Baby Song

When J was a newborn, he had difficult time to sleep like normal babies. He’d sleep at 3am most of the time. So i created a song for him based on ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’

” Jdric, Jdric my good boy, Faster, Faster go to sleep,

Mama also want to sleep, So you better go to sleep,

Jdric, Jdric my good boy, won’t you faster go to sleep.”

Of course it didn’t work but i just sing to pass time…


Then come to Mvric… ( i actually forgotten the lyric but Jdric reminds me..haha)

It is based on ‘Hush Little baby’

” Hush little Mvric pls don’t cry, mama gonna sing you a lullaby,

Hush, little Mvric go to sleep, mama got alot of things to keep”


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I have lotsa KPC at home

They would ask me why baby still sleeping? why not yet wake up? why sleep again… HELLO? baby needs to sleep for brain developement in case you don’t know.. and besides i’m the mother and i know when he needs to sleep.

Scene 1 : He whine, the wanna suck, he yawns and he is quiet when put in the rocker… so what makes you think he doesn’t want to sleep? After carry M away, he whines again he pass to another person. Then it is up to me to carry it back and put back in the rocker UPSTAIRS rite? so why wanna create double job for me??

Scene 2 :  Normally J nap will be between 2 or 3pm for around 2hrs MINIMUM and sometimes uptill 4hr and i will wake him up if it is more than that. J just fall asleep at 4 something. 6pm everybody will start to ask why not yet wake. She will walk infront my room wanting to wake him but of course i “dare” her. He will be making noise to wake J too. Sil and so on.. everybody will ask the same question. What is it so hard for them to mind their own biz? I know lah when to let him wake when to let him sleep

Scene 3 : M sleep for more than 2hrs EVERYBODY will be showing me “the face” to wake M up. Later at nite how to sleep la, what time sleep la. Hello? did i ever ask any of you to help me when none of them could sleep? NO rite? So mind your own biz and leave me and my children plan ALONE! *argh*

It is so damn irritating when everybody thinks they are helping (particular 2 person) . When i really need them to help they are no where to be found and when the hse is quiet they wan me to wake the kids. So annoying

So hard to avoid

Everyday, early in the morning there’s particular 2 person will lid the joss stick, burn for around. i dunno.. 30mins? Morning i tak kena lah… i belum bangun ma..

Evening, teruk loh.. 2 diff timing… all kena… summore kena twice. I personally have super sensitive nose and i’ll sneeze all the way..  but i don’t mind me. I juz don’t hope that my kids had to go tru this everyday. I know many ppl will be saying they had been taking the fume for 70yrs and still very much alive. Many will claim that the monks don’t get cancer.. and so on.. but that’s their problem rite? What if  i really get cancer, who is going to bear? Not anyone else but me, rite?  *sigh*

This is a strictly religious problem and.. i don’t think i should voice my “concern” so all i can do is avoid. I will bring my 2 kids upstairs every evening. 1 pretend to BF, 1 pretend to bathe.. the fumes not only is hazardous but it is terribly “sticky”. All the clothing will smell of it and even the room will smell of it if i forgot to close the door.

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Poop Problem

There’s a special bond between me and poop. When i was pregnant, everyone was having problem getting it out, i was having problem pooping 12 times a day!

Now my J have problem mixing poop and blood. I found piles after he poop but it can’t be seen normally. No wonder he was complaining.. “scared” during poop. It was so hard getting him to sit on the potty! Blood only seen once and i had since constantly let him drink Yakult and yogurt.

Now little M have problem blood in poop too! It’s not piles but i don’t know what is the real reason. Only once i seen it, could be due to allergy (i hope not), or vein in my milk duct burst and M drank it. But i didn’t freak out like how i would act last time. i stay calm and MONITOR! next day no more.. so ok lah. Watever happen.. or watever it is.. may it gone forever.. hehe..


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Sweetest Conversation Ever

mom was carrying M and then J was sitting parallel height with him. i saw J touching poking M’s cheeks while talking to M.

J : ang-gu, ang-gu

M : (babbling)

J : (smile)

M : (smile)

Both : (chuckle & laughing)

Oh.. wat a sweet conversation…

Nope i didn’t manage to capture the whole sweet memories but it was the sweetest conversation ever.

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What should i do?

My poor J is having kuku bird problem again. And i cannot deny it’s after swim. But the thing is is happen quarterly every 3 mths and this is the 5th cycle. 😦

His bird bird is as big as my thumb and it is purple in colour. I quickly bring him to the clinic he normally go to. Doc said it could be due to insect bite coz there was no pus. The doc actually pull up his whole entire skin! OMG. She gv him some anti-itch and a cream to apply. But this time, he scream in pain when he go pee. 😦 I tot doc must had tear his fore skin or something. But i saw his brief is full of yellowish pus. *sigh* it wasn’t an insect bite, so meaning no more swimming to prevent happening again. 😦 No more Daniel Bego

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