1st day to church but it’s for consert. Jedric manage to tahan from 8pm to 10.30pm before he actually show us that he’s restless… hahah but it’s going to end anyway.. so we went back early. To avoid the jam too..

It’s actually a Concert held in the Church invited by SC&WS. Thanks to them.. it was a nice nite with the All American Boy Choir. Wow.. they have the voice of the Disney singers…

Thanks to WS and SC

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New bed

We had been sleeping in our new king size bed for 3days.

1st day was abit uncomfortable because ha-b was worrying that he took much space and cannot move to much.he likes to roll left and right whenever he’s sleeping. i’m also worrying that sleeping in the middle too close with jedric with roll over onto jedric’s hand or leg. i won’t be able to feel something so small..

2nd day was quite ok.. maybe i was tired.

3rd days wasn’t a problem anymore.. we’ll able to sleep until morning. at least i am .. hahah

All the people

I am happy that my biz had been doing quite ok. better than expected. definitely if talk about money there’s no way comparable with my salary previously (keep my finger cross it will be some day)

in the process of all this tough job, i’d been sleeping very late. doing alot research and survey on the other blogs. most importantly knowing all those friends and family who had constantly support me. some are not so close, some are very close. they had all been very very supportive. not in terms of buying from me only lah.. but in term of giving me chance to do something that i dun even think i can do. they trust me more than myself. some are a great pusher and kicker. haha.. kick me in the butt, push me all the way up. i’m glad i have ppl like them around me. without them, i really dunno if i had already give up.

i’d also meet alot ppl. some customers are very considerate, understanding. some are really yim chim. some are so hard to collect payment from them. some juz pay immediately without asking much. some like to ask but never buy. some even like to give ideas but don’t know what is online biz like. some are so crazy they spend so much in clothing. some even discount RM1 they are happy. some order but in the end never pay. there are many different ppl need to deal with. so.. being a sale person is really a tough job.

wish me well.. wish me all the best..


lower 2 teeth is fully grown and upper left tooth is coming. he had been reckless for the pass few days..

right tooth gums is already tighten up..showing sign of in progress..

now upper left is already half way and the bottom 2 side is coming out fast..

can see whithish, sharp edges..haha

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Back to Square 1

After back from Selayang everything went heir wire. He refuse to sleep alone. He is getting more “monster”. I try to put him to bed then transfer back to his bed but after awhile he’ll make noise. Frequent getting up at mid-nite making me tired the whole day. He would cry non stop.

After a week, 3 of us didn’t get enough sleep. My back ache like hell because i need to carry him in and out the bb cot at least 3 times per nite. We switch back to square 1. he sleep with me and Ha-B sleep on the floor. 1st nite was the most wonderful nite for 3 of us. None of us get up at nite. Today was the 2nd nite and i couldn’t remember if i got up. hahaha..

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Sleeping on his own

When he was just born, he was sleeping in his baby cot all by himself.

Later when he was in the 2nd month, both of us were sleeping on the small single bed.

Later we move back to our home, he was sleeping with me on the queen size bed and daddy sleeping on the floor. Until recently..

He sleep on his own bed 2 nights already, i don’t know i’m not use to not sleeping beside him or he not used to not sleeping beside me. I put him to sleep, then transfer to his own baby cot. His normal routine is waking up few times but i didn’t realize much because i just sumbat him with his ori pacifier. Until now… i need to get up 2-3am, and then 5-6 am. Maybe middle of it, there’s a few manja cries coz he is still not used to the new bed. These 2 days i didn’t get a good nite sleep either.

1st nite, tired because couldn’t sleep, worrying he will be cold ( i normally will cover him with our comforter but now, he’s on his own, with his own comforter) then worried that there’s mosquito. i normally sleep with my ears cover up. but since he is not sleeping with me, i don’t dare to cover because i scared i cannot hear him. 2nd nite, i try to make myself more comfortable¬† by covering my ear, but then.. immediately i hear him crying. aiseh.. i dunno is it me, or is it him that’s not used to it. He will wake up and find himself in a funny place which is his bed, then cry louder looking for me during the nite. I know he still need some time getting use to his bed.

3rd nite, try to let him sleep himself…but the more he cries the more my heart ache. my tears already all jamming at the corner of my eyes watching him struggling and crying. i end up carrying him back to my bed and put him to sleep. it’s all my fault, i’d made him this way then now wanna change him. sure lah he not used to it. sure la he cry. haiz~

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