Fedric is progressing well

One week he gain 500g
Today is 21 days old.. he is 5.4kg. Extra 1.1kg *gulp*

Who can challenge my fatty bm??


School Driver

Today send J off with a driver we hired. Looking at him getting into the car.. he was reluctant but he didnt resist. Weeping quietly behind.. i had to hold back mine.

I show him my wound and told him i need to rest at home coz i am in pain. I need to recover then will be able to send him again. He understand.. i am proud of him but i hv a heavy heart.

Sick after sickeness

Afyer chicken pox J is down with high fever. 40c and come back every 4hrly.

Finally he is better today and i send him to school. All the teachers were staring at me as tho i had a dead body in the car! Confinement mth so wat?

Anyway he was happy when i fetch him fr school. He told me abt his craft. Normally he wont initiate wat he did but for a reason i think he really lile crafting tt why he story me wat he did. Paper cake 🙂

Cfm day 7


Thinking back my second cfm with Mboy. He isnt this lucky. Each time he cry he will be attended by CL. I hardly carry him or change him.

Where as J and F without CL, each time cry mama is the one pamper and carry them. So heartache tat i had abandon Mboy is such a way.. T_T