Happy 牛 Year


Hahaha.. i’m still on time to wish every one a very Happy Moo Moo Year…

Where had i been so long?

I was busy preparing cookies, i was sick and i was very busy with my work. With all the shut downs and holidays, i only have few days in a week to finish up all the reports. What?! you think work 2 days then do 2 days work? Of course NOT. My boss will still require the same thing every week .

My company “released” us earlier by forcing us to take leave on the 23rd Jan but had to start work on 29th Jan.

This year new year was very similar with last year, Ha-B and I had reunion lunch at my mom’s place and rush back to KL immediately for the reunion dinner at his place. Except this year, i didn’t bring Cophie up. Last year a very tragical thing happen. I bring Missy up, and she was missing. This year i just let my parent take care of Cophie. hehehe.. poor thing.. my parent have to suffer.

This year is also a very special year because on the 1st day of new year, we  already went out with Ha-B’s friend. We went to a temple Fo Guong Shan and then gambling gathering at a friend’s empty condo.

2nd day is quite normal. Everybody will come to the house but the special thing is, this year, i’m feeling very much like home. Especially with the relatives. For the pass 2 CNY, i wasn’t feeling comfortable because in the big family, i couldn’t remember who and who. This year i cannot remember all but still able to recognise some.

This year is trully a very special year for me….

[picutres stored in another PC so for pictures of CNy pls refer to here and  here]


Furious and lots of Anger

9 something at night, we were going for dinner and Ha-b wanted a hair cut. So after dinner we went to Tesco and i was driving because he was eating “char kuey” in the car. The parking lot was very extremely full of cars. I spot a car coming out and  i quickly put on my signal light. Another car from opposite direction also spotted the opportunity and was moving toward the spot. When the car reversed out, of course i went in the lot. It’s suppose to mine anyway. Maybe the car opposite that was waiting didn’t see me.

They honk like mad. Ha-b ask me to reverse back and give them the spot. I was reluctant but i did reverse out to gave them the spot. However half way reversing, the car next to me was going out too and the car behind me was also going to leave. Meaning that there will be 2 empty space! And it will be very stupid to hog the whole road because i need to reverse and give my space to the stupid car and then wait for the 2 cars to leave and then only i park my car. rite? rite?

So i move forward and park my car properly since there’s already 2 empty space. The stupid car didn’t park, but they move to another empty spot far far away and waited. I don’t know what they are waiting for but i just let Ha-b finish his “char kuey” and then only get down the car. The passenger in the stupid car saw that we didn’t get down, they move to another spot and try to hide behind a big car. I did saw the car number plate, Mxx1729, white kancil with 2 red stripe ticker across the car boot.

After he finish, we get down and walk into Tesco. I was so stupid not to sense anything. Idiot me! When we came back, i saw my newly painted car (2 months ago) got a deep scratch from back until the front. I was damn furious.

I really wanted to smack the fella if i ever saw the car again. i even want to smash all the window and puncture the four tyre. I was cursing and swearing in my heart! I really want to take my revenge. Even the next morning i was still very angry because 1st the spot is suppose to be mine, 2ndly they already hv 2 other spot to choose, and 3rdly my car is newly painted *argh*

After the 3rd day, which is today, my feelings is more to heart ache than angry. My car….*sob* *sob* i was thinking alot, and i decided to forgive them and move on. i choose to forgive them. Coz i know if i do anything bad, God will be very disappointed of having a child like me. I’ll be humiliating my own religion and my own Lord Father. I’m still not completely over it yet, but i choose, i choose to forgive. Satan had got into them and do such nasty things to me, i wouldn’t allow myself to be easily influenced by bad things. I pray that God will calm me and help me to get over this anger. Help me to get over my bad mood and down feelings.

28 Dec 2008: Bangkok Last Day

Everybody had a real good night after the 2 hours whole body massage. Too good in fact. We only manage to get up and eat breakfast at 9am. Today it’s a day we call “last minute shopping”. Majority wanted to go… guess where…..you are right. Platinum again. Took a cab, go straight to the mall.

I didn’t follow Sil coz their style is not my style. Mine is not theirs. So better split up and since it’s the last minute thingy, we should grab every opportunity and time we have.The feeling and mood is better than yesterday. Everything seems fresh. Some shop like never see before. I straight bought 4 tops from a single shop.

