(continue) 30 Jun : Drinking Drinking and more Drinking

The next day, we are so exhausted and tired due to the island hopping. Our body were aching like hell (or maybe me only) due to sun burn. Everybody was asking why did i torture myself. But i really love being darker and tanner. It makes me look healthy.

Early in the morning, we went to the jetty to take a ferry ride to Labuan. Another paradise for me. Not because of the beaches this time… but………see for yourself la.. i shy to say…

Cheap and nice cooling beer. It’s only RM2. Where to get???!!! *gosh* i just wish i stay here…just look and my wide smilling face.

We check-in our luggage at a small luggage care taker counter and rent a car to move arnd. We manage to get only the kancil and it’s RM60. Yes very expensive but we got no choisce. Since our flight is midnite, we had to tour arnd and buy alot.

Some historical places we went but i am really death tired and painful so i wasn’t in the mood to even walk. When it comes to buying choco and liquor, my energy level suddenly rise to the max. hehehe… There’s really nothing much in Labuan except those.

We reach the airport at 6.30pm. By this time, i cannot even tahan the stickiness of my body. It’s like we can glue to each other if we sit to close. I went into the airport toilet to bathe. Yes, toilet to bathe. I fell so much better after that.

Our final group photo at the airport. Did you notice our uniform?

After the plane got delay for 1hour, we finally could get on to the plane and rest. i slept most of the time in the plane and wake only to walk from the plane to the cab and continue my sleep. I know i will have a long day the next day because it’s my 1st day at work.

Overall the trip, there’s 5 things i love the most

1. Riding roller coaster on Banjaran Crocker

2. BBQ seafood at Poring Hot Spring

3. Standing at the kaki of Mt KK

4. Having the chance to look at Rafflesia

5. Buying the cheapest liquor

3 things i will return for more:

1. Standing on top Mt KK

2. Sepilok Orang Utan

3. Cheap Sandakan Seafood

4. Pulau SiPadan

5. Liquor more liquor MORE LIQUOR

And incase you are planing to go Sabah, take a quick look at this map as a reference.

“Lastly i want to thank a very special person, who made our journey, our trip to Sabah a very very memorable and exciting and adventurous trip with NO worries. Thank you YAW! You’re a great tour guide”


(Continue) 29 Jun : “I learn hope-ing”

Early in the morning we got up and went to a morning market. We were looking for Yaw’s uncle so that we could take the speed boat from Sutera Harbour to the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (which is the islands). Look at what he’s selling..cool-est plant i ever seen. Only if i could bring back.

Anyway, there were actually 5 choices, but who took only 2 because we don’t think we could cover all. Sapi, Manukan (too cormercialise), Manuntik, Sulug (too ulu) and Gaya (not so nice according to local). We have the most amazing discount ever. Not only we have 50% discount but also have the choice of 3 islands. With the amount we pay, other may just visit half of the island. hehehehe…..but still, if we took the local speed boat, it’s way way way cheaper than what we are paying.We still feel worth it coz, really save us all the trouble of waiting, lining up with other, comfortable PLUS clean.

At the harbour… isn’t it amazing? With the amount of boats and yatch?

1st island; Manukan. We went swiming but there are many very angry fish biting ppl. Hubby, LW and HC kena. I so scare so i dare not go to the corals. Because there is where they live! We are invading into their home!! So someone had to sacrifies..heheheh….

Picture taken by Yaw.

I like this the most. Taken by ha-B. (Don’t look at my pimppy lah)

All the fishes and corals. So beautiful. This was taken by my favourite camera 2084! and only mine can go underwater okay. *proud* *proud*

The invisible fish

And NEMO!! Don’t catch them coz they will be lost even if you release them. Must take them back to their own home. Life of the little Nemo. Father Nemo is the largest among the whole family and mom is the 2nd. Baby can never ever grow bigger than father or mother. If they ever do, they will be force to leave the family. If father, dies then mom will grow bigger and be the dad and baby will grow bigger to be the mom. I read this from somewhere, so don’t ask me how true issit.  🙂

Look at the fierce daddy, thinking that i wan to hurt them. He was swimming front and back as though he wanted to attack me…i was just trying to snap a family photo for them ma.

