone will be different with my neck or other body parts. it’s a sample anyway so i just used it when i’m travelling..maybe it already expired.. haha

SKII i only purchase the Miracle water and it didn’t do any miracle to my face! in fact it gv me more pimple on the forehead. i think it’s too rich for me. i just used it once every 2 days and nite time only. in fact i put it in the sprayed bottle so can i can simply sprayed it of and finished it. RM300 for 215ml.. of course with many other free gifts. i don’t think they are selling this size in Msia.

So far i love Cellnique alot. the cleaner and toner gives me a very refreshing feeling and it’s the cheapest among all that i used before. 200ml cleaner for RM99. However…as a SAHM now.. i don’t think i can afford these brands anymore :S but i don’t stop myself from using. I just switch to using it twice per day to once per day. Nite i’ll just use Biore or any other brand in the pharmacy.

Recently there’s this brand call Hada Labo and everybody is whoo haa about it. The toner that is. it’s RM40.90 for 1 bottle and it’s very moisturizing. I hv a friend MY who don’t use anything is using it and it’s loving it. I read reviews about it…and i intro to my sis and she is saying it’s working and now they hv the sets which contains Moisturiser, toner, water mist and cleaner for Rm129 only.. so… i couldn’t resist and went to buy it. haha…. Since the mosturiser doesn’t hv SPF so i’ll use the Hada Labo for nite and Cellnique for the day… isn’t tat amazing i could actually have 2 sets of different brands for my face at once even i’m SAHM? 😛 greedy devil in me!


(Nite use : ILove Hada Labo Set : RM129)

( Day : Cellnique )


Flash Card aka Puzzle

(Thank You WS yiyi)

This was a gift from a very experience aunty who had taken care of 3 niece and nephew. She bought this for Jboy for his 1year old bday.. and he’s loving it so do it. It’s so perfect for kids this age.. and it’s bilingual (chinese and english). I use it as flash card. It’s fun while learning, it’s more durable compare to other jigsaw puzzle. It cannot bend easily. 🙂 it’s perfect for my monster who likes to destroy things. The puzzle comes with huge minimal pieces and it’s easy to fix.

Have 8 different transport; car, tricycle, train, aeroplane, ship, hot-air ballon, helicopter, motorcyle. Well… i find some of them are very confusing especially tricyle and hot-air ballon. how often we see them in our childrens book? they can replace them with bus, truck, bicycle wat…

there’s also few bad design, the puzzle is with sharp edges. But it’s ok.. i’ll just play together with Jboy bcoz he don’t know how to fix a puzzle at this age yet..i think i’ll buy other categories as well..

(8 design of transports)

(minimal pcs and easy to fix)

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These are the different milk powder and food i intro to Jboy… beside homemade.

The variety of Milk is due to his diarrhea problem. S26 no no, Snow ok, EnfaGrow currently seems to be ok, Isomil is temporary for his diarrhea.

I used to give him cereal from Nestle, rice or wheat. Now i start to introduce him organic oatmeal. Incase i run out of ingrdients for homemade meal i’ll replace with oatmeal or cereal lo.

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GrandPa’s bday..

Not mine, but Jboy’s Grandpa who is also my papa~

He turn 59 this year. So fast he’s and old man. He should have a dozens of grandchild by now.. but too bad only Jboy. So it’s lucky Jboy getting all the attention…

We send to eat steamboat buffet RM15.90 each person at Dataran Pahlawan. b4 dinner i just let my son run around the huge padang. he’s soo excited and he couldn’t stop running. Some ppl even catch him and hug him for a photo to be taken~~ how weird. macam they kenal..

During dinner, he didn’t sit still for long. Maybe it’s the heat from the steamboat. it’s really hot and irritating.. we had to take turns to eat and bring him for a walk. Luckily the door of the shopping mall is just besides us, so we just bring him in the shopping mall and run of course with the aircorn.

After dinner we went back home for the cake… American Choc from Italy Bakery.. RM46

(Pa ask why so many candles? haha..)

( eeee…? my birthday again? )


( missing someone here… went to work.. kesian)

German Measles?

Sat nite (13 Nov) mom was saying that Jboy is abit hot, but my mom always worry too much. So i also ignore her.

Next day arnd12pm i could feel he’s really hot..took his temp it was 38++. Gave him medication and keep monitor him.