Lunch was at the food court in Platinum, at 1st i wasn’t very hungry. But this stupid mall, they announce all the food they have upstairs in their food court when it’s time for lunch . Not hungry also become hungry after listening. And the announcement repeat non-stop. I have the same Mango sticky rice. It’s cheaper here, 500baht.

Around 12++pm, we headed back to hotel to pack our stuff and prepare to go to the airport. Our flight is 6.30pm and the travel agent suppose to pick us at 3.30pm. YES you heard me correctly. SUPPOSE. We waited at the lobby for 15min, then we sense something is very wrong. Normally pick-up to the airport won’t be late coz i’m very sure the agent won’t want to pay extra to compensate us for our flight that we miss. So we tried calling the travel agent and the tour guide but no one pick up. At 3.45pm we hired a van and took us to the airport.

We manage to chek in and get on to the plane on time. We met the another couple who are suppose to be in the same trip as us on the plane. They were complaining the same thing. But they are lucky that they manage to call the tour guide and %(&%^#% her. She had totally forgotten about us. She didn’t even have the intention to pick us up, according to the couple.

Anyway we are filing a complain to the PYO Travel Agent in Malaysia for the bad arrangement. And should pay us all the phone calls and transportation from hotel to airport! Beware of this PYO Travel Agent.

Other than this, the trip was superb and great. Thinking of going again next year before Chinese New Year. But this time, we’ll book the trip with airasia and book a budget hotel nearby the town.


27 Dec 2008: Bangkok Day 3

Today we are on our own. Free and easy and it’s a full day at Chatuchak market. Ppl say that this place you cannot finish walking even 2 full days. And the best part, surely to get lost. Bear in mind that this market only open on weekend and officially open from 9am to 6pm. But getting there earlier is an advantage to shop but not all shops are open and leaving early will avoid the jam.

After our breakfast in the hotel, we took a cab to the market and reach there around 9 something nearly to 10am. 30% of the shop is not open yet. But i tell you this is the best time to shop. 1st not so hot and 2ndly those shop not open you can skip. DOn’t worry, you won’t miss anything spectacular. Probably you can get in other shop the similar thing. This way you can also cover more of the market.

When i reach there, the 1st thing i saw as house deco and it’s my favourite. i couldn’t stand. I wasn’t prepare in this trip to bring back those things. So i told Ha-b to walk faster and skip all the house deco. Don’t look left, don’t look right. Don’t want to spend time and money this area. My main purpose is to shop for my Cophie and clothing. But i really wanted so badly to grab a few of the decos lor. My hand damn itchy lor.

dsc03780( House deco area)

1st stop, the pet area. Can already hear the little puppies bark from far away. When i reach there, i was very happy but also sad to see those little puppies being caged and there’s 2 golden retrievers were caged in a small cage. They can’t even lift up their head. Damn shitty rite? Geram-nia… but i can’t do anything. 1 things good is that the whole place were clean. The puppies were bathe and fed. So at least 1 thing for sure, the puppies there are not living in a gross, slimy, dirty area. Thank God for that. I proceed to the 1st shop to get a dog bag. It’s a bag for me to carry Cophie around NOT a bag for Cophie to carry. 🙂 Got it for a quite reasonable price until i came back and my colleague told me she bought at RM8 less than mine. Hai~~ at least is cheaper than Malaysia. Some tit-bits and 2 stainless steel bowl for Lucky and Cophie each. Also 2 collars with bell and 1 body leash for Cophie. The best is the 2 baju for Cophie. hehehe…. Cophie also can celebrate CNY already.

slide1(One corner of Chatuchak Market)

I had to stop myself from bringing back the whole pet area , so i quickly move  on to clothing area. The clothing is much much cheaper over here. However the place is not air-conditioned some might not really enjoy shopping here. I’m fine. As long it’s cheap and it comes with different sizes, i’m fine. As i walk along i could only see the t-shirts that suits me. Most of the blouses cannot fit me (~_~). Those shop having bigger size need to top-up extra around RM2-3. Why are they discriminating ppl who are more voluptuous, bootilicious, curvi-licous,  meati-licious? They jealous or what? Ya i think so. Coz when i look around everybody is “smaller” in terms of everything. Hahaha…What a lame excuse hor? (just to make myself happy okay. no offence to anybody) I didn’t manage to get alot clothing from Chatuchak, but i bought a few accessories and pants. They have different sizes for pants.

