Homeschooling Part 1


(few of the DIYs)

My first pieces was the “join-the-dot” that i look for pictures online and paste into power point. Print it out and laminate is so that i could reuse again and again. Of course to save on the lamination i have printed back and front. The work piece was abit hard and difficult for J to draw as we don’t have a toddler chair and table suitable for his height. So he had to stand so that he can reach the edge of the work piece.

My 2nd work piece is the “trace the alphabets” but i realise he isn’t ready yet. so i’ll just keep is until he can draw a straight line.


( recyclable chart – shapes & colours on the back)

Next i prepare a chart of shape and colour with a old plastic photo frame from IKEA. i don’t think they still sell this. Printed front and back and colour them with my 18yo colour pencil. This way i can switch the position of the colours and shapes and make sure he don’t memories the position of them.


( old transparent folder )

Then i realise the laminations will cost me alot if i were to keep doing it. Then “light bulb” i took the old folder from my resignation-box-from-1st-company. It is a clear plastic to slot in A4 paper and this way i can reuse the plastic and also print as much as A4. (but i don’t need to reuse the plastic as i have many of them) brilliant! i don’t need to spend anything except the colour printer. and i can files all his material nicely and neatly.

Of course i do have other materials like  2 sticker book and 1 Gakken workbook. So actually i DO have many things for me to homeschool my boy. Just need some discipline to use it :p

p/s : this is my 1st of many many post with picture bcoz i realise my tab which i use to take photo hv wordpress apps. after all these while…


Home School

to me, home schooling my own kids is a huge challenge. it’s easy when there’s 1 kids but with 1 baby who is so leech-y, it’s like mission impossible. what more that i don’t have a maid to do the cooking or house cleaning for me. worst part is, mummy had no discipline at all! she may skip for a few weeks and continue back and my son would probably ONLY learn to write “1” for the whole year. personally homeschooling requires discipline and schedule/time table/ syllabubs. never intend to do it~~

however there’s this friend who is homeschooling her son had encourage me to do so. after we talk over / discuss about this topic she made me realise that i had un-intentionally homeschool J. shocking but true.. as i read alot other SAHM, i realise that yes, they do have discipline but they sometimes skip a class or two when the timing is not right. so… there goes, no need to fix the MUST DO IT everyday. when mummy is lazy just skip

so, i decided, let’s try for  a few months. but first, list down what he does already know from un-intentionally taught and what the topics i should add in.

– Recognize alphabet (he knew since age 2 but hasn’t improve since then )

– Can recite A-Z instead on singing them ( of course he knows how to sing too)

– Recognise 1- 10 (next batch 11-20 where he is still not confident)
– Numbers in mandarin 1-10 still ok but sometimes skip no. 7

– Colours ; blue, green, yellow, black, brown, orange, red, pink & purple ( not confident should brush up and add in silver, grey, white, gold )
– Colours in mandarin – zero

– Shapes – everything is tikam or triangle :S

– Writing – He can write “0” and “1”, follow the dots slowly but still need practice which i’m not forcing because children at his age can’t hold the pen properly and will hurt him and maybe back fire in school later.  there is an article even said that their hand bone is not properly develop therefore no need to force him to hold a pen yet.

See here for more detail :

There you go.. my syllabus for the next yew months… most of the time i just go with the flow….

ah~~ benefits of SAHM WAHM – i don’t just stay at home, i work too.. just so that you know the cleaning and washing is also a form of work 😀

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Getting over it

After a great rejection i’d finally manage to get over it. Gave a big thought about it before sleep and what went wrong. Trying to understand my child better.

I recall the whole incident from the start. In fact it has nothing to do with my son at all. Firstly if i were the teacher i would pre prepared all my craft materials earlier. Before even class starts. They (consist of 4 teacher/helper) was kelam-kabut-ing. They expect all the children range from 3 to 6  yo to sit down nicely while they cut out all the shape and material to be pasted on the lantern. (it was a bunny lantern they are doing) Of course my boy would sit for 1min and run off. Who wouldn’t? Infact if adult to be sitted there would also start to talk and do their own things.