On Monday, fever still high. Temp didn’t went down below 38 even tho medicine been given. Sponge him with cool water and after awhile the temp rise again. Should take medicine every 4hrs if fever is persistent but belum sampai 4hrs the fever shoot up to 39. That nite was terrible. He was able to sleep. BUT i am NOT. i keep waking up (my biological clock) every 2hrs to test on his temp. i even get up to feed him medicine to make sure the temp don’t rise above 39.

Tuesday (16 Nov) worst! 39.8 highest. I sponge him gave him medicine and put him to sleep. But as usual he’s hyper as ever even tho temp so high. I wanted to monitor abit longer and see the Dr in the evening if it’s the same. Because his fever had gone this high during his jap once, and total was 3 days fever. So i’m hoping it will cure soon as it’s already the 4th day. In the evening the temp remain high, we brought him to our normal paed but she was on holiday. So we go to Mahkota thinking of Dr Jessica as she is out 2nd choice. She had went back. No choice we had to go to another doc.

This doc really make me so angry. I told him the temp didn’t go below 38 even tho medicine been given and now it shoot up to 39.8 he was quite relax and i think he had seen many over reacting parent. But temp was so high, how not to react? But when he measure Jboy is already gone down below 38. (i think his thermometer faulty ;p ) My intention is to ask him do i need a medicine to cucuk the backside or blood test for dengue? But i didn’t even get to ask so detail coz he shut me by telling me 40 doesn’t mean worst than 38. If he is still active 40 is OK. wah .. i hear liao cannot tahan. how can he say like tat? there are ppl who 40 and get fits, brain damage. then i ask him how and when to take precaution. he still tell me as long as he’s active is OK. i think is a lousy doc. seriously how can u tell a patient 40 is ok. as long as he’s active? how he define active? my son use to be hyper active and now sick dy just active cannot meh? wah lau..

Wed his fever had gone down below 38. so i’m more calm and still observing but diarrhea pulak. 5-6 times

Thurs he is completely OK. no more fever but rashes all over and diarrhea. i dunno it’s the paracetamol i gave him because both parent are allergy to them. but cannot be 6th day the allergy reaction ma. then the diarrhea could be the milk powder i accidently mix with s26 instead snow? (i’m trying to finish up the remaining of the milk tat doesn’t suit him) should had wait a little longer.

Went to government clinic to do some blood test to ensure it’s not dengue. he was warp like a mummy and 1 hand leave out. my poor boy.. i try to calm him hold him real tight. while 2 other nurses hold his hand. when the needle went into his flesh… his face turn red like “jack jack” in the carton Incredible. (don’t u think he looks like jack jack?) my heart was so ache and my tears was rolling in my eyes. the blood kena everywhere coz he was fighting so hard. then we took the tube to the lab.. and the lab rejected because it was the WRONG TUBE. need to retake.. i told the nurse. It’s ok we don’t want to teat blood anymore. The blood is actually to test for virus and blood pallet count. WTF I also went to buy soya milk powder (Isomil) for his diarrhea.

Friday (19 Nov) He no longer have diarrhea but his rashes is more :S

(rashes on the face)

(rashes on the front body)

(rashes on the back body)

(dark circle)

(thank God the diarrhea no more dy~~)

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Diaper and Nappy

*repost because i forgot to mention the length*

Many had wrote reviews on the cloth diaper, and i love them too. but unfortunately i bought disposable diaper way too many even b4 jboy was born. i didn’t know about the existence of cloth diaper. ignorant u may call me.. i hv now tons of disposable diaper lying there and some are in M size which he can’t wear anymore. if my 2nd child i’ll definitely go for cloth diaper. it basically hv a the same function as disposable diaper. (1) absorbency (2) dryness (3) multi-size (4) cost saving (5) eco friendly!  Maybe you can say, use nappy also eco friendly. but compare to normal conventional napkin (nappy) it’s surprisingly very absorbent. perhaps 2-3time pee no problem. ang guess wat, the surface it’s still dry even thou the CD had been pee-d. but be careful some are not made from bamboo cloth and might cause itch to bb skin especially sensitives skin like my boy. and the insert which is not microfiber will not be absorbent compare to the genuine brand. this you need to compare and read up urself because i’m not expert. muahahha…. i’m a disposable diaper and napkin user. however i got 1 cloth diaper for free fr baby-mel & Knickernappies and fell in love with it immediately.