(Tips: If you have “beautiful” asset like mine and find it very difficult to buy a pant without trying on, bring along extra shorts when shopping in Bangkok as most places are not allow to try on. Unless you are in the high-class shopping mall. All you need is just take out your pants and measure on whatever pants you would like to buy. The waist line, the buttock line, the thigh line. It’s accurate!)

slide2(MUST TRY)

Meet up with the rest at around 12pm, the rest decided to go back to Platinum Fashion Mall, but me and Ha-B decided to stay put to explore more of Chatuchak. Really love it here but tak larat to carry everything back. We also had our lunch at the market. Beef and pork noodle. Ok-lah at least my desire completed halfway.

dsc03812(Beef and pork noodle)

We continue to explore after lunch. People start to flood the place. I cannot really walk properly. We try to walk into the small alley, deep deep inside to avoid the crowd. Anyhow ppl still keeps coming in more and more. We decided to leave the place. You know la, baju tak ada, orang ramai, mood pun hilang. We took a cab and meet the rest at Platinum.

Reaching Platinum, ppl also seems to be as many as Chatuchak Market. The feeling is different compare to the 1st day. Everything seems the same and mood also not so peak. Maybe i’m tired maybe already biasa with it. But still manage to get a decent dress coz the shop was having a 50% discount. You know-lah, my eyes already preset to target on 50% and above long long time ago and my sensor will direct me to the place, unintentionally. Wuahahah….

dsc03838(Bangkok Chinatown)

We went to ChinaTown for dinner to try the suckling pig and shark fin soup. I know the Shark fin soup suppose to be famous and cheap in Bangkok, but i didn’t know the suckling pig also famous. As usual lor.. ppl bring we follow lor. BIL bought deserts, Thai durian. I’m only in love with bitter durians and since Thai durian is sweet, i can’t comment much. Other loved it though.

After dinner we went to the Patphong to “buka mata” on the night life and red light district. Continue strolling to Bangkok Centre to take photos of the Christmas decorations and supposingly to have a beer at beer garden. Tak jadi sampai beer garden coz we walk too much end up too tired to even have a drink. Just want to go back hotel and have a good body massage. We massage for 2 hours that day, until 2am. BTW the dinner really sucky.

<more picture>

nbangkok-town(I am not preggy- stop touching my stomach, or maybe it’s the baju)

26 Dec 2008: Bangkok Day 2

Took our breakfast at the hotel and we were given a foc half day tour. As i had planed earlier, we are going to Grand Palace, Wat Arun and ChinaTown for the largest sitting Buddha. But unfortunately the Sitting Buddha temple is closed for renovation. So we Only arrange for 2 places.

dsc03584(4 face Buddha)

dsc03587(4 face Buddha-closer shot)

Before going to the main destination, the tour guide had brought us to the 4 face Buddha for some prayers. I just act as a camera woman. After that, Honey Bee Factory and Gem Factory. Both places is just for them to collect points. We spend nearly the whole morning wasting our time visiting the 2 places. Realizing that we do not have much time left because both Wat Arun and Grand Palace closed at 5.30pm we have to choose either one. Grand Palace is the final choice because we do not need to cross the river to the other side. Hahaha… but we need to pay 300baht for the entrance to Grand Palace. Those who plan to enter the Grand Palace must also remember to wear top with sleeve and collar as a respect to the king and the Emerald Buddha temple.

dsc03610(Grand Palace overall view)

dsc03614(Group Photo-Grand Palace)

dsc03671(3 lovely “beautiful flower”)

It was really grand and beautiful inside. All the golden building really did amazed me. We took most picture here in the whole trip. The place was so huge that we got separated from each other. Luckily we had planed earlier to meet outside the gate at 4.30pm in case any one of us get lost.

dsc03675(I Love Bangkok)

grandpalace1(We only manage to cover the highlighted area)