Secondly, they knew my son is the youngest they would prepare all his stuff and make him want to participate. Instead of expecting him to participate with his own will… They told him if he didnt’ sit down nicely they will not prepare his materials. My son, i know him. You need to tell him that it is his things and he can use to to make into a lantern. Without anything on his table, what do you expect. Run off again lor.. there’s nothing for him to work on. nothing to keep him busy. Cut it short, they should concentrate on him as he is new and youngest.

Thirdly, if i were them, i would had started something for him and let him continue. He still can figure out what are all those big pcs of paper going to turn into a lantern. Let him see the connection. Or maybe just let him colour the lantern is actually a huge achievement.

So, after much thought, i knew they weren’t experience in handling kids. or maybe young kids. they don’t have much patience and not too sincere in teaching. they focus on the end result which i didn’t expect him to finish the lantern. I’m glad and happy if he can sit and listen. take instruction and follow. well.. my goal now is to find someone who can handle him, patience enough and sincere in teaching. 😉

i’m not feeling better coz i push the blame on someone else. i am feeling better because i knew that if there is a place for him it will definitely be a good place with good teachers and helper. and i’m glad i knew him better, how to handle him too. i also learn some tips about art and craft to do at home 😛


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Very HUGE step!

I wanted to send J to creativity class a month back but every time we stop by, the school is close. I didn’t bother to call just don’t want to give the teacher hopes that we WILL join in. I wanted to look arnd and let J look arnd and see if he really wanted it. Finally ytd we were arnd and i called up to ask if she is open. She said YES. So we went and get to know more about the creativity class… is actually art class but i won’t call it art class because that is NOT the only thing they learn.

My 1st intention is to let him learn to listen and be discipline. When to church children ministry a few times, but J wasn’t listen and keep doing his own things and running arnd. I feel very disappointed for not being able to control him.  I didn’t want to pressure him by sending him to nursery as it is too stressful and maybe it will back fire. So i choose some creativity class.. is either art or music. But i myself don’t really like the theoritical part of music. How can my son like it? It’s so boring. How can a 3yo like it? So art class it is. So happen to bump into the brochure of this My Art Studio.

Teacher is very pretty! She also have 2 kids 3yo and 1yo like me. Her class max 12ppl which i think reasonable coz he is having another helper. her teaching is base on imagination rather than Photostat and colour, hair must be black, watermelon must be green and chicken must hv 2 legs and so on. she based on creativity of children and shldnt limit their creativity. she also said. children before 8yo’s creativity is like artist van gogh.  so with very much pros i decided he shld go for it.

Send him for his craft lesson day 1, 2 hrs. I teman him for 30min and told him i’ll leave. He didn’t notice or too excited playing he wasn’t paying attention when i leave.  i waitted at opposite restaurant and eat my breakfast incase teacher call. nope… 30min pass nothing happen. i decided to go home. 1hr later i went back, he was sitting on the couch playing ipad. teacher’s ipad! teacher told me he couldn’t sit still, cannot pay attention, touch & mess up all her things. She told me to come back again next year. probably he’ll be ready by then. 😦

i didn’t want him to learn to draw. i just want him to learn to sit still and listen and be afraid of the teachers. 😦 *sigh*

But 1 remarkable success i made today is to bring 2 of them out for makan in Old Town Aeon Rawang! *yippie* something to be happy after all?

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Steam Moist Choc Cake

I often try out various recipes from cakes to cookies to ice cream to cupcake. I never repeat them coz most of them are either not my taste or nothing special.

However there’s 1 choc moist cake that i never fail to re-do over and over and over again. the ingredient are easy to find, the steps are simple and it doesn’t require an oven.  and guess what??!! this cake is definitely for noob… it is full proof never fail. no worries it rises or not, no worries to seperate the egg.. blabla yadaa yadaa…

i like the rich choc taste, abit bitter and super moist. i always reduce the sugar OR the condense milk


Steam Super Moist Chocolate Cake 蒸巧克力蛋糕

1  Custer Sugar      100g    幼糖 100克 (normally i’ll put 80g)
2  Butter          250g   牛油 250 克
3  Egg                4pcs  鸡蛋 4 粒
4  Chocolate Powder  100g  巧克力粉 100 克
5  Flour              180g 面粉 180 克
6  UHT Milk          250ml        UHT牛奶 250 ml
7  Sweeten Condense Creamer    250ml      炼奶 250 ml (normally i’ll use 230g or less)
8  Baking Powder      1 tsp 发粉 1 茶匙
9  Soda Bicarbonate  1 tsp 苏打粉 1 茶匙

