Shutdown to Boost the Economy?

Today is a day I thought the shopping centre will be empty. So since my company is having a shutdown, my colleagues and I planed to have sushi at Dataran Pahlawan. 50% off for everything on the belt. Mana tau, on the way, terrible traffic jam. Where does all the ppl come from? They no need to work meh? I shutdown they also shutdown meh?

8 of us. After eating, we headed to EYS (Eeu Yang Sang) to buy PFY (Pai Fung Yuen) 1 of my colleagues have this privilege card, can have discount up to 10%. So I grab the PFY for Rm158 two boxes (normal price is RM88 per box) and some grab the Chicken Essense.. etc. We are really like coming out from dunno which jungle buying so many box and packs. Ppl looking at us must be thinking EYS having mega sales or wat? hahaha…

Later on, 1 of my colleague wanted to buy eye liner and eye shadow. I suggested that Elianto is the best place because it’s only RM5 per colour and there’s variety. 8 of us just storm into the shop and test every single colour. I think the promoter also nyanyuk. But end up buying 1 pathetic glitter thingy. Damn malu rite? But we are all engineers and don’t apply much make-up on the face. However we still like to pay those shops a visit, so we went FaceShop, Shins, Guardian & Watson pharmacy and Body Shop.

I end up buying 2 things from BodyShop because (1) i have a friend there (2) i run out of moisturiser (3) i need to get a lip scrub to safe my crack / chip lips.


HELLO !! ~~ We are actually having a shutdown and we should be very sad because we are force to take leave but here we are… doing shopping?? Boost the economy or what? In fact i saw many of my other colleagues were there too!!

I guess the economy down turn has not affect many ppl yet or at least Malaccans..


Sanyo oh Sanyo

Serving me for as long as i can remember, now you are gone. *sob* *sob*

Good bye…

This page is dedicated to you so that i could remember how you look like…and a little poem,

Put me to sleep by cooling me down,

Together with your squeaking sound,

Your years of service i couldn’t count,

All my fault to drop you on the ground.


3 days celebration for DaDi 57th Bday


Happy Birthday Daddy….may you have a blessed bday. may you stay young and healthy.

20 Nov (Thurs) : Bought a Fair Lady cake from I-Bakery. Nice… This time, i don’t have to pay for the cake. More members in my family is working. Hahaha.. or part time. So i just pay for the food at Wind Mill, JJ.

21Nov (Fri) : HC mati mati want to come back during the weekend for the celebration. So we went to market on 22nd Nov 2008 at 4am. Goodness..

22 Nov (Sat) : Tea break we have bobo-chacha. Dinner we have the nicest, yummiest, most food ever BBQ in my life!

Chicken wing, hot-dog, sounds normal rite? go on…. srilanka crab, flower crab, lala, siham, oyster mushroom, ikan kembong, stingray, small red snapper, lamb, squid,  medium prawn and palm-size prawn. Together with special ikan bakar sambal and siham sambal both prepared by mom.  As for the drinks, we have red wine and coke. Now.. are you jealous? We had so much fun BBQ at the garden and talking and laughing like nobody’s business. Luckily the neighbour didn’t complain us being too noisy. I hope we’ll have this family gathering more frequent.

This coming weekend even bigger family event. 40 family members, big small old and young. stay tune..

Joel the Cutie Pie

Last week, met up with PY, TL, ML, JC and Joel Loh the cutie pie.

We were actually gathered to meet up with a long-time-no-see x-collleague.

She is already 7month preggy. So fast…still remember when she 1st told me he was like 3months.

JC also entering her 5th month…could also remember when JaMi 1st knew it was positive!

Congratulations again to both mom to be and nice to meet up again after so long… should go for another round when CS is back!



What does the name means to you? or does the name ring any bell?

For me, it’s the “monkey” mascot. I always ask, why monkey? Isn’t dog so much cuter?

Anyway these is what i found, the originator of Kipling is by 3 people living in a small flat in Antwerp, Belgium in 1987. It names after Rudyard Kipling, author of the Jungle Book. Why the monkey? Monkeys symbolize fun and adventurous. You can see all the bags have a very cheerful, fun, vibrant colour. Initially, they started with the high quality backpacks suits for all kind of adventure for daily use. Later on, more style and fashion comes in, including Fergie for Kipling  and the latest collection is G*rilla Girlz Collection.

Anyway each collection has it’s own unique monkey named after one of Kiplings employees from around the globe. (VC you can be next) The monkey keyrings are collectors items in their own right. Cool rite? Having your name on something that you are working at. How i wish one of the ICs we produce in our factory is having my name MC. hahahaha….*dreaming*

Here’s another interesting news, Kipling bags are owned by over 40 million people, spread across 55 countries. Globally, 23 bags are sold per minute somewhere in this world. There are more Kipling bags than there are people in Belgium. I owned at least 11 (bags or whatever) of the Kipling products.

Why would someone want to buy something that is so expensive. Might as well get a “Guess”  or pay a little more to get a “LV”. But i have to admit their bags is not only stylish, colourful but durable. They are very famous for their zip. Serious, try to go into one of their shop and start to play with their zip. You’ll be surprise how smooth is it.

Also I am the person who is extremely lazy to frequently change handbags.I just bring my Kipling bag to work, to yum-cha, to shop, basically to anything. I can know it’s presentable and i don’t need to worry whether it’s suitable for whatever function. (don’t ask me why i have/buy/gian so many bags)

Another most interesting part is, if you are close with me. You’ll know that i always love to play with toddler. So i always take my weapon, the monkey hanging on my bag and let them play. Try to win the kids heart by making use of the monkey. Hehehe….