We manage to gather again and took a short walk in the local market opposite the Grand Palace. After the hot sight seeing, i bought my favorite drink, coffee. They made local coffee here and the taste is better than CB or SB. Took a river cruise to the nearest MRT. Great experience. The river taxi is really like a public transport where we just hop on and hop off the boat. Of course we have to pay but it’s around RM2. Although we didn’t manage to step into Wat Arun but we manage to get a nice view form the river cruise.

dsc03694(favorite drink coffee)

dsc03696(river taxi)

dsc03730(Wat Arun)

For late lunch, we ate at the high class food court at MBK plaza. I only ordered a mango sticky rice because i had wanting to eat since i touch down. In fact there’s few things in my list, (1) Pork  stew rice, (2) Mango sticky rice, (3) Beef noodle, (4) Mango salad. My mango sticky rice is way too expensive in this high class food court. 90baht ~ RM9. Goodness why can’t we just eat at the stall by the road side. it’ll be so much tastier.  It’s my fault for not planing for the food. Normally my style for vacation is that, what ever local food, just wack. I eat almost anything, but if i step my foot in Thailand i will expect eating Thai food than Korean food. If you know what i mean. But let’s just say, sometimes i have to let go and follow the crowd. (damn benci rite? especially i am a control freak). After dinner take a relaxing window shopping in MBK. Nothing spectacular actually. Looks similar like Sungei Wang in KL.

dsc03751(my luxury mango sticky rice)

We went back to hotel and took a shower and went for a seafood dinner, a restaurant nearby our hotel. The food is so so, still not up to my Thai food standard. I’m thinking, Bangkok really got no good food meh?

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25 Dec 2008: Bangkok Day 1

3 years back, on this date, we were in Bali, Indonesia. 5D-4N.

This Bangkok trip Ha-B was really looking forward to. Frankly i wasn’t really into all the shopping vacation. I prefer a relaxing and side seeing vacation. Anyway sister in-law did all the booking from Matta Fair. Including the flight and accommodation, total was RM1k. As usual, I always have to do some survey and googling before leaving for any trip. Bit by bit i had plan for the whole 4D-3N trip.

pc250024Day one, we reach hotel around 3++ pm Bangkok time. We stayed in Ecotel (not a good hotel because it’s far from everywhere) After check-in we (Ha-B and i) took out late lunch. PORK RICE! *yum* *yum*It’s been so long since i eaten this. Previously was in Phuket introduced by ST and WS.


Immediately after that, we headed to Platinum Wholesale Fashion Mall. Minimum is 2 pieces. We can choose any clothing as long as it’s 2 pieces from the shop. 4 ladies, i’m very sure it’s a small matter.


From the map it’s quite near, when we walk i really wish we had taken the cab or tuk tuk. BUT when reaching there, i feel like Dong Dae Mun, Korea. All the clothings except it’s so much cheaper here. My tiredness all gone! We all really went crazy for a second. 1st shop we storm in, we had bought 3 pieces. 2nd shop, we bought another 3 pieces. I was really worried that i might spend all our cash that night. Thank God most of the shop closed at 7pm and some at 8pm. We only have around 2 hours to shop and yet i had bought 4 pieces in total and a imitation flat top brush from “M.x.C” I haven’t tried it yet, but i nearly bought the Christmas Limited Edition set. Actually i don’t know what exactly the reason i wanted the brush, but you know-lah, when ppl say it’s nice, it’s good, it’s best for this and that i just cannot resist. This is the bad thing reading beauty blogs.


For dinner around 8.30pm we went looking for Bangkok best restaurant (according to bil) for dinner. It’s quite a long journey and the restaurant was quite high class. It’s a chinese restaurant. It’s abit gila to go to a Chinese restaurant when we are actually in  Thailand, right?  😀

After dinner we went for massage. 1 hour foot massage is 150bath, body massager also 150 bath. That all for the 1st day.

p/s: maybe i should take back my 1st thought about shopping vacation.

<more pictures>


Happy New Year to Everyone and May this 2009 year fill with wealth and prosperity. Health is the most important of all so i would say that even if the economy decide to be worst in 2009, we shall all stay healthy and happy. Learn to appreciate whatever that’s infront of you and don’t cry over spilt milk. Look forward ya all! Happy 2009 & let’s party!