Happy Half Year Mboy

Mboy is finally 6mth old and times passes soo fast. I could remember i was still struggling with BF during Jboy’s time. This time looks like i’m more expert and face no issue with BF. Except sometimes i feel that my supply drop due to not eating enough excessively enough to supply to him. Or maybe he is sprouting?

At this moment he could flip both side (first flip on 2nd day of CNY; 24th Jan)  and crawl backward. Biting his toes and sucking his thumb like nobody business. Still very unpredictable sleeping habit, and doesn’t want to sleep even tho he is very tired and cranky. I feel he is insecure when he were put into the sarong. I need to sing and tepuk his backside for him to fall asleep in the sarong. Else need to dodoi him, which is out of the question because he is darn heavy weighing 9kg at 6mth old.

He also had been in the walker for awhile now but still not very expert. Feeding is also very uncertain, bcoz he is fed whenever he make noise. He started solid but after a few days of cereal, he “ta lang zan” so i stop the cereal for now. Guess he is like his papa doesn’t like cereal. muahhaa… Haven’t been cooking/steaming anything for him yet coz i’m still living like a nomad and is not convenient to do anything here. *sigh* Comparing to J, M is still not very good at swallowing. But he’ll soon learn to catch up his ko ko

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Nope, i didn’t teach him to be so sweet

3 more days M will be 6mth old and we had been living together for the pass 6 mths. nothing change.. my J is still as sweet as ever. 1 time i saw him explaining to M how the fireworks works. Hand gesture up and down.. and sound effects. So cute.. i cannot tahan but burst out laughing. He can’t talk properly but wanna explain to his lil bro. They giggle and laugh at each other.. such a sweet moment.  I wish i can record everything.

Sometimes i told him to give few of this toy car to M, he’ll just give all and tell me “share share with baby” Aw~~ i dunno where he gets all those love and affection for his lil bro but that definitely didn’t come from me. I didn’t even teach him that! I mean yes i teach him to share but what does a 2yr old know about sharing?

There’s once, the neighbors baby is crying, J suddenly stone. Then call me, “mama baby cry” twice he call and want me to go see M who’s sleeping soundly upstairs. I have to explain to him that it’s not our baby. Sweet but too kepo. There are times when M is already sleeping he had to go to M’s face and say “baby sleeping” – gosh.. then M woke up lor~~~

On the other hand, i can see M is a very bad tempered baby – not sweet at all ( no i’m not being bias) Normally ppl will tell me, my baby very bad temper cannot wait even for a little while for the milk! Hello??!! I’m BF and mine can’t even wait.. and that’s not it. If i take too long to unbuckle my bra, he’ll scream so loud and won’t stop screaming. He doesn’t want the milk anymore, he wants to be soothe then only milk! That is how stubborn and bad tempered he is.

Couple days ago, i saw M eyeing on the toy train from his walker. He wanted to have it but the walker was stuck. He whine.. then i help him to get the toy train. But i didn’t believe he knows what he likes at this stage.. so i took away the train and he whine again and this time abit annoyed. Then i move the train left and right and his eye was following the train. i gave him the train he keep quiet. Then i  repeat for the 3rd t ime, M starts crying… even tho i gave him the train, he refuse to take is anymore. He just whine and cry. yala i know my bad, but then… it’s so not like babies. I tot they are suppose to be naive, give stop, take away cry. But this wan can show temper… summore got his own preference what he likes! Really a “Maverick”

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My heart so ache

We had been staying with my parent in Melaka after CNY until today. Only 2 weeks, but Jdric is missing his father soooo much. My heart aches everytime he call his dad.

When he heard cars or dog barks from our room the run to the window and he said “papa here, papa here” i had to tell him no it’s “ah gu” (my bro)…coming back… he is OK, he won’t whine or laukai.. he also won’t be disappointed.

When he saw his dad’s photo in my tab he’ll try to tab on the picture (wanting to call his dad) This morning he was angry with my tab coz it won’t initiate the call. *sigh*

Ytd he heard cars from the living room he said “papa come back” pointing at the door. i had to tell him no papa is working. So mom and i taught him that papa is working so can buy, nen-nen, sweet, chocolate, ice-cream,vege, rice… then that nite when he was talking on the phone with his dad he repeat all those to his dad. hahaha….

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Fell from Bed

When J was nearly 1yr old he fell from the bb cot. It was an accident that i think if can rewind the time i’ll still put him in the bb cot. Anyway i was downstairs hanging clothes, just got a gut feeling something bad will happen but i ignore. Baby cot was way up to J’s chest level. How could he get out rite? Anyway he manage to CLIMB out. *bom* that’s the only thing i heard downstairs no cry. I ran up and on the way i heard him cry.. maybe he is a bit super hyper cannot stop running today is due to the fall.

M nearly fall from the bed during our sleep too. I was sleeping blurr blurr then i feel him at my feet. Jump up he was an inch away from the edge. So now i’ll put pillow not only left and right but below him. 10th Feb, midnite i heard *bom* and scream. M fell on the floor even he is secure with pillow. He kick the pillow away! Luckily we were sleeping on the 6inch mattress so still not too bad.

Today *sob* *sob* i drop him. 😦  Playing with him on the bed, then i saw the needles wasn’t kept. So i left him on the bed and keep the needle on the sewing machine. Then i turn around witness him fall to the ground with his bump first and then fall on his back. Head knock knock… *sigh* this is NOT an accident but totally my mistake. At 5.5mth fell so many times. I am really such a useless mummy… so many incident still never learn!

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1st Solid : Mashed potatoes with BM

J was 5mths and 2 days when he started with solid on Heinz apple puree.

