Happy 2nd Anniversary and Birthday

Today, 2 years ago we were celebrating at the Crown Princess the big occasion with 1 “chor lo” bride and smart groom.

Last year we were eating at Jogoya together with Ha-B 2 blood bladas and 1 dearest VC. It’s also BL birthday.

Another year had pass and now we are entering our 3rd year. This year we had Italian food at Prego.The food was really nice and the portion was quite ok. The price was also reasonable. On top of that, VC had also arrange some kind of surprise for us for our anniversary and BL birthday. It was really sweet of her. Thank VC. Although i was at the ladies but i could hear the singing by the Prego staff.

Happy Birthday to BL. Wishing you faster faster “pull the curtain”.

Happy Anniversary to Ha-B. Thanks for the sponsored Bangkok trip. 😛



Off I go to shopping heaven

I’ll be wondering off… spending my bonus and hopefully to get something decent to wear during CNY. Hopefully the clothing there are not all like Malaysian boutique with small-free-size.

Things i plan to get for myself:

1. hair extention with clip-on

2. Bag for dog

3. Baju for CNY..lotsa

4.Cheap cheap shoes

Things friends ask me to get:

1. Dog shampoo

2. Undies from wacoal

3. Perfume from EL at airport

4. Mild Se7en

Merry Christmas to everyone and wishing all a very happy, prosperous, joyful, lucky, healthy and wealthy year ahead.


Colleague’s Son’s Wedding Dinner

Hahaha.. you must be thinking i am so kepochi, attenting colleagues’s son’s wedding dinner. Yes i admit.But since ppl already so “pei min” invite me, tak akan i reject rite? Besides this aunty had been coaching me and guiding me the ‘ins’ and ‘out’ of my 5 months work company.

Anyway just treat it as a gathering for the department lor… I also put effort to dress up nicely. (btw malaccan wedding dinner, you can wear jeans, wear cincai cincai also nobody will care)

So when i reach there, reviews or questions i received was :

“Is that you,Miki?” <– duh?

” You look so different” <– just that i normally dun make-up doesn’t mean that i can’t rite?

“Where’s your spec? I cannot recognize you” <– must i wear my spec every time?

” You look sexy” <– ahem.. best comment ever. *shy* *shy*

But frankly speaking, i also didn’t do anything to my hair and i didn’t apply really thick eye shadow. To me, i still look the same.


Managing Fiancial Crisis (konon)

My cleaning agent decided to charge extra RM10 per session for this coming festival season. Normal rate is RM70 which is consider expensive because some of my ex-colleague is paying only RM50 for each session (other agent)

Anyway since there’s so many shutdown, i had decided to be my own maid.  Save the RM80. Obviously my skill is not as good as them. 😀 i just manage to clean the downstairs (last week) and too tired to continue.  Did upstairs only this week together with ironing.

Thinking that i had done a wonderful job saving on the RM80, i went shopping! Hahaha… bought myself a saloon shampoo Schwarzkopf – Moisture Kick . According to the lady, less chemical, less damage. I also thinking of treating my hair better.

It’s suppose to give moisture without the oily feeling. After only 2 washes, i guess i can see much. Let’s see how. I bought at Rm70 for 1250ml. (save on cleaning lady spend on shampoo)

I got it! My 1st Christmast Present

Remember i was trying to get my Christmas present from  MWS Christmas Giveaway? *yeah* i got it. i got it. Thanks Paris.

This year is a very lucky year for me. And of course the 2 person whom i will be sharing my present. I told Ha-B he’ll look like Daniel Wu soon coz he’ll be using the Loreal Men Vita Lift Moisturiser. hahaha..

As for my sista, she’ll be getting the Loreal White Perfect Day Cream.

I think this year i will only be getting this. Economy punya pasal. Last year at least i have a friend whom i force to exchange present with me. Hehehe….this year she is already in Senai.. 😦


I had also setup my Christmas tree and  I will have a blue Christmas Tree this year. Ta-da….


Family Local Trip to Cameron Highland

Last year, we also had a family trip to Seam Reap, Cambodia. “Oguinizer” is LW and me. That time was around 12 people.

This year, we plan to have local trip and since some of them had not been to Cameron for a very long time, we organize a 2 day trip. Some extend 3 days. Same “Oguinizer”. This time not by flight but 4 cars; Camry, Corolla, Chevrelot  and MyVi. There are 22 adults and 2 kiddos. We used the Simpang Pulai way to get to Cameron. It was not so winding and less bumpy.

Our trip was very pack. Our schedule is very tight.

8am – Depart form KL

9.30am – Reach Bidor for branch at Pun Chun the famous Duck Thigh Mee. Boy it was expensive. RM6 per bowl.

11.30am  -Reach Simpang Pulai toll. 1 car had went all the way to Ipoh to “tapao” 24 pack chicken rice and 6 salted steam chicken

1.30 pm – Reach EQ. Car over heat. Some pipe or hose came out and caused the water cannot flow into the engine. Luckily we manage to detect fast and at the right spot.

2pm – Finally everything is ok, we manage to catch up with the rest at the car park of the Sungei Palas Boh Tea Plantation.


3.30pm – After picture taking and tea bush walk, we had our lunch at the car park. It was the most adventurous lunch i ever had. We all juz squat at the car park and eat. 😛

4.20pm – 2nd stop at Vege market beside EQ. Super ex lor (according to parents) So we didn’t buy anything. 2 cars went to check in the apartment.

