Final Jap

Jdric is going through the final jap. Booster for measle, mumps and rubella. Every jap he’ll fall sick. 5 times jap, 5 times fever. At least 2 day to completely back to his energetic self. The longest was i think 4days? He had twice feverish due to virus. 1st time was the rain. 2nd time was the trip to Singapore recently that i didn’t gave him enuf fluid. Total 7 times.

But this time, daddy wasn’t around. Poor boy…However, grandpa and grandma was around to layan him. He’s also older now that he knows how to act! After the jap he was ok, but when reaching home, seeing grandma.. he complain. Then when he saw grandpa, he said pain pain ..walk walk (cannot walk) pointing is leg summore… When we walk also semacam. Kaki tempang.. haiz.. my boy.. so cute.

Not too high, 38.6degree the highest. Mid-nite he didn’t really shoot up so i try to delay his medication longer. He is allergy to paracetamol like both of us. Rashes. But i don’t know if he’s itchy or not. I change his medicine to Nurofen ( not i change la.. i ask from private doc)

5 months from now.. i’ll need to report back to the gov clinic every mth again. sien.. long queue…

Weight : 11.8kg

Height : 77.4cm ( i can’t believe he’s only 1cm taller compare to he was 14th mths? must measure again)

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