My neck ache like hell

i had been suffering this neck ache since as long as i could had remembered. probably way back in May or June 2010. Yes so many months. Once awhile it will be gone but most of the time it’s there. I guess could be the nite feeding. Coz i’m direct feeding, i always fall asleep during the nite feeding and my sleeping posture will be very awkward. It always give a backache or neck ache after i wake up. So i’m thinking as the long run of the nite-feeding-with-wierd-posture may cause the long term neck ache.

Although no more BF i’m still having slight neck ache until recently. To be exact after the birthday party for Jboy. i had tremendous neck ache suddenly during the party. During the night it got worst. My shoulder was so pain i can’t lift up my hand and even my arms is in pain. i can’t sleep. i can’t turn over. it was the longest nite in pain! next day went to Ha-b gugu’s hse to urut and crack the neck, shoulder and arm.

well, the muscle did get loose abit. on the way back to mlk i stop by dayi hse and took some pain killer fr mom. it didn’t help much. so i went back and took a muscle relax and stronger pain killer. Finally i could sleep for the nite. Mil came with me to mlk to help me to jaga my son. how sweet of her.

I realize that my neck and shoulder ache was excessive carrying heavy things (my boy) i always carry him with my right arm. that is why my right neck and shoulder was always in pain. I could feel it when i lift him up, my neck and shoulder muscle all was pulling so tight and it is all the exact spot of the aching! Gosh! until my son learn to walk properly, i don’t think i can recover.

I was getting better after 1 day of medication but the following day. Jboy seems to have diarrhea so i keep carry him to the toilet to wash up. Today my neck ache again.


Jboy Diarrhea

I dunno what happen but it’s terrible. i gave him banana puree + rice cereal, Yakult yogurt drink mix with plenty of water, and 1 small spoon of half boil egg. yogurt drink is to trick him to drink more water. Egg is to let him try weather he is allergy to eggs before the 1st yr jap. So i don’t really know what causes the diarrhea. I highly suspect it’s the banana puree. His poo was so black is looks like he had been poison or something. hai~~ hopefully tml will be better. Soya milk will help i hope..

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Church Service & Chinese Birthday

Today Jdric is officially at Church for service BUT i didn’t pay attention to anything. Too busy focusing on him. However he did behave well during the praise and worship. Just as the prayers started he is making alot of noise. Not the frustration noise but more like “talking”. So i quickly bring him into the baby’s nursery room to avoid any distraction for other ppl =P

He is sick so i was quite reluctant to bring him into the room but no choice. He was of course the nosiest in the room and the most playful. He play with himself a toy. But violently :S

Another set of toys arrive today too! I know i’m a bad mommy i only know how to buy toys~~

But i really feel this is a good educational toy, with colours and shapes to learn. =P

it’s also using non-toxic paint =D

*Ha-B is real speachless* after so many toys he is having …. (here)

Anyway it came just in time for his birthday today (Chinese Calender – 8月12日) =D

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Jonker Street 1st time

Jboy went Jonker street with Da Ku + family and ah gong and ah po for the 1st time.

Since it was a festival season (Raya) the crowd is unbelievable. We didn’t finish the whole street, juz went into 1 shop and balik.

Even thou 1 shop, still sempat to get something for my boy. He is so into bird recently so i bought a wind chime with bird figure. RM8.90.

He is indeed  very happy with it…

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Toys toys and more toys

Ya… i know. his bday is approaching and it’s already full of toys in da houz…

his bday present was from momi (idea) + dadi (money) = Chicco Quattro Car

It was bought some time in July (when he is 9mth old) 😛

it can be converted into 4 different types. RM399 so it’s only RM100 per design. worth it isn’t it?!

2nd toy from Da Yi all the way from Jakarta. Now the toys is lying in KL waiting to be collect. It a magnetic writing board.

3rd toy was from Khai Ma Ma (idea) + Khai Ma (money) + Khai Yeh (acknowladge) = Fisher Price Snail + Brilliant Basic

Khai Ma bought the brilliant basic but it sounds abit boring, so she add another Snail with music. Ya Jdric loves music so.. she made the right choice.

4th toy is from Grandpa + Grandma. Fisher Price Moo-sical Xylophone and Piano. I wanted to “wat” them for a BUzz light Year and Thomas the train but… Jdric is really too young and small to understand what is that for…Grandpa also choose something for his 5th bday! Hot Wheels set with tracks *pengsan*

5th toy from all HC yiyi, EJ gugu and HY yiyi. Another car without battery but can move. cool isn’t it? very long in the market but still wondering who invented such a cool toy car.

there’s also some wonderful cute little wooden toy car and wooden thomas the train from my supplier .. as free gift and present for him. but thomas the train got destroy and break into half. (the ori picture with my old phone lazy to take out) but all these is from china so i suppose the paint and everything is toxic. juz play play can lah. got to watch him not to put in the mouth. the metal box is to store them and put away while i’m not watching him. i’m getting him a safer version 😛

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I need to retired from …

I’d tag this in my FB and many ask me .. if i want to retired being a M.O.M

You can never retired being a MOM. u’ll forever be a mom once u’re a mom. u cannot take leave, u cannot take medical leave, u cannot run away from your responsibility. you cannot abandon them until they are old enuf. even when they are old enuf they will still need you and come back to you. so… if u’re not prepared please do not think of getting that title.

i need to retired from

– 3 letter word

– an animal

C.O.W !

that day my son was suckling and he swallow like *gurp* *gurp* and his lips was full of milk! i was thinking.. *damn* should try to pump and see how much it really was. the next day i pump, i only got 1/2 oz and whole day i pump only slightly over 1oz. so shameful…after that i keep all my pump and decided that i should stop milking already. it’s not that i completely tak ada lah… still hv few drops..wuwuhahah

not everyone will hv this privilege to BF their kids. some are too lazy, some are ignorance, some just refuse to let their breast sag, some mentally not strong, some no patience, some in a hurry to go on diet…. macam macams lah. the fact is.. EVERYBODY CAN BREASTFEED! EVERYBODY WILL HAVE SUPPLY! it’s all in the mind, if you keep thinking you don’t have means u won’t have. the best way is to set a target till when u wanna BF. i set mine to min 6mth. i made it.

not many lucky mom will have a unlimited flow at the beginning. (1 of my friend did have) i’m not the lucky ones and my breast NEVER engorge but i tried to do many things to make it successful.

