Coming out NOW


Today is 12/8 in chinese calender. I’m being “check-in” to the MMC at 11am. Getting ready for the 1pm operation. I’ll soon see my boy, but what’s my feeling? Happy? Excited? Ready? Scared? I dunno. I just feel very slumber. Hahaha… After the nurse came and shave me, preparing me for the operation, i even get to take my short nap. Slumber? I think Ha-B is the one feeling kan cheong. He just sit beside me and wait for the time.

Can’t remember what time i was being push into the operation theater, but all i know that at around 1 pm, anesthetic specialist Dr. “Tiru” (didn’t get his real name) came and explain to me how i’m going to feel and so on. I sign on the piece of acknowledgement and it all begin. He fix me with drips (which is the thing i fear most) and then 1st inject me to numb my skin, then the anesthetic. Dr Tan came in and ask me not to move during the injection. I start to feel my whole leg very heavy, then slowly my leg is like someone tickling me.

Dr Tan then start the surgery. I don’t know what he do but Jacky is able to see abit abit. 1:20pm he told us BB is coming out. I grab Ha-H’s hand because i was scared of the pain, and excited that i finally could see my BB. A few push on my abdomen, 1:28pm i could hear a loud and solid cry. OMG! My tears start to flow out. I don’t know why. But it’s definitely tears of joy. After 9months. After everything.. finally… my baby.

He was carried by Dr Jessica to the warmer. She said “wow should be around 4kg”. She clean him. He was so pink-ish and huge. His face so like Jacky. It’s definitely a Jacky junior. I just look from a distance. After she clean him, carry him to me and i smell him. My beautiful BB.

Ha-B had to leave the theater, following Dr. Jessica to the nursery. After around 1hr. i was push out to rest before pushing me back to the ward. But i keep thinking of my BB anxiously. Finally around 3pm, i was send back to my ward. On the way dad and mom was waitting for me while looking into the window at BB. Ha-B was there too.

Not too long at the ward, nurse came in and ask if i want to breast feed BB. Normally ppl don’t feed after the surgery because too tired and still numb. But i am really afraid that i have no milk for him. So i insist. I had to use pillows to tuck myself and breast feed him. He wasn’t crying. Nurse was kind enough to teach me and guide me throughout the process. For the start he is really good at sucking. hahaha….He is so adorable. He is so charming. He is my life!


(First time breast feeding)

Nothing really came out. Just to get the 1st time feeling and little “barley” water came out. That’s all… nurse took him back and assured me that they’ll spoon feed him to avoid confusion. I’m much relieved. The whole day i’m very anxious to get down but nurse don’t allow. Besides i’m “equip” with the pee bag and the drips. So can’t really walk around anyway. Not even sit up.


(The VERY Proud sign)

Whole day i just request Jacky to bring in the BB. In and out from the nursery. hahaha… i gave reason i want to breast feed. :p The actual reason.. you know why..


(Looking at my handsome prince)

Aunty AiLeen was the 1st visitor in the hospital. She bought something for mummy and BB. Thank aunty Aileen.

Another 1st timer: i felt the earth quake. Cool…


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Check-up for the final month

36th weeks :

Tummy :- 113cm

Weight : – 85kg

BB’s weight :- 3.2kg

Doc say next week need to do MGTT (blood glucose check) to comfirm that i do not have any gestational diabetes. i asked what’s the effect, he just mention not good for the mummy and bb. This doc always just want to be neutral man. So he didn’t comment much. it didn’t worry me much because i did the urine test and it’s negative.

37th weeks:

Tummy :- 114cm

Weight : – 85kg

BB’s weight :- 2.6kg

YES. it’s not worgnly type. My J-boy shrink. hahaha…. doc said he could had measure wrongly last week. I gave him a wierd look and he quickly meantion that the reason he ask me to do the test due to few reasons.

1. my weight is above 80kg

2. i’m more than 8mths pregnant

3. my bb hv sudden increace of weight (which i think he did it on purpose)

4. and my bp was slightly high??!! (i didn’t measure my bp last week loh)

Anyway i’m much more relax now coz at least i know that i can have a normal natural delivery (keep my finger cross)

38th weeks:

Tummy :- didn’t measure

Weight : – 86kg

BB’s weight :- 3.2kg

Dr. Tan was saying my BB is growing too fast. The head is still not engage. If possible, go for ceaser. I got a feeling the doc just wan me to go for ceaser because it’s more convenient for him.

39th weeks:

Tummy :- didn’t measure

Weight : – 86kg

BB’s weight :- 3.6kg

Again same advice from Dr. Tan. Go for ceaser, BB is growing fast. 1 week suppose to grow 200 gram but mine was 1 week 400gram. Unbelievable. I cannot believe his measurement because he made a mistake once. Therefore i went for another opinion.  This time it’s worst, 3 days BB frow 200gram. 3.8kg now. This doc even inspect me and told me i’d dilation of 3cm. No wonder i’d a bad back ache. I tot dilation is going to be very painful. Maybe different ppl different feeling. Head no engage. Ceaser is the best choise and FAST before BB brow any bigger. Will promt to have gestational diabetes .  Anyway, i went back to Dr. Tan and ask for his last advice, and still ceaser. i arrange for the operation theater  on 30 Sept. I’m still very doubtful of my choice. Dunno i’m not ready and trying to give myself reason to delay or i really wanted natural so badly.