Well maybe i should write about disposable diaper i’d used b4. muahaha…


Price  : Quite cheap (RM32 for 84pcs Msize)

Absorbency & Dryness : 3-4 hours no problem. Overnight the cotton will be slightly heavy and starts to break up.

Comfy : The rubberize around the whole thigh is good for huge thigh like jboy but the size is slightly small

Tape : Doesn’t hv magic tape and therefore it can’t stick after a few times un-tape and the wings is just nice sometime the tape will cut my boy

Length : Short

Conclusion : Will consider this looking at the cheaper price compare to others.


Price : It’s was a gift

Absorbency and Dryness : ok ok

Comfy : The rubberize around the whole thigh and the size is big. (means long, means good)

Tape : Bad, often i peel the tape the whole wing came out. The material is so lousy

Length : Long

Conclusion : Hate it when the tape was torn. Won’t get it.


Price : Pricey ( RM43 for 66pcs M size)

Absorbency and Dryness : Good and the cotton won’t tear or break up after over night

Comfy :Doesn’t have rubberize around the thigh (only half way) and the size is super small! U need to wear L if u’re M size

Tape : Magic tape i love it BUT the wing is too way too small.

Length : Short

Conclusion : Way too pricey and the thigh is part is really a bad design.

Pureen (blue colour)

Price : Was quite cheap. now not worth to buy

Absorbency and Dryness : Absorbency is comparable to MP but the dryness is totally out!

Comfy : The rubberize around the whole thigh and the size is ok

Tape : Magic tape, the wings is bigger than MP

Length : Medium

Conclusion : Because of the price increase, no way i’m getting this anymore.

Fitti (Basic) – not fair to compare because it’s basic but still review la

Price : I don’t know. It was a gift

Absorbency and Dryness : normal outing good. had wore over night no problem but better don’t take the risk.

Comfy : The rubberize around the whole thigh and the size is huge

Tape : normal tape but the wings is huge. love it.

Length : Super long

Conclusion : Can use for normal short outing or during newborn (poo many time per day) because it’s really longer than normal diaper.


Price : Cheap (RM29 for 60+4 pcs M size)

Absorbency and Dryness : Better than MP. after over night use, the surface is still dry even though it weight a few KG.

Comfy : Rubberize around the whole thigh and the size is bigger which is good to prevent leak from backside.

Tape : Magic tape and the wing is really big so it won’t cut my boy

Length : Long

Conclusion : I will definitely go for this is got no CD.

*Ala pls lah.. this is my own personal review. No intention to harm anybody or anything. Just to share what’s i’d used b4 so far

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Childhood Game

As usual.. wanting to be a good  mommy.. i wanted to let my son know what is a kite and try to fly it. Altho  had never fly a kite during my childhood days. Make byk la… fly… never lor…of course this is a different kind of kite which i think it’s gonna confuse him.

(EJ kuku bought from Bali 3-D kite)

Well, i didn’t manage to fly the thing even tho the wind is super strong… and i fell down too. 30yr old still fall down like a baby who learns how to walk  😦

So obviously a ship must stay in the water and NOT sky 😀

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Trying 2b Good SAHM

Wanting to be a good SAHM is not easy. U need to know how to cook, how to clean, how to jaga anak (including discipline) and jaga hubby. My own personal criteria lah~~ i just benchmark my mom.. hahah… Thinking that i want to bake a nice teatime yummy food for my son so i bak the Cheddar Cheese popvers… recipe got from http://www.imafulltimemummy.com/

1st attempt was a failure bcoz i didn’t know how to use mom’s microwave. Instead of bake i used microwave+bake. The popovers is really OVERLY POP.

See how the top got harden? The whole thing is as hard as a rock!

i betul beh kam wan.. i do it again..taa-daa…all nicely POP OVER 🙂 The texture is abit hard on the outside and inside is like a bread.

But 1 think about using the muffin cup. all the goodies is stuck on the paper… wasted leh. it’s cheese leh~~~ 😦

But it was satisfying coz my boy came back for more.. 😀

Jdric Talking Progress

I had a friend who’s son is 1day older than Jdric is already talking in sentence like daddy pao pao.