(1) i buy a dual electrical pump (SPECTRA 3) it’s easy convenient and cheapest.  why: dual it save time and no wastage. pump 1 side the other side also will leak so it’s good to have a dual pump. i used to hv pureen but it’s painful and the mechanism is just to pump pump pump, no release. and it makes my nipple sore and hurt. many will tend to give up after the sore and pain. then i bought a Avent Manual which is easy so use because you don’t need to plug. BUT it’s not clean, meaning, not all ur milk is being pump out. if 4 hv 4oz milk inside you and u pump out 3oz ur brain will tell ur body dun generate 4oz because ur bb juz need 3oz. so u will tend to get lesser and lesser.

(2) food. i eat alot to produce more. i drink alot water. certain food will produce more like fenugreek seed and stinky fishy soup. indian dal too! i normally would eat 1 1/2bowl rice (more than my pregnancy). Rice is the best. i notice after all these will hv more. my SIL told me to take seaweed soup (Korean style) which i think the main purpose is the soup not the seaweed coz it didn’t help much.

(3) pump frequently. i pump 5times a day. there’s 1 technique call power pumping. pump 20min once for 1 hour. do it for 1 week. the milk supply will increase but i didn’t try this. the more u pump the more supply, your brain will be thinking u got a damn hungry baby. uwuwhaha…

(4) REAL LIFE stories.

PohShian: she take medication to stop BF on 2nd mth. but she regret and start pumping. even tho she had taken the medication suppose to stop completely but she was so determine that she manage to continue until 8 months!

Carmen: Her baby was s far from her, she manage to pump and even set alarm clock to pump in the midnite. Every week she will bring back her supplies and she manage to produce until (last i heard) 1yr plus!

Joey: 1st 2 mths she was on low supply. Even 2nd child, but manage to supply up till few mths. i forgot. but she was also 1 of those with low supply at the beginning like me.

LingLi: She pump 4 time per day. Each pump was 7-8oz. sometime even drop to 4oz. I was on par too. so she can feed up till (last i heard) 8mth why not i? sometime i can go up till 12oz per pump! so……

(5) of course all the benefits and for my son’s allergy skin.

so with this 5 things it kept me going and going until now.  i did manage to keep supply for up till 1 wk. after jboy started solid, i skip 2twice per day on BF and i didn’t pump. slowly my body starts to produce lesser and lesser.. 😦 it’s time for me to go on diet, drink my beer….let’s sadden me but …. i can try harder on my 2nd child 😀

the feeling of being able to let him suckle is like unexplainable. it’s fun to see him play with ur face and touch you everywhere, it’s so warm to see him hold on to your breast like holding the bottle, you look closely at him, holding him, playing with his hair, hand, face because there’s nothing else you can do. observe the way he suckle and different type of suckling. sometime u know it’s for hunger, sometime he just suck for fun. u can differentiate it.  🙂 i just cannot put into word and cannot explain the whole feeling of being able to breastfeed…all i can say is.. 幸福

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Frustration with Customer II

This is another story. I think she is new to online purchase.

She ordered something. Gave me her address i posted.

i wrote her an email notified her that her tracking number was so and so and i’d send out on that day itself.

she immediately wrote back an email “so where is my clothe? and what is tracking number for?”

i got a shock in my life. how could i send today and you received today. so i guess she must be new buyer. i explain to her the details, what is tracking number and when should be able to get it. the next day she make noise saying didn’t receive so i call up poslaju. they say sending over.. mana tau it reach my house the 3rd day. i confirm with poslaju and googlemap that the street she gave me was missing some street numbers.

she insist that it was correct. i call up my cousin who is staying at that area and she confirm that the street suppose to have a number. so i inform my buyer about her mistake. she realize and when to check her house street number and admit it was her mistake. she  request to send 2nd time and of course she paid.

the next day i follow up with her did she received her parcel. she make noise again saying no one is at home for the pick up and now she had to go back to post office to retrieve it. har? like tat also my fault? *pengsan*

Disaster Month II

Today is 4th of Sept.. another bump. He fell of baby cot yesterday nite.

I was downstairs hanging clothe. *bom* i’m rush up and he is on the floor…i’m blank. i keep touching his head to see if got blood or anything.. i keep calling him name and see if he react. i couldn’t stop him from crying… in the end i bring him to play water. he stop and play happily and laughing to me.. i monitor him climbing up and down. crawling… so..monitor more…

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Disaster Month

This month is not a good month for me. Not because of the chinese ghost festival month or wat it’s my son.

1st he got a bump on his head while i was carrying him. He bend his waist and his face bump on the floor. So the big duku on his head.

The next day… mosquito bite him 4biji on the face. left cheek, right cheek, earlobes in a single nite! *argh*

Then next day.. his kuku bird got infection. It was red and swollen. WE hurriedly brought him to Clinic and then gave him antibiotic. 1st time in history he is on medication (besides the fever from jap) 1st Sept… haiz~~. poor boy….Same day got his finger cut (small cut) from a broken bottle.


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