Merging 2 pictures

Gosh.. i feel that we really look alike.

These are the picture i’m done morphing me and Ha-B.


Is it Miki-in-Jacky or Jacky-in-Miki??


This is morphing for BB feature

Dunno why every time also turn out to be a girl…

Go try it out at

Another website for me to see how my BB will look like. But i think there’s something wrong everywhere especially the hair colour.. wuwuahhaha….


Go try it out at


Preparation for D-day

Basically we are quite glad that most of the things we don’t have to buy.

Firstly is my maternity baju special thanks to Lizzie and cousins. I calculated i bought 3 tops which is less than RM17 each, 3 pants and 3 dresses. Itu pun i juz wanna pamper myself.

Now i’m entering my 6th month, many experienced mom are telling me to start packing and preparing. My bb pram, bb cot, bb sarung, rocking chair, bb car seat, bb feeding seat all no need to buy coz all will be sponsored by Ha-b’s sister. Aiya.. 2nd hand la. Who cares. i can save more than RM1k . But i haven’t seen anything yet.  i hope it’s still in good condition. Right now juz need to get everything back and wash up.

However there’s still things i need to get like mattress, breast pump anf baby bottles. At least these are the things i can think off now. We’d got the 1st item for BB, the baby bottle. Many said it’s good prevent colic, bla bla bla.. oh well..since it’s having some promo.. so juz buy loh.

Ta da… my 1st gift for BB…


Ante-Natel Class

I was so excited to be on time to enroll into my ante-natel class and it’s only RM50 promotion price. *yippie* It was held in MMC, total of 4 classes.

DSC06067pale face in the morning, but i still have WAIST!!

Yesterday was day 1. So boring. The lady is basically reading from the slides and i’d already know most of it. But oh well, 1st class, ok lah. Just some additional info. She had also mention about the early delivery symptom. Incase of any contraction but not bleeding, we shouldn’t be worry much but if contraction with bleeding, we should immediately seek medical attention. The worst case if the water bag burst or leaking, we should immediately rush to hospital. Besides this, she is focusing on the Yoga ball. Aiyo must be extra income for MMC. Luckily my firend bought me 1 during my bday 2yrs ago. Many exercise can be done using the exercise ball to ease up during delivery.

DSC06084ball sitting on a ball

DSC06086everybody looks so pregnant except me


Recenlty went for facial, my face is getting better from the hormone change. So now i’m maintaining it, hopefully it won’t get any worst. Since my facial going to finish soon, i need to source for something more lighter without much chemical which i think this brand H2O have lesser content. hahaha.. just my own judgement. Anyway they are also having promotion where we can trade in an empty bottle and pay only RM19 for a RM60 facial. So decided to try..


My Latest Pinky

MY gave me a pair of pink shoe/sandal..she bought from her trip to Sg Petani visiting Khai. Thanks girl!

It’s extremely comfy comparable to crocs, at first it was too tight but after wearing it awhile it expanded. Well i guess another few more month i’ll need to keep into my shoe cabinet due to my expanding foot.Suitable to even wear to office.


My 2nd pinky was from CF. (Ha-B’s buddy) He gv me a pinky wristlet because i teased him for not getting my pink Coach wallet last time. He tot it was too striking for me. But i love this wristlet. It’s more useful than the wallet because i don’t think i will have any chance to use the wallet even if i buy it. i’m currently using a present from Ha-B long long time ago.