This is my last few snap before my camera stop functioning and we didn’t even realize because it’s the end of the island. We were heading to the next island. 😦

2nd island; Sapi.The beach is actually nicer BUT no variety fish can be seen. The water is clear but the fish is only the white fish with black stripe. Boring.. also my mood was abit ruin by my camera condition. BUT this didn’t stop me from taking the beautiful site of the beach.

Right side of beach:

Left side of beach:

We didn’t enjoy the water as much as Manukan but we enjoy the view alot.

Who and which?

We became darker and macho-er. Antara all, i’m the darkest, face maybe not so but back! (i shall post my sexy back soon)

How to overcome this feeling i have

I am sad…

I know there is nothing else i could do besides accepting that it is a fact but yet…

I want to find someone to blame, i want to blame Him,

I don’t understand, but there is too many things that He does i could never understand sometimes never will.

Is this the punishement? Is this the lesson? Isn’t it abit too harsh?

Others say He is good, He is great.. but i had never experience it or is it that i’d never notice?

Again and again the situation got more and more disappointing,

Again and again, it never heal,

Again and again ……again and again false hope.


On top of all the sadness, there’s more… i got scold for the 2nd time at work today. !st was last week where the data got  some misunderstanding. Today again the data was not tally. geez.. not my fault ma. Blame those who do the raw data, why scold those who compile form the raw data?

What a bad day to start the week!

HC graduation

We had a very full pack event on 26 Jul. 1st we went all the way to Kajang to fetch the 2 lil’ cutie and their mom, my dearest cousin. Then we went warehouse shopping for one of JJ’s clothing brand which cost only RM5 per piece. YES, you heard me right. Only RM5 per piece.

Then we went to my sista graduation ceremony. Actually we were there just to take pictures of evidence of our presence. hahaha…..it was really hot and humid that day. I nearly fall dead. To make things worst, the refreshment session was under a RED canopy. What a brilliant idea! It was so hot! We quickly snap a few pictures and headed back.

Later on, that same day, we went to GH for Winnie Hsin concert. It was actually sponsored by someone who is well connected to GH. That is why our ticket was for VIP and cost RM297. Cool eh?

This was the 1st time we watch concert together.

It was a wonderful consert from the beautiful voice of Winnie. She really have beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful face and beautiful legs.

28 Jun – Kaki Mt KK

Early in the morning, i am the 1st to get up because i was too excited to see the real, live Mt KK for the very first time. I open the window and i could feel the cool breeze and smell the fresh air and on the right side is Mt KK. Our room is not facing the Mt KK so i ran out of the room to have a clearer view. Damn syiok i tell you…Faster i ran back to the room and wake everyone. Yaw did mention that in the late morning the clouds will cover the mountain then we will not be able to see anything.

I couldn’t get my eye of the mountain, i even brush my teeth looking at it.

We all went downstair and had our breakfast. Everything was very expensive but we didn’t mind. Because all of us was having fun taking picture of the mountain.

Photo taken by hubby. Perfect, clear picture with right amount of lighting. hehehe…

After breakfast we drove nearer to the Mt KK.

When we reach there, the mountain is suppose to be in front of us, but due to the heavy clouds, we see only white piece of sky. So we juz took the view from other side. Yaw said that, last time he and his friends could climb until half way up from this entrance. But now they block with the gate liao.

After loitering and have the last look at the beloved “sen san” we headed back to KK and had “yu wat fun” for lunch. Then proceed to the Pasar Ikan Masin. The local call it Philipine Market. It’s not exactly all ikan masin but all the dry ingredients like, ikan bilis, dried prawn and also dried seahorse… 😦

Seahorse is like shark fin. It’s good to have but not necessary to have. However seahorse have more medication purpose rather than luxury-food-eat-for-fun. Anyway we cannot control the world’s habit.

