J around

Send J to my in laws, he wants to follow his papa to work..

It was very peaceful but i’m unable to do anything. My little M wants to be carried all the time. He don’t like to be leave alone. Not in the playpen not on the ground. My 2 boys is very funny, J wants to be in the playpen, M want to be out. J wants to sleep in the bb cot, M wants to be out from the bb cot.

Since M is doesn’t like to be left alone, i basically can’t do anything and i tot my life would be easier without J. Now i  got to carry M everywhere. My life is easier with J around, at least he can accompany little M. At least i can leave them alone. *sigh*

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M’s went for check up last month

Weight : 9.5kg

Height : 80cm

Still drinks more BM and don’t really  likes to eat solid.. max can go up to 2 spoon full that’s all

Can stand on his own and try to let go his hand. There’s once i catch him trying to walk a few step while holding on to the coffee table. But not very stable.

He have 4 half grown teeth on the top. Can’t really say which came up first because his gums is rather funny. His teeth all can be seen hiding behind his gums. Just the matter of when his gums gonna burst. In fact at 3rd month can already seen his molar but until now have not burst out. See only the whitish tip. So now his 2 bottom teeth had grown out first and now follow by 4 front-top teeth all at the same time.

He loves water like his big bro. Whenever he is unhappy just send him to bathe/shower he’ll be happy again. And i tot babies doesn’t like water on their face but  M is diff. He love it when shower directly on his face. Hah~ my boys is always different.


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He is always the sweetest boy

J had just finish his antibiotic today. Flu for nearly a month, followed by cough. I didn’t know if he had bad appetite due to sick or just wanna test my patience. I’d tried many ways to beg him to eat

(1) He covered his mouth with his hand and refuse to take it off. I  cane his hand until 4 stripe at least on his hand and he still refuse to take it off!

(2) I normally will let him watch Tom and Jerry, so i threaten to off his cartoon and punish him to look at the wall. Guess what?! He automatically off my computer and volunteer to stand and look at the wall!

(3) I bride him that he would eat his rice i’ll give him 2 ice cream, yakult and chocolate! He told me “mama, no chocolate, no ice cream, no yakult”

(4) Trick him with meat and vege

Today lunch.. i decide not to talk to him, let him starve, don’t let him have his milk.

(1) I on his fav cartoon and let him listen to the sound…
(2) Eat ice cream, pringles, drink 100plus infront of him
(3) Ignore him
(4) Play with Mavric happily and told him i love him bcoz he is a good boy eat rice
(5) Told Mavric i’ll bring him shopping, jogging, swimming etc..
(6) Tempt him with his milk

All fails~~ i’m angry but according to some parents, they are happy enough if their kids would just drink milk. Nurse also told me that as long as he drink his milk, just let him be.. allow him to eat biscuits and bread is also good enough. Well, in order not to get high blood pressure i won’t wanna force him unless i need too.

Dinner time, i just prepare my own food and pretend that it wasn’t for him.. i didn’t put into his bowl… i ask him if he would like to have some and he did. 😉 Maybe he doesn’t like it, if it is meant for him..


Despite of all the “torturing” from me, when i was preparing dinner, he help me to take care of Mavric. Mavric was crying as usual (like kena cekik) loud and non-stop in the playpen. J stood there and play with M. He sing “itsy bitsy spider” to M. He even mimic me calling M, “baby baby” and keep trying to make M laugh by pretending to laugh himself! Oh.. my tears really wanna rolls down… He always makes me regret treating him the way i’m not suppose to *SIGH*

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Kek sei yet funny

(1) Evening…J went to close the door

Me : Don’t close the door, don’t close the door (was very hot, need the wind)

J : Mosquito come aldy (with a very sour face)


(2) He was play taking picture while me, facing the computer

J : Mama, cheese

Me : (do a peace sign but not looking at him)

J : Mama, look at me (while holding my face)

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Ideal Schedule

So.. i used to have a very fixed routine when i raised up J. He was also a very cooperative. Now we’d move into our new place, i need to set a fixed and more strict routine for both of them so that i can have more time for myself.


Wake up at 9.30am prepare and changed them..

10am – breakfast for me and also prepare lunch

11.30am – M will take his short nap while i do my cooking

12pm – if possible feed J b4 M wakes. Sometimes M decides to join us so i’ll feed 3 of us. together.

1.30pm – after washing all the dishes, 3 of us takes a long bathe

3pm – all goes for a long nap. Sometime M decides not to nap so i’ll delay him like 30min. Proper calculation, J can sleep up to 3hours and M can only sleep 1.5hour max. He seldom sleep more than 2 hours. *sigh*

During this time i’ll prepare dinner, and do all the cleaning, tidying.

5pm – after they wake we’ll do nothing because there’s nothing to do.

5.30pm – cook our dinner.

6pm – Feed J and let M entertain himself with his biscuit but ideally will be him taking his short nap (again)

After the feeding all will go for another long shower.

After the shower will be ‘our-time’ time. I will try to off all my gadget and spend time with them. WTH already whole day spend time still need to spend time. haha..

everything yet to change as M grows up he’ll take twice nap and slowly 1 time.. just like J

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What do you expect from the rally?

Some join the rally wanna show heroic, some join wanna feel how tear gas felt like, some join wanna make havoc, some join wanna fight and beat up some ppl, some join wanna change to government, some join wanna get justice.. alot lah. BUT i would love to join the rally (but i couldn’t) to show my face and let the whole world government  know what we want.. simple, we just want a fair election. Also to let all the ppl in the kampong who don’t give a damn, knows that it is NOT right to think that “is like that wan lah”  Surely after the rally the news will show on TV FB and many ppl will be alert on how many ppl is actually wanting the right thing and it is not WRONG wanting the right thing.

If there is NO fair election, elec for what? Show meh~ Better just nominate xx to be the government for the rest of the life and even better make it a LAW to make sure xx are the rightful government forever and ever..

I’m very disappointed, up till TODAY many ppl thinks that it is faith that we have to live in this unfairness and being bullied and corruption nation. Some still practice closed-door attitude. I mean it is OK, to mind your own biz but hello, we talking about our future and our kids future. You may live comfortably now but how about your next generation. Or maybe some of you don’t even bother because you don’t plan to have a next generation. Or some is rich enough to just run away and migrate. Well good for you. But if you’re non of the 2, pls think again and findout why ppl want a change.

I don’t relly care who is the government and who is the head. I just need fairness and less corruption. I”m sure whoever will be the government will surely have some corruption here and there. But don’t lah makan our money and be proud and show to the world… “I got my blue diamond ring, you “chui” meh?” make ppl more tulan only loh~~

Having the new government may not be the best but it’s worth a try .. if everything is fair then ppl will do their best to compete.