I have another friend who is 2 wks older than Jdric is already sitting himself at 4th mth, climbing the stairs at 6mth and walking at 8th mth! Jdric can only walk at 11mth..and i tot he was fast. which is obviously no good to be so fast la..now chasing him like mad~

Last week we went to a home fair and there was a deco of ceramic knife. Jdric pointing to the table and keeps saying “apple” it was a green apple! We only taught him red apple how he knows green apple is actually and apply? so smart…

Today he said a 3 syllabus word .. “ph-a-ple” while holding a CNY decoration pineapple. I’m so proud of him he could learn so fast.

Words he knows…

1 syllabus : bird, duck, t (key), car (can say but cannot recognise), ish (fish), nen-nen (milk), ah-wo (dog), goal and raise up his 2 hand

2 syllabus : ning-ning (swimming), th-ge (tiger) , apple, m-mah (grandma), m-pah (grandpa), mo mo (monkey, sometimes sounds like mama)

3syllabus : p-a-ple (pineapple)

Although there’s some words like he cannot pronounce but he understand like.. where’s the fan, where’s the light, keep your toys, mama shoot u (he’ll let do else i kutik his hand), do you wan to drink nen-nen? i ask him where in banana he’ll point at the chart B with a picture of banana, i say chau-chau he’ll cover his nose, wanna on song he’ll point at the tv, ask him to wait while i wrap him, he’ll wait… etc

sometimes his actions also shows he want something or doing something like he bring his shoe means he wanna go out kai-kai, he point at the table where i make milk means he wanna drink milk, he hold up his hand and make like aeroplane flying (his daddy teach him) , he kicks the ball, he take his toy car and go wooo wooo..

it’s amazing how a small child can learn so many things at once… and yet i still think of going back to work passing the baton to other ppl?

Weight : 11kg

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work vs home

After going for a wedding dinner. i met lotsa friends and ex-colleague. they are all so …same! except me..same topic same type..working ppl. i could understand their conversation.. it’s just that i don’t hv anything new to add. yala it makes me kinda sad lah..btw i love to talk too but i don’t have time to talk, i chase my son all around. haha.. now my life now is different with theirs..i think that their topics are boring, work talk about yield now wedding dinner also talk about yield. maybe they are thinking the same when comes to me.. at home face the child and talk about the child.. dinner also talk / entertain / chase the child.

then last week i went yumcha with my x-colleague fr SG. counter part la… 3 of them. their conversation between each other.. i so could feel my passion of going back and join in again.. i so want to go back to work.. i miss my colleagues.. but the.. same loh.. my colleagues was telling me.. she also thiking of quitting because she had to go home late and tired. after dinner force her children to do homework. they dun wan to do. then she get angry easily and then start to scold them. they cried and make the matter worst. so.. there’s a pro and cons. hm..

sometimes i also got a feeling that ppl hv nothing to talk to me bcoz our topics are diff. and so.. they tend to keep their distance from me… am i being paranoid or..what? basically they are those who are not as fortunate as i am to hv kids or to watch their child progress.. i guess it’s the same.. they cannot enter my topic bcoz they dunno much about their child? so it’s a vice versa thingy la..

i think the point that i want to go back is bcoz i want to run away. now a days jboy juz climb and fall and run and need entertainment all the time. the wants to be pampers and attention. he sleep less too and he’s hyper. he nvr stop running arnd the hse. imagine he could run non stop from the living room to the kitchen and then climb on the sofa and climb down and then run all over again. FEW TIMES. ok.. at least this is self entertain so i’m still ok. but at times he cries and moan no stop and i don’t know what he wants.(attention la maybe)..sometimes i’m really tired…BUT if i’m tired what will the bbsitter do? even worst than me rite? it’s not even her kids. if he cries non stop and i’m agitated, what about the bbsitter? when i face this situation i always think, no wonder there’s child abuse cases… and i will be thinking to stay at home and watch him myself dy.

anyway deeeeep down inside i know i still wan to stay at home. especially this age where he’s picking up so fast. it’s really a waste if i just leave teaching and the guiding to other ppl. 1st i, my personal felling will feel irresponsible, 2nd i will feel that it’s my baby and i will teach him better than other ppl, have more patience and more love, 3rdly i don’t want to miss a thing about him, 4th i want to be in his memories forever, 5th no regret if i happen to “ko” today..

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