After the market, we went to Yayasan Sabah. Also another tourism spot. Right before dinner, we saw the sun was setting and the sky was orangee colour. So beautiful. We quickly ask Yaw to find a spot so that we could take more nice photo. Some how the sky is more beautiful in Sabah. hehehe

This was taken by hubby, very blurr lor.. but i like this moment when the boat is moving toward us. Btw, we were standing on the highway bridge.

This was taken by LW, very nice and perfect. Look at the pattern on the sky, look at the right moment the boat leaves a trail on the water. Too relaxing by just looking at this picture.

After that, we went to have our next dinner at Gayang Restaurant. Actually more that we had eaten, just that most of the pictures were lousy. We were too excited with the food. Couldn’t be bothered to take nice pictures of the food. Hehehe… we really had fun and great food. Look at the fish head compare to my hand. The fish head we ate was even bigger!

27 June : Tuaran, Kundasang, Mersilau & Poring

On the way to our destination, we stop by the road side to hunt for crab. The crab and huge Kokokis (Sabah language for LaLa) was selling at RM15 per kg each. Can you imagine? I will die of high cholesterol if i stay here any longer. Anyway we bought 1 kg each and decided to BBQ it later at nite at the Poring Hot Spring.

Lunch, we go for Tuaran Mee. (Tuaran is actually the name of a place. You will pass this place if you go for Mt KK climbing) Yaw forgotten the location of the best shop selling this, but 2nd will do too.  Appearantly it can only be found at this place call Tuaran. Although it looks like Yee Mee, but it’s not. Trust me, the taste is much much better.

After lunch, we bought all the stuff for our BBQ session. Candle, charcoal and wire mesh. Didn’t waste anymore time, we headed to Kundasang dairy Farm for our milking Aussie cow session. There is 2 session, 10am-12pm and 2nd session is 2pm-4pm.On the way, i manage to take one nice photo.

Does this remind you of the advert for  “that” ciggie?

Like i had said earlier in my Sabah trip blog. We are quite unlucky when it comes to all this non-makan session. The farm was actually close for removation???!! What they need to renovate? The cow? Sh*t……. %^$&^&(*&^

We just hang arnd and took many many many pictures to gain back our Yaw’s effort driving there.

I like this scene but then the phone line on top there destroy the whole picture. And also the sky looks dark but Yaw say the sky here is always dark, like wanna rain.

Then we went up to this Mersilau National Park. We need to pay RM3 and it can be use for other parks as well. This is one of the entrance to Mt KK. Obviously the room here is also very expensive. RM300++ per nite. We just snap the pictures and pretend we stayed here lor.

After all the *snap* *snap*, we continue our plan to Ranau for Poring Hot Spring and Canopy walk. On the way to the hot spring, we saw an advert! Guess what?! Our luck has change!

We call the man and he wanted to charge us RM11 per head. We didn’t argue about the price. He came all the way from dunno where and used a small lorry to fetch us up to the place. (it’s actually belakang his rumah la) Before we hop onto the lorry, we nego with him the price. We told him 5 person RM50 enough lo. I think he also gave up because too many ppl talking and make him pening. hahaha.. we all hop in, and pay to the lady boss and she bring us to her backyard where she plant her koko, which is also the forest. She claim that it’s hers. Damn huge i tell you. We have to walk arnd 5min to reach the flower.

Although the flower we saw is not the “Biggest” , but it also have the width of 73cm. (Largest Rafflesia is 112cm) According to the aunty who owns the land which means she owns the flower, which also means that she can collect entrance fees that the next day will be the last day to see the flower. *phew* what a luck.

Since we already paid, RM10 each, we snap the pictures like nobody business. I think the aunty also wait until bored. hahaha.. luckily we did tat because when we came back, most of the picture were shaken.

