Learning about M

I had been at mom’s for 2 week and i think it really made me realise alot of things about M. I had more time with him than split my attention into two. I had my full time on him even sleeping because J went to sleep with my parent.

I also learn that he starts to eat when he feed himself… and ever since he starts to open his mouth to everything. I’m really glad that he finally learn “the art of eating”. His appetite is better than his koko in the sense that he is more willing to try everything.. i guess he’ll soon be fatty boy~~ (macam la now very thin. haha) but he also knows when he is full and will shake his head… i can also feel my supply drop alot. i Don’t leak and engorge anymore.

He can play by himself sometime, which is a huge improvement but of course he plays better with his koko. He knows when he wants or dislike something.. he will point and ask to be carried to get watever he wants and shake his head to reject whatever he dislike.

Still can’t talk, everything is yayayaya, he only knows mama, nen nen (milk), mamama (grandma).. sometimes papa and koko. star, car and ba (bus) .. few words that i can understand him… haha. the all timeĀ favoriteĀ song is “wheel on the bus” which i think he had been listening since he was inside me, when i was teaching his koko. and of course any rock music will make him dance expecially the famous “oppa gangnam style”

However he understand quite well… like i told him to bathe, he’ll walk to the bathroom. i told him poo already smelly need to wash, he also will walk to the washroom. i told him to throw into the rubbish bin, he’ll do it.

potty train is still not quite ready as he still cannot sit still. he don’t like to sit on the potty at all. i can try for 15min he refuse to pee but once he get up.. he start to pee on the floor. so now i just let him stand and shoot while i hold a bottle to fetch his pee… well i guess that is boy’s nature.

talking about boys nature.. he likes cars and guns and he can actually mimic car sound while driving them and also pretend to die when being shoot at, really surprise me alot. where he learn that?!

I brought him 3 times to swim while i’m there, he dare to dive.. as in sit on the edge of the pool and jump down on the count to three. He also thinks he can swim and he will just swim to me when my mom is carrying him. Of course occasionally he does drink the water from the pool but most of the time he is OK. Wonder where he learn to swim? i hardly bring him … i shld say maybe like less than 3 times brought him to the swimpool!

Anyhow i’m really glad i’m home and my elder son is attach with mom. At least i learn to see M more details…

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