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I look like a poodle already..

21st Apr : Today i went for my 2nd vaccine injection. Upon reaching there i can sense something is wrong. i keep struggling but my mommy held me tight comforting me it will be okay. once my turn to see the doc, he start checking my temperature and overall health. And then he took out the needle and the vaccine. i quickly turn away and wanted to run away but the strong nurse hug me tight. i know i have no where to run but to face that horrible needle once again for the 2nd time. oh gosh!

*ouch* i had to go for another next month. *sob* *sob*

back home, my stupid owner trim my fur and i look like an idiot now. even more skinny and thin and small. how to bully other dog if i am in this small-tiny size. *argh* not only that, my owner had trim my hair like the tikus-bite. how can i show my face to other ppl now…and my thigh still pain pain…. *ouch*

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This is my new hang out spot


I am sorry i no longer seek for your service because you sucks. ~the end~

So now, i am starting a new post again after and


anyway i had good news from 3 buddies,

AL – she just got promoted and after hating so much of working shift, she finally able work office hour. congratulation darl’

BB – after so much struggling, financial issue, broke up and business partner “ran” off, she finally able to get over all the obstacles and be a stronger person. what more? she is more happier person and doing the work that she loves! great job!

TC – she is a having health issue indirectly affected the financial issue and again indirectly affected the family. but she had found a new job in nearby country where ppl in msia work the same amount of time as her, but she is earning more than double. great job to you too!