Next, Poring Hot Water Sulphur Spring and Canopy walk. We have few choices; water fall, xxx cave (forgot the name), hot spring and Canopy hanging bridge. We didn’t have much time left, we decided that we do not want to walk too much so we just rule out some places. Water fall (too far, arnd 2hrs walk), Cave (can go gua tempurung), Canopy (can FRIM at Selayang) Left with the hot water lor..nearest. hahaha…

Yaw didn’t get to enjoy much at the hot spring because he was getting ready to start a fire for your BBQ session.

We all join him shortly because kesian him doing alone. Then comes the rain, we have to take the banana leaves and make shelter so that the rain don’t put out our fire. At least BBQ all the crab 1st. Then the rain to become heavier, we got no choice but to move our pit to a covered area. But it was fun lo. I had never tried this before. BBQ in the jungle and raining. Makes me feel like Survivor. Hehehehe….

Thanks to Yaw for our lovely tea break ( it was arnd 5pm tat time) Yeah you hear me right. Crab for tea break. Very nice and you can taste the real freshness of the crab and the sweetness of the kokokis.

Haha..you must be wondering why i didn’t put any picture of the hot spring, instead all the BBQ picture. Aiya, i am more excited in the extra ordinary thing we did ma.

We went home arnd 7pm and have dinner near town. We spend the rest on the nite with beer because it’s cheap. “tigak spuluh” – three for ten ringgit. Damn cheap rite?

26 June : After hubby arrive at KK (2nd half)

When my honey bunny arrive, it was around 5pm. We went to Tanjung Aru beach to have a look at the famous beach in KK. I still find Lok Kawi better so I only manage to capture few nice picture over there. No feeling how to produce nice picture rite?

Don’t ask me why i like the chair so much. hahaha….

Yaw also manage to capture few nice scenery.

After Tg Aru, we went for our 1st “sifut” (ass in Hakka) dinner. We really have a hard time choosing those seafood. Everythign looks delicious. Everything is nice. Everything looks huge and everything we want to eat. Hahaha.. at the end, we manage to order 7-8 dishes and cost us arnd RM160++. Cheap eh?

Our 1st full group photo.

(*Since is hubby 1st day trip, he have lots to say in his blog)

26 June : Before fetching hubby (1st half)

We went Tamu Keningau to search for a fruit call Talap fruit and does not exist in Peninsular Msia. We couldn’t find what we wanted but manage to buy local avocados and snake fruit (salak). Headed back to KK to fetch hubby who is on the way and reaching at 5pm.

Before reaching the actual destination, we stop by the Bunsip river for some water dipping and splashing.

Because my darling wasn’t here with me yet. So i was quite boring and try to snap as many nice photos for him to see.

After that we drove further down to wash the car and our baju. The place we do the washing was actually a low bridge for the villager to cross over to the main road. Look how happy they are … walking and playing with the unlimited flowing fresh water.

We took another way down to KK (different with the route we went up) crossing the Banjaran Croker. We were on the same level as the clouds. Cool eh?!

And our final destination before fetching my darling hubby was Lok Kawi beach.

Again.. wanted to show my hubby what he had missed out..and test my photography skill with nature..

and living being… thanks to my cousin LW for being my model (only tall person will look nice on these type of picture. you get what i mean? hehe)

and another human snap shot, thank to the couple, my sista and d’ bf although their posing abit cacat

Lastly, this lovely picture was perfectly snap by my cousin, LW with her meriam brand. my camera can’t seem to have the effect for this even though i try many settings. Ya i know we are like going for the photography learning trip.

7 days old

After working for 7 days, i am already like the veteran there liao. Boss not only ask me to do spec which i never see before, also ask me to call meeting to buyoff the system that i never used before. Here ppl do work very express. I have no choice but to take these few days to be thick face and ask supervisors to bring me into the production and get familiarize. Cannot wait any longer.

Rumors always spreading that ‘here’ alwasy have to go home late after work. For the past few days working, i notice that most of the ppl went back at 6something which is no difference compare to my ex-comp ma. Today i finally have the “chance” to go back at 8.50pm. I also notice that MOST of the ppl already long gone. Not as scary as what ppl say la. Maybe my ex-comp is giving out wrong info so that ppl don’t cross over ‘here’