Feeding time

Today 1st thing in the morning i put the blended-not-so-fine rice into the slow cooker to steam and carrot puree. Around 1pm it’s ready to eat. So i took it out and let it cool before i serve my “king”

(ready to eat)

i only put 0.5oz rice and mix alot water. it turns out to be sticky and gluey so i add in more water. some how it’s still thick. don’t care lah.. the main dish is the carrot.

i let him taste the carrot and his face changed. guess he is not used to the taste. normally it’s sweet-soya flavored cereal. anyway i juz mix with the porridge and carrots during feeding. i didn’t mix all coz i know sure cannot finish de. this is just the 1st time. so juz feed bit by bit first.

he don’t really like it and keep turning away. i don’t know if he is still full or what. i juz keep feeding. then he really make noise.. so i end up only feeding the carrot puree. i guess the porridge is too thick and hard to swallow.

(before)                                                                   (after)

( finish..yummy )

and when we’re done, he ended up with a messy face

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My first baby food preparation

It’s kinda funn coz i don’t cook but i cook for Jboy. haha.. it’s not actually cooking. It’s lots of steaming, sun-ing, blending and grinding.

Okay here it is…

1) Steam the carrots, potatoes, apple with slow cooker. You can steam anything. Next i’m going to steam cauliflower, brocolli, sweet potato, pear, banana. Some ppl gv the baby raw, but i’d read that it’s better to cook 1st because we don’t know the baby can stand the acid or anything in the fruits or vege. Maybe later stage can eat raw.

2) Next blend it! I don’t know if you should wait until it’s cooler or not but i blend while hot coz i’m “kan cheong”. hahaha…you can mix with bf, formula or normal water to pureed it. My apple is already full of juices so i didn’t add anything. the potatoes i ass in formula milk. the carrot i mix with potatoes. you can mix anything with anything. even raw meet that’s what i read. but u have to cook it later on. mine i juz wanna re-heat before feeding so i make sure all is cook. lazy mom lah..

3) wait until room temp then store into ur whatever storage. some ppl say need to be sterilize and bla bla bla. but i only wash it and go tru with boiled water. besides i’m thinking of keeping it for months. so, i don’t really bother. maybe it’s not good but i don’t know.

(steam with slow cooker, apple took out liao)

( potato puree + formula milk, carrot + potato puree x 2, apple puree x 2)

storing in brands is better than plastic because when u wan to re-heat them, you can juz rendam in hot water. no need to worry about BPA free or anything. but make sure it’s clean lah. yalah, i did wrongly with my apple puree.

oh ya, i also blend some rice. wash, sun, blend and store. i store in the brand’s chicken essence. normally porride is 1:3? means u cook 1 cup will end up 3 cups. it also depends how watery or sticky you wan it to be lah. anyway i blend mine and store it at arnd 1oz. since he’s drinking 5oz now and should increase anytime. Cooking the porridge

1) pour out the rice and mix with water

2) put into slow cooker or u can juz use ur stove. but since i’m going to re-heat some other puree so i’ll juz use the slow cooker.

3) wa-laa you’re ready.

( my “tools”)

(1oz blended rice)

BTW all this i sendiri think wan. so maybe can change abit here and there.

p/s: it’s better to steam the food rather than boil or microwave. 😀

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Time flies sooo fast. Ppl say when u are enjoying  time juz move so fast. Ppl say looking at other babies they grow so fast. But how come mine also grow so fast??!! It’s 6.5mth liao. Oh gosh. i really wish tat time can just stop rite here, rite now. i don’t wan Jboy to grow so fast. i haven’t enjoy enuf of him. 😦 later he’ll be walking and running.

Anyway i’m teaching him phonics. or shall i say, i’m learning phonics so i can teach him. Yesterday i was going through with him, A, ah, B, beh, C, keh..he repeat after me. I say ah… he say ah… i say B, beh, he say eh..i say C, keh. he say eh.. i was so surprise and i tot my son is a genius. Mins later i smell something… he was actually eh eh eh.. “kek sai” lah… hahaha…

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March is over but he’s Marching

Hello world, my boy is walking FORWARD in his walker! i never let him sit too long in it and it had only been like 1wk i let him sit. sometime i even forgot to let him be in there. and now he can walk forward in his walker? at first was more to backward but today it forward.  we (mom and i) even put his toys behind him and he can do a u-turn and move towards his toy. i’m sooo PROUD!

he still crawls backwards lah.. but it’s good enuf… hahaha…good boy

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6months old

Yay! there’s alot of thing he can now start doing. For example eating solid, which i already did when he was only 5mth old but not adviceable because we may not know how mature is his disgestive system had really grown and issit really okay for solid food. but i do start mixing some cereal into his milk. that means, i need to prepare formula for him cannot fully bm. once per day. just to let him get used to the taste.

started solid this week. been nearly a week. he’s ok with the new taste and infact he loves it. he keep coming for more. his mouth keep opening when i bring the spoon near to his mouth. this also means, i can let him sit on the chair i bought for him. there’s buckle so he won’t swing left and right. but i didn’t really bring the seat out anywhere yet.

next i also let him sit on the walker. not for very long because i’m afraid it’ll harm his backbone. so maybe juz let him use his legs for awhile. but he doesn’t want to sit long also lah… he can move backward but when i ask him to come forward can see that he is very geram coz it’s not moving to the direction he wants. so he scream with pek check-ness.

Felicia borrowed me her Bumbo chair (at the moment still consider borrowed coz i not yet pay her or contra with her) Jboy can sit still for say 5mins. after that he’ll call for help. but i believe he is able to lift himself out from the chair. so cannot leave him alone sitting in the chair. i normally put him there for feeding and for him to watch me pangsai or bathe. hahah.. ya la. bu then how? when i wan to shit or bathe i cannot leave him in the bb cot. he’ll scream and hurt himself.

now he can also turn over both left and right. he move backwards most of the time. but when i put something he likes in front of him, example his toy piano, he can move forward to get it.  hm.. maybe i need he need motivations. but i dun really encourage him to crawl that fast. busier me…

hm…looks like he really grow very fast. i’m starting to miss my little small tiny baby ( he ever been tiny meh?) i really dun wan him to gorw so fast. i jus wan him to be so small and i can be with him all the time..

oh and his mid nite feed is less too. the 4am is already not happening. it had been 4 days no 4am feed. soon i’m going to miss all these. hai~~~

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