Now M , 5mth, 1wk and 5 days…. started his 1st solid with a homemade potato mashed with BM. I think he likes it alot. He actually shows sign of readiness when he was 4mth old but i just worried his digestive system wasn’t ready.

Today i’d steam the potatoes and mix it with BM until really smooth and watery. M ate quarter of it. It’s really a major achievement because he haven’t had anything rough down his throat before. He can swallow real well. His molar and front bb tooth haven’t grew out yet! Still can be seen, a very tiny whitish dot.

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BB M first trip

Back dated to 26 Jan (4th day of CNY) :

BB M very first trip (besides back and forth fr KL and Melaka) We went to Bukit Gambang Water Resort. Ha-B was the one entertaining J all the time. Brought him to the water park, played with his cousins. M and I were in the room coz tat place wasn’t suitable for him. We did went down but M took this opportunity to sleep tru out the water park session. My back and shoulder nearly fall into pieces carrying him while he sleep. :S i didn’t went into the water. Just look from far how happy both my J was. We only stayed a nite there and i was like thank God as least to the beach i can let M sit on the ‘bumbo chair’ while i play with the sand/sea.

Next day off to Cherating, which is arnd 30min fr Bkt Gambang but we took 2hrs coz we detour into Kuantan town. Bought junkies thinking can i’ll hv time to relax on the beach and watch them play. Upon reaching, everybody changed into their swimsuit including me and M. When down it was slightly drizzling, but it is ok. J was afraid of the sand!! Alamak.. he didn’t want to be put down. So i trick him to play the wave a little, and run whole he tries to catch me coz me wants me to carry him. Ok-lah after awhile he was OK with the sand which is more dense near the water.

Then i pick up J to play with the sand, he isn’t happy… then i get his leg to touch the sea water, he was too afraid pulak. The wave was abit loud when it crashes to the beach. It is monsoon season what u expect rite? So i didn’t want to gv him a bad experience decided to go back to the room. On the way back, i was to tempted to jump into the pool so i tot, since we’re both changed why not. We had a little short dip, playing with the pool.. but M wasn’t really happy. he looks bored. So i guess he must be sleepy! (At home had to force him to sleep, now we’re on our trip he wants to sleep, *argh*) Back to the room bath and changed him. Put him to sleep…short while, M is awake again. So i went down and saw my J doing a back flip into the pool! OMG really brave of him and everybody was thinking he was brave jumping into the pool wait till they see his back flip. He even have names for it. “dolphin”

He was happy i can see but too happy until refuse to come out from the pool. He got no choice but to pull him out and carried him way back to the hotel room while he screams and shout. *sigh* suppose to be happy but end up this way. We tried talking to him, telling him there’s tomorrow and still can play again. Not working of course…

2nd day at Cherating, worst i didn’t even dip into any pool or sand! Just carrying M and sit by the pool. *argh* this is so not me… i never let go any chance to dip or to the beach! How my life had change now..

I’d made my decision, until M can walk i’m not gg anywhere to stay over nite again. Waste my time travelling… didn’t enjoy at all.


New Year, New Things, New Life, New Home

We had sold off our beloved home in Melaka a couple of months ago. Now we’re just waiting for the full payment and we can hand over the key. My heart sore …. i loved that house.. we had build it together. We made our two kids in that house, we have our quarterly BBQ and steamboat in that house. We painted the house with many of our good friends, we move into that house with the help of our besties..  we fix the room doors and painted it ugly-ly not knowing that we need to sand off the based coat, and now the door is rough and ugly but it’s nice work done by both of us. now i need to hand the key to someone else. *sob* *sob* if only i can “MOVE THE HOUSE” . Melaka home is really a very nice place, (apart from all the nonsense from that *W#$# neighbor)

Selangor hse is in progress, i don’t know why the developer takes so long to transfer the name. *darn* But thank God the seller is kind enough to give us the key and allow us to do anything to the hse. But of course, i will not do any major reno. What if tak jadi then i’ll be doing a free reno for him loh. Just minor and move in.

For this new house ( we can’t call a home yet) if we’re OK, can actually move in, the rod iron grill is there, the kitchen cabinet is ready, the gas stove is cookable, the toilet is with hot shower, curtains are all up. But i prefer to do up the some minor work before moving in.

(1) termites repellent

(2) repaint the whole interior – will buy the paint and ask some indon to help

(3) change the parquet to wood laminated for whole upstairs – to make sure no termites and safer for the kiddos

(4) minor touch up on the cracks – should be able to DIY

(5) This time i’d got to use the back room as a kids room cause it is bathe room attached, so i’m gg to wallpaper it with nice blue and green wallpaper – lebih lebih 😛

There’s also a few things i really tempted to get

(1) My oven! eventually wanted to get the oven with the stove but the previous owner left us with theirs so.. why not? Now where to put my oven leh~~

(2) My pots and pans (can mausk oven) & a set of Zwilling knife – saja saja with the knife, watch too much AFC & FNA

Well let hope and pray hard that everything went smoothly and we can move in, in 1 mths time.

Happy Chinese New Year – Dragon Year !

This Chinese New Year had been different from previous years,

(1) I did not went back Melaka to celebrate – every year i’ll be in Melaka  coz we/Ha-B works there.

(2) In laws went vacation, so we took this opportunity to cabut too else Ha-B no time to cabut dy

(3) There’s 2 kids, means 1 extra angpao so we must do more visiting, ha! – turns out we did not attend any friends gathering, i didn’t see any of my schoolmates/collegemates/relatives from SG

(4) We don’t visit friends, we just attends gathering but this year i visit 1 particular friend who is ever so close to me and yet she’s a stranger i never met .. haha.. sound complicated but she is always there for me when i need her. Even sounds stranger.. haha.. – she is JC