Okay Okay. I’m not selling the bag. I am not the distributor. I’m not working for them either. I just wanted to share something that i personally feel worth buying and long lasting.

How to spot a fake Kipling bag

  • The name tag on the monkey is always sewn under it’s left arm on a real Kipling. If it isn’t in this place or is missing altogether, it’s a fake.
  • The rubber patch logo on a real Kipling is usually always the same colour as the fabric (this won’t always be the case on patterned bags however). Check the quality of the logo, it could give a lot away.
  • The end of the zips on a fake will probably be metal, real Kipling bags have plastic stoppers.
  • A fake will have ugly stitching.
  • Fake Kipling’s are usually 3-4 times heavier than the real thing. This is due to the cheaper material used

Here are my 2 new collections 😛


pls COACH me

I have a friend, WP who went to US. I wanted to ask her to get a COACH bag and 2 wallets for me but because she is bringing her daughter and mother along to visit her husband there, i’m afraid that she will be too busy taking care of them. So i just ask her to get 1 small wallet for my Ha-B. It was a surprise gift for Ha-B.

Mine, i have no hurry. I have another friend, CF is working there and will be back once a year. ( I think) so i ask him to get for me. I send him pictures of sample with my budget price.. hahaha….


Finally today he email Ha-B saying he manage to get mine (Coach Mandy Signature Courier) for USD$140. Original price is USD$398.  It’s around 60% discount!! Not only that, he got the one from my choises. Too great to be true. But he didn’t manage to get the wallet because he cannot accept the bright pink colour. 😦 Old man taste….BUT STILL THANK YOU CHANGFONG!

Engineers will always talk about specification, so here it is :

13″ strap
– 11 1/2 (L) x 7 3/4 (H) x 3 1/4 (W)


OK la. If i really want the wallet, i’ll ask another friend to get for me…but since Ha-B already bought me a very long lasting Braun Buffel few years back, so i might as well save some cash due to the economy crisis. or………… maybe get another bag for casual outing. 😛 (greedy!) I actually have 2 dream bag from LV but i won’t share because “pantang”. Ppl say share liao sure cannot de. hahahaha

Recently suddenly i am owning so many bags. 2 more new bags to post. Thanks to VC (i need to ask her permission wheather i can blog about it or not).  I think my next post i will write about all the bags i am having. What you think?

Do I smell nice?


I do not know when i started to collect parfum. Actually i didn’t. Just that every time i smell something nice i want to get it. Everytime Ha-B fly, i want him to get 1 bottle.. then i realise that i actually could used 7 different perfume each day for the whole week! Too much right? I don’t like to spray them onto my body, the smell makes me sneeze and sometimes sick if too much…. but i still want to buy. Sound crazy rite? My last bottle bought was 2-3 years ago and my lastest crave is Gucci Envy Me (pink and green) but i didn’t buy and until today i am still thinking of it…think only la

Must Put Into Practice

After reading all the blogs about beauty, i also cannot tahan…

Must put what i had read into practice (but i did only one eye). Although it’s not very good but ok la hor..


I am suddenly so into red and this is 1 of my favourite lip colour but i just cannot bring myself into using it when i’m going outing. I think everyone will be looking at me thinking i am going to perform on stage or what (coz i don’t normally apply anything to my face)

And then last week went karaoke session with the Jack-Gang and i wore a Ferrari Engineer Jacket. (It’s real from Ferarri okay) BL lend me because i knew it’s going to be cold. He was there during the Singapore nitez race for some setup. The jacket is super red and super nice.


Sunday with Cophie

One very hot Sunday morning, i brought my Cophie to breakfast. He was so hot in the car that he had to “eat” the air corn.


When we reach the Uncle John’s Kopitiam, I left him on a chair. He sat there nicely but he was so kepo that whoever walks by he would bark. I scolded him twice and he finally shut-up.

chair eyeing

( Sit nicely on the chair )                                       ( Eyeing on my coffee )

something-on-the-floor goodboy2

(“Look! Something on the floor.Can i go down?” )                ( Good boy )

why-you-leave-me( “Daddy, where you going? Why you leave me” )

Reaching my parent’s house. Cophie straight rush to tease Lucky who is tied up (Maybe next time i’ll video how Cophie tease Lucky when he is being tied up) But after awhile my dad just let go of Lucky. Lucky can only be outside the house and Cophie can only be in the house. But Cophie still continue to tease Lucky by climbing on to his head from the door grill.


Then later Lucky get his revenge by being able to step into the house from the front door. I think he really  “Bo Kam Wan” with Cophie because there’s once my mom invite Lucky to come into the house he refuse. Even when drag him into the house to catch the rat, his whole body shivering. So i guess this time stepping into the house, he really want to get his hands head on Cophie.


My Dressing Table

Actually i was taking picture before and after. I had just hire a new weekly maid to clean my house. So i want to capture all the evidence that my things were there before the cleaning. In case anything (touch wood) happen i am able to match back what had gone missing. Also because i have so many things on the table, i wouldn’t realize if anything is missing unless i need to use it the next time.

So since i already have the picture just blog about the place to do my “pan leng leng” business. (this was taken before the cleaning. so abit messy)


Oh Ya.. anyway, at the end of the cleaning session, the whole house was perfect shiny cleaned. The maid was fast. Hopefully the next session will be as good as the first session and nothing will go missing.