5.30pm – Stop by the pasar malam at Brinchang. Saw a close friend here. So “ngam”. There was more things to buy at this stop. Things is even cheaper at night.

6.30pm – All reach the apartment and rest. Dinner is prepared by adults. (When you are going vacation with parents and aunties and uncles you are consider children – my own theory)

After dinner some when back to the pasar malam, but i choose to stay back to torture little baby take care  of little babies. Also i was a little tired la.

Next day, early in the morning, at around 10am we went to Brinchang Agro Culture Farm


Lunch we went back to the apartment and again the adults do the cooking. Fried bihun. After lunch the 1st batch (that will be me) went back at around 3pm. Reach Malacca aroung 9pm. So tired……… but really looking forward to the next family vacation. July ’09 next year… again the same “Oguinizer”.


( ramdom picture )


( missing 2 ppl group photo )


( family photo )


( small group photo )


( JaMi)


( my lover boy , see how he feed me with fee~ling )


My next trip is Bangkok, Thailand during Christmas. Can someone pls pray for me?

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell

This song remind me of D-boy.

There’s once i showed him a lighted christmas tree in a crystal ball. He told me is “CisMas Tee” then he sings

Na Na Na~, (jingly bell)

Na Na Na~, (jingle bell)

Na Na Na~ NaNa~ (jingle all the way)


Of course he repeated the Na Na Na all over again.

I’m suppose to setup the Christmas Tree on Dec 1st but still too lazy to put up until now… maybe next weekend. 😛 besides my “CisMas Tee” normally will be there until 1 month. HoHoHo

This year Christmas, i would like to receive a special present from My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway


( decorated my potential Christmas Gift with Snow – hahaha )

Receiving this Christmas gift, i would like to share with my sista and Ha-B. Instead of 1 person having everything, why not share it with my dearest family members. Now 3 ppl can feel the joy of receiveing freebies. Christmas is a day where we should share our joy and happiness with each other. This really matter most. So now i am sharing with all my friends who is reading this entry, hurry up and try your luck. Who knows you might be a lucky winner for the Christmas Giveaway. Good luck!

Merry Christmas to all and have a wonderful holidayssssssss…..(due to shut downs)

Red Coffee Anyone?


My poor baby is still suffering from the red yeast infection.

Eventhough i had tried to changed the shampoo, it didn’t help much. I even let him drink “diamond” filtered water. No improvement. However the supplement did help a little but not curing it. Some feedback from owners is that 1 bottle could cure their pets and last up till 6 months not showing any sign of red yeast.

I had to do something so i changed the dog food (that cannot be purchase in Malacca, therefore i need to go KL) recommended by Alan. Orijen. F*cking expensive okay! 7kg for Rm128. Even Royal Canin or Eukanuba also not so expensive. ~RM100 for 10kg. I also bought with the supplement for RM99. Hope this time there’s a change and cure to my dear Cophie. Together with his luxury food, i bought him a toy because he had destroy all his toys. Including the latest toy, less than a month. It’s gone. His tennis ball is also torn into few pieces. He even de-skin it. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know where the green outer layer gone to. I hope this new toy is more durable -guess not. Before i could even finish this blog and take a picture of the toy, it already started missing some parts. *geez*

Handbag Collections

I finally get the feel of my COACH bag. I feel it’s like too matured for me. But it’s good coz i don’t have a formal bag.

I also had my hair trim thinner. My 1st aunt did for me! *yippie* can save $$$. In return i also help to cut her hair! hahaha…i used to force help my sister to cut her hair because she have long hair. So in case anything goes wrong i can always sponsor her to the shop to have a better hair cut.  But with my soft skill-handicraft hand, no problem la. In fact ppl told her she looks younger and more youthful. Same goes to my aunt! Front i just cut layered and trim shorter, behing is like layered with 1 strand 1 strand. So nice..  😛


(my new hair and new bag)

Here are all my handbags collections (not including luggage and back packs la). I don’t think i had that many bags lor.


Again Boosting the Economy?

Me, Ha-B and his 2 sister went to Adidas warehouse sales. Already the 3rd day. The queue was still acceptable long but since my sister already in, so we decided just stand by the window instruct her what to get for us and what we want to see. Basically my choise is a shoe and a jacket which i am still longing since HK trip. I manage to get both of it and in fact more than that. It’s already the 3rd day, and i’m just standing outside the window and  still “manage” to spend RM380. If i went the 1st day, i think i’ll spend more than Rm1000 *phew*…so uncontrollable. Ha-B accidentally bought a basketball jersey. It was actually wrong signal send through the window and my sister thought he like it. It was RM50 but it can be wear reversible so i told him no worries, RM50 divide 2 because can wear 2 pattern. It’s only RM25. Cheap! haha…


Same day went to the Prestige Branded Fragrances & Cosmetics Warehouse . Told you i wasn’t very into perfums. Just so happen that i had many.  😀  I didn’t bought anything for myself but i did help a colleague to buy Givenchy Amarige Mariage set.  I think it’s very worth it. Only RM109.


Next day went to Pavillion, actually wanted to add collection to my “bling” “bling” lucky charm bracelet. Forgot to bring pulak. End up buying a working pant at Forever21 (again) and really been a very good girl for not spending extra. In fact i am so interested in the MAC Christmas brush set, but feel that i don’t really use it coz i don’t apply anything to work everyday. Feeling very frickle minded, VC said If you have doubt don’t buy which i really need to thank her because i feel that she is so right! Why would you buy if you have any doubt in it. From today onward i am going to carry this advice with me everytime i go shopping. Thank darl’ VV.