Ante-Natal Class Finale

Had been for the final ante-natal class. All i can say it worth only RM50. They don’t really go into real details about pregnancy or what to expect during and after pregnancy. It’s not really a good class if we’re paying the original price.

As usual the kaki complain (me) wrote in a feedback form and handup before the class ended. i complain about the class never start on time. alwasy late by at least 30min. i also complain tat it wasn’t imformative as in teaching us how to breast feed, how to bathe baby, how to massage to relief shoulder ach, massage to relef leg soreness, what to expect after pregnancy.. et.

When the instructor saw what i wrote she quickly open up the breast slide and start talking. How do i know? Coz the class normally end at 12pm but that day it ended with the last slides which is breast feeding AFTER she rea dmy complain. uwuwhahaha… i’m telling you it’s really a waste of time attending the class. but oh well, RM50.


I’d notice that since my pregnancy my body had grown many biji biji. It’s not a mole coz it’s not balck but i dunno what’s it call. It like a small little tiny mole (minus the colour) growing all over my neck. Wierd but i guess it’s the hormones.

Other than that, the stretch marks, i’m consider lucky enuf not to have anything else. i had gain 10kg at my 26th wks and i know it’s not a good sign. i’m still taking my meals normally. 1 thing i cannot avoid is my BREAD. everythign that goes with bread. i can eat the whole loaf of bread in 2 days ALONE. itu pun i tahan not to eat too much carbo. i guess that’s where all the weight is coming from.

until now yogurt is still on top of my prio list not to eat. garlic and onions are secondary. i take little by little.

leg are still the “normal” size. no severe cramps at nite. in fact i think i had more severe and freq cramp b4 pregnancy. not feeling hot flush or anything (yet). my back still not as aching or painful as what others explain. seems like my BB is really a good boy.

Sleeping is abit hard for me coz i like to sleep with my back lying on the bed and face facing the ceiling. but this is not a good position. i’m advice to sleep side ways. whenever i try my nose will be block ( since last time) so i’m always turning to my left and right. guess while i’m adjusting the outside BB is trying to adjust in the inside. i find him most active is at night. always kicking so hard.