1. All materials mix well in a mixer
2. Steam around 1 hrs

YES! 2 steps ONLY

one after another

i was day dreaming while cutting the garlics and i accidentally slice off a chunk of my middle finger. the blood cannot stop and i had i ask J to take tissue for me so that i can take the first aid box without dripping my blood all over *sigh*

so i told myself i can’t cook and need to go tapao. and since i’m gg out might as well juz go tesco and get some groceries. fish, prawn, pork … yeah i’m rich aunty go tesco and not wet market. after i reach home i realize i forgot to ask them to clean the fish! so i had to do it myself with an injured finger!

carefully i try not to wet the finger so much, and carefully not to re-injured the finger and carefully not to accidentally cut another finger or hand. i manage to clean all the fish and meat. thank God

i continue to heat up my food that i tapao, carefully trying to trasfer the food to the bowl my ring finger touch the burning stove and wala~~ toasted finger 😦

i wonder if tonite my dinner cooking in the oven i’ll burn my other hand or not 😦



M turns ONE

I forgotten to write about this at all 😛

Well, like J he had a birthday BLAST! HUGE.. 100 ppl! My my…. this is only 1st bday, i’m wondering if he gets married maybe 200 – 300 ppl? haha.. We invited friends and relatives, our relative side is already 60ppl so..  easily come up to 100 lor~ at first i was kinda worried that my hse is too small to fit 10 tables  but … it fits perfectly. 😀 It was like a bday AND hse warming party. So coincidentally that during his baby shower was a baby shower AND farewell party in the old Malacca house.

We had this bday cake of Disney cartoon Cars with Tow Marter and Lightning McQueen figurine. Cute but wasted coz it ended in the dustbin by the end of the day. The food was so so only. Not so nice and not enough for 100 ppl.

At 1, like his koko he can walk, in fact he is more steady than koko. He  can run! But he still look very baby-ish. This boy hv temper he likes to disturb his koko but when the koko touch him he scream like his neck got twisted. I think he bully his koko more than koko bully him.

Whatever it is.. i still wish him a very happy 1st bday and be HEALTHY!

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Very sad oh

I nearly forgotten what was my blog url :S

Recently a met a friend who has some disability or shall i say ability. Tourette syndrome.. is a condition that causes people to make repeated, quick movements or sounds that they cannot control. As for her, he hit herself. Ppl is staring (i know) and when i was sitting next to her i saw her tahan-ing. *sob* i feel so sad for her because she didn’t want to do it but she can’t control. Often ppl misunderstand her as mental problem. BUT i’m very sure she is NOT. damn smart lagi tu~~ Her syndrome was only detected when she was 8-9yo. I’m sure her parent must be devastated as this is an incurable sickness.

Today, i was told that my neighbour’s youngest dotter, had detected some blood disorder. Her haemoglobin is bursting and cannot generate fast enough. So within 3wks her haemoglobin will be so less that she needs to go for blood transfusion. i could feel the mom.

She is a very strict mom. Everyday i could hear her doing revision with her dotters. While she is cooking she wants them to read aloud to her. After lunch and dinner there’s be another round of revision. She cooks everyday and she make sure they eat every meals. She plant her own vege and fruit and she eat organics stuff. She is so perfect to give all the good stuff to her children. Not only that, her glass door sparkles everyday, her garden is so neat and no weeds. She is really a perfect hardworking housewife. And yet this…

Life is really so vulnerable, when you’re pregnant all sorts of tiny things could caused a miscarriage. When they are born, you prayed so hard they have just the right amount of hand and leg, with everything in tact and the right place. When they grow up, you prayed so hard that no sickness or illness. Even they they are old enough you prayed that they are safe even walking across the street.

I need to remind myself just appreciate with whatever or however they are now. Take it easy, don’t eat then no need to eat lor, don’t behave then let them be lor.. just take life easily and thank God they are healthy kids.

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