Awful things happen. It started with, papa back home. We were chatting while the kids playing on the bed as usual. Nothing special… and also as usual, Mvric will put anything that can fit into his mouth into his mouth. I had tried my very best, kept all the small tiny things and the smallest is the cars which Jdric is “taking care” very properly and strictly his properly ONLY. This time Mvric get hold on the bowling pin which is maybe 10inch height, 2inch diemeter at the bottom and <1 inch at the top. He was sucking/biting it on the bed and suddenly he fell face down, with the pin still in his mouth.

Of course we immediate carry him up and  take out the pin from his mouth  (It wasn’t like stuck in his mouth) Suddenly M just gasps for air wanting to throw out a loud cry (like the normally would) but nothing came out. His face turn yellow-grey/blue in split seconds (2-3 sec) Ha-B was carrying him slap him few times calling him but he didn’t wake and straight pass out. He pass M to me which were sitting staring at both of them. I carry M down to the floor and he was like a piece of clothe. No reaction, not trying to force or anything. I saw him clenching his fist and his teeth were biting hard. As i was calling him, i don’t know if he was looking at me or not, his eyes were half open.  i wasn’t aware he is having a seizure but my natural reflex, i took my finger and stuck into his mouth let him bite unto my finger. Luckily he only have front teeth. Calling him over and over again and within 1min he woke up. Wasn’t very energetic, he was lying on my arms. As we rush out from the house, i can feel he is biting/playing with my finger in his mouth. He gain concious, but we still head to the Hospital Sg Buluh. On the way, call my uncle and ask him what to do next.

Reaching, nurse check for his oxygen level, which is 100% thank God, and we waited another hour to see the doctor which claim that Mavric was having a seizure and then fell. Nothing to do with the bowling pin. Well i couldn’t agree with her and she refer me to a paed. Took blood sample and waited for another hour, and finally a trainee doc came, talk to me which i need to repeat my story to the emergency nurse, then the nurse which check him, then the doc who is in the emergency ward and now the trainee paed. 4th time..

And.. wait again for the “expert” doctor to arrive. Meanwhile she check the throat for any swollen (which i told her too), his ear and reflex. Until 2.30am, J was so restless and hungry we were all tired and Mavric was from very tired from seizure to concious to completely active and back to sleepy tired. I told 1 of the nurse i didn’t want to wait coz both of them are so tired and i think rest would be the best thing got Mavric too.

Went back from and straight sleep.

My theory after doing some reading he went tru the Complicated breath-holding spells which means pain then followed by a seizure.

When the pin hit is mouth/ceiling of the mouth/throat, the pain send a signal to his brain and when we lift him up the signal send back was  breath-holding spell (which is a reflex). Open the mouth try to cry nothing came out and pass out , looks pale and then seizure attack. Everything in less than 5 min.

Something to support my theory “There is some evidence that children with anemia (especially iron deficiency) may be more prone to breath holding spells” which my uncle whom is a doctor told me to get my boy a blood count check because he look un-normally pale at normal times.

However breastfed babies are most unlikely to be anemic, but since the mother, me, who is always insufficient red blood cell ( i know coz i always fail in my blood donation test at this level) so most likely i haven’t fed him enough with enough iron?? could be?

Again, doctor Miki’s theory. So i guess what i can do now is to eat more iron.

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Walks at 10months

8th July 2012 ( 10mth+ ) : Mavric starts to walk at 10mth, 1 month earlier than his kor kor Jdric.

Also he manage to suck up his noodles!! I left the noodle too long dangling out from his mouth and he manage to suck them in. wow~~

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