damn f*cking hate this place

(1) internet always down

(2) always no water

(3) even got water no hot water coz the pump cannot pump the water up

(4) no electric for the 4th time i’m here and i’m here like so short period

all the basic necessity is not available all the time! BENCI!


Tetanus Jap & updates

Finally got it..went to Dr TWK and he advice to jap it immediately coz i might not be able to hv the 2nd booster jap in time. Anyway it was RM12 so i didn’t bother to go for the gov clinic.

According to nurse and friends i’ll be tired and weak for 1 week but i didn’t feel a thing. I just feel that my arms kena tumbuk like normal jap. Does that means the medicine didn’t affect me? haha.. anyway dun bother la.. at least it get rid of 1 of my concern and worries…


Jdric’s updates : –

Speech : ok la.. no full sentences yet..

(1) Papa make – when he ask his papa to make nen nen

(2) ash go – Let’s go

(3) Lucky out – ask my dog “lucky” to go out

All still very simple words

Food : Start to eat quite alot. He can finish 1 big bowl of porridge/soup plus rice. Appetite has improve alot compare to last few mths. When sometimes need some tricks like eat with computer or phone. I don’t bother lah.. as long as he eats. But this boy prefers vege than meat. I need to bribe him with vege in order for him to eat his rice. * weird* why he so diff? Summore he prefer the stem compare to the leafty part. Back to my philosophy “as long he eats”

Discipline : Now days very hard to control him or teach him. I’m not alone with my hse.. always moving arnd and living with MANY ppl which pampers and spoilt him. Of course he is getting out of control regarding this topic, so i wouldn’t want to say much or i’ll end up complaining starting now until the end.

Motor Skill : Need to say more? He is still never stop jumping and running. He is even more excited if he sees there’s someone like him. I’m still very slumber with his action but MIL and still not used to it. She still thinks my son just learn to walk YESTERDAY. Jdric is quite adventurous boy, he prefer to walk down the stairs holding the railling rather than moving down with his butt. He also walk up the stair holding toys in his left and right hand. His leg is very strong. And there’s a few times he manage to push me and fall.  Actually it’s more dangerous for ME! And again my philosophy ” he is a boy, so let him be” unless it’s something dangerous towards him lah. I met this friend KKS recently. She lagi slumber,  she even let her son run around the cafe as long as is safe and she is able to watch them. Anyway i relaly learn alot from her. Love to meet and talk with her.

Reading Skill : He is able to recognize all alphabet. Bravo my boy. I think he has a very good memory skill. He even rmb the dialogue in his own video! But he cannot sing ABC song yet. Even his fav Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheel on the Bus, Happy Birthday Song he can only sing the last word.

Potty : No improvement. Yes i admit i haven’t really start to train him. I always start but tired to maintain it. My training methods are to take him to the toilet every 30min-1hr depending on how much water or milk he drinks. Make sure he gets the routine right. Then for his poo, i’ll just monitor his actions. Normally he’ll show sign and i’ll rush him to the potty. But since i’m too lazy/tired i will sometimes miss them especially the pee. Aiya…also i’m not staying a fix place all my stuff is very troublesome to reach.

Weight : 12kg

Baby M updates : – ( i still call him baby M because i haven’t decide the spelling ;p )

Weight : 1.9kg . Doc say it’s small to average size. Maybe he was comparing to my potential “big baby”

Mummy’s weight : 85kg. Darn i was delivering Jdric during this weight and now i have 45 days to go!


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Giveaway – Cleebo

What is it? Haha… it’s an invention that could ease my “pain”

It’s actually a tweezer to remove the “thing” from baby/toddler nose. Yeah why all the trouble when they also invented the nasal aspirator rite? Well my son seems to be having alot of the “thing” in his nose and sometimes it is really deep and once i didn’t remove it immediately, it turns dry. I suspect it’s my gene problem because having sensertive nose will automatically generate alot of mucus. Especially in the morning… he’ll have hard time to breathe. Initially when he’s a baby i tot there’s something wrong with him :S

Normally i will wait until shower, wet his nose (hopefully some water gets into his nose) and wet the dry mucus.. then picit his nose until the “thing” comes out. Very torturing rite?  Sometime my finger nail will scratch his nose.. and other times his nose is like Rudolf the raindeer. Of course he still doesn’t know how to blow his nose, so there’s no other way for me to get it out. 😦

Hopefully with this giveaway by I’m a Full Time Mummy, I’m able to win this marvelous gadget! woohoo…


So who ever interested…  http://www.imafulltimemummy.com/post/2011/07/12/Product-Review-Giveaway-Cleebo.aspx

Giveaway ends : 11th August 2011 (Malaysia time)

Good Luck to you and me!

BERSIH 2.0 Rally

Am very sad fro some ppl who live in Msia but dun gv a damn about the rally. No i’m not saying everybody MUST participate at least don’t leave stupid comments. Some don’t even know what is BERSIH. This rally is nothing but to support the fairness and righteousness of our nation. There’s nothing wrong with the rally. Those who supported BERSIH juz want to voice out and be heard. Don’t forget that if this rally is really working, it’s the benefit of our nation as whole. it’s not bias or taking sides.

I don’t know is “they” who make stupid remarks know that in 20yrs to come, if we continue to be ignorant like we used to be,  Msia will be sending our future generations to Indonesia as maid! It’s so humiliating that we are now becoming worst and worst if we do not act. Maybe “they” do not have kids yet and cannot feel anything. Or “they” rich enuf that when the day comes, they are migrating like those indonesian-chinese is doing now days.

The massive traffics and jams everywhere is not caused by BERSIH.. it’s the government who is too afraid to be walking on the right tracking causing it. Gov says anti corruption, all the policemen wearing the badge “Anti Rasuh” what’s all these? BERSIH of course. This is the idea of BERSIH. If you’re afraid to join in or participate in the rally, there’s no forcing. BUT those who are fighting out there is actually fighthing for everybody and we should be proud and thankful that there are ppl who stand out for ppl whom they don’t know. Just like what Jesus did.