Sweetest thing

This morning waking up and lazying on the bed while the 2 monsters is already up playing with their cars. I look at them feeling sleepy and gave a big yawn. As usual-lah, my tear will flow out after yawning, J saw and came straight at me..

J said, “Mama, why? Don’t cry, don’t sad sad” he wipe my tears away with his tiny finger.. and he gave me a hug after that.

What can felt better than this?

He is actually like the angel came down to “manja” me (besides his dad). He always know when to excuse himself, for example ytd i was cuddling with him before sleep and then Mboy came wanting “nen nen” Jboy just move and make way for his little bro and went to his dad. Sometimes when he saw me BF-ing he’ll just wait until i’m unlatch and ask to make milk for him. I wonder where he gets all the understanding that when mommy is busy with didi he will not disturb. ┬áHe sayang his didi and his mommy alot BUT bully his papa ALOT too ..

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Diaper-less Nightmare

J had not been wetting his diaper for few month and i decided to let him go diaper-less. Of course occasionally he did pee in his diaper but it’s like once every 3 wks? Actually it takes alot of courage for a mommy to let him go diaper-less because my bed i super expensive and it is NEW!

So we decided to them him sleep on the old queen bed for the start, 2nd day he start to leak pee and partially of my older queen size mattress is wet. I tot yeah, maybe it’s just an accident which happen sometimes. So the next day i let him go diaperless again.. guess what?!! The half of my mattress is wet, soak with pee. I’m so confuse. So the following night we wrap him again. Since then, every diaper is wet in the morning. ­čśŽ but 1 thing for sure, there is no nightmares.

My guess is, each time he tahan his pee, he’ll get frustrated and angry. Then he starts to have nightmare or being frustrated then hit me! ┬áSo we actually have around 1 month of sweet sleep without being kick, hit at~ However every night i still remind him, “don’t pee in you diaper, wanna shh shh (pee) tell mama”

Recently he starts to go back to square one. Yup the kicking and the hitting starts again.. and guess what.. no wet diaper.

So now, shld i let him sleep soundly with wet diaper OR diaper-less but anger and frustration? hm…

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Milk Cookies or Car Biscuit

My son call it “car biscuit” because i use the vehicle mold to make them~~

He loves them and ask for it everytime..


120g butter (i normally just cut into half those bar butter than we bought in super market)
2 egg yolk
3/4 cup icing sugar (i find it too sweet so, i measure the rough sugar slightly less than 3/4 cup and grind them)
1/4  milk powder

*initially call for 2 1/4 cup corn flour i find it too soft so i mix
2 cups corn flour + 1/4 cup slight more of normal flour


Method :
1. Mix butter and sugar – ┬áDO NOT beat the mixture
2. Add in yolk, corn flour, flour, milk powder.
3. Mix into dough and refrigerate for 30min
4. Roll into about 1cm and start your engine!

1. Do not beat the mixture or the bicsuit will rise
2. Handle as min as possible when making the dough so that the butter does not melt. Possible no hand as hand have heat that melt the butter. The more handling, the harder it will be. Of course flour plays a huge part too.
3. Best result, seperate into 2 portion to work with and keep the other half in the fridge. I think melted butter is very difficult to mold.
4. 170degree – 20-25mins using “fan” function