last 2 days i was having fever. I think it was mainly my late nite sleep due to my small biz. (pls visit!/album.php?aid=142345&id=294822258654&ref=mf for more info) was buzy ammending things and temperature didn’t rise alot but it reaches 37.8. My normal temp is 36+ anyway i try not to sleep too near to Jboy and pray very hard to recover the next day. else i’ll be dead.

after i rest for 1 day, i’m completely recovered. the following day i was busy again with hse work loh. i was washing the toilet. scubbing the floor and basin, bla bla bla then try to relocate the water tong, mana tau i slip and my neck direct impact and force hit on the tong. it’s like in the movie, ppl karate the bad guys on the neck. then i bounce back and fell back on the floor. *ouch* both side pain. but i was sitting on the floor for 30sec coz i think i broke my neck and i’m going to die. normally the karate movie the bad guy will die once kena karate the neck. it’s so painful… imagine my fat body freefall landed on the neck. i might hv internal bleeding… i’m going to die..

today is the second day, i’m still alive. i think nothing gonna happen to me lah although still abit painful…i can’t even swallow my saliva properly okay….careless, i so afriad 1 day i’m going to carry Jboy and fall in the toilet too…


Quick Update

he had learn to play with his tougue and lips. he find it very amusing

he learn to make tweety bird lips. *picture later*

his neck is more firm and can stand firmly with support

he knows the mechanism of walking, left-right-left-right

he can control his thumb for him so suck properly

he can use his hand better like pinching me to wake me up

he is becoming a very manja boy because i’d spoilt him especially b4 sleep

he likes to use his either confort blanket or teddy bear or pink doggie to cover his face when he sleep

surprisingly he is holding his bottle by himeslf to finishes up the 5oz milk

he still doesn’t know how to turn over

he can use his strength to pull himself up to sit up straight

he not only can blow his nose (with my help) but he can also sedut in his nose 🙂

when i bathe him, i say “1,2,3” he will close his eye, but not close shut lah

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Cut by Mimi

Normally i would cut his finger nail. While i’m gone, grandpa do the cutting. Grandpa also file his nail but still sharp and he had scratch himself a few times and deeply. So i plan to cut for him properly while potty-ing him. I normally would use the scissors but this time i use the nail clipper. Scissor is actually safer coz u can feel if u’re cutting something hard. nail clipper u just snap and that’s it but it’s faster especially if jboy is moving non stop snap and go is the best.

Toes all done, left hand done. Right thumb, *wu ngek* OMG i’d clip his flesh instead of the nail.  i quickly suck his finger ( i dunno why i did tat but i just did) could taste his blood. and still bleeding when i preas his thumb. he didn’t cry he just *wu ngek* then that’s it.

I cannot explain my  feeling, it’s like sour, pain and frustrated. Although he didn’t feel much pain ( i thnk) but i felt all the pain. i keep checking on his thumb. poor boy hopefully when he suck it’s not painful. his blood still can be tasted in my mouth… 😦

stupid mimi

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1st saw him

Didn’t told anyone about this bcoz i think it was real weird until i recently saw a program about “Surviving Mom” and there’s 1 lady who had just the same feeling that i felt when i 1st saw Jboy.

“NOTHING” yes i felt nothing and i dun feel that i have anything to do with this little fella. it’s weird i know. we are strangers. my head told me i’m suppose to hv this motherly love toward him but my heart didn’t hv any feeling. but this feeling only last for maybe for half a day. after that i just feel he is my world. everything is back to normal. 😀

so mothers out there, don’t worry if u 1st felt nothing because it’s normal. u’ll eventually hv all the feelings and love pour onto you… good luck!

*grandpa bought the auto rocker for the spring cot for RM180.

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