Facial Day

Early of my pregnancy, a friend told me not to wash my face with soap and not to apply anything to my face. Basically just use plain water is enough. I’m stupid enough to trust her.

At 22th wks now, my face is horrible. ok la… teruk until ache all over but my black and white head is everywhere. i cannot tahan anymore and schedule for a facial.

My pimple also quite harden already. During the extraction, it was abit painful. everytime my beautician picit, my BB kick once. Either he’s also in pain or he wants to protect the mummy. Haha.. good boy..but i told him nobody is trying to harm mummy, just making mummy beautiful..he never kicks after that.


A date to remember

It’s been more than a year.. everytime i had to faced the disobedient Cophie i’ll think of Missy. Yesterday was the 2nd time. I didn’t cry but my tear keep rolling down. Where did she go…

Reaching at work today with dry and tired eyes. Work also no mood no mood. Suddenly after breakfast, i could feel my tummy like using the air gun and shoot from inside. When i look at it, my baju was floating up! Must be BB trying to tell me not to be sad about Missy. hahah… i press against my tummy and he gave me a second air blow. I guess this is how it feels being kick by BB.

Cracking a Huge Joke….

I have crack at my tummy..YES at this stage. 5months! This is so unbelievable. My tummy it’s not that big, it’s not that hard but why did it crack?

This is all my own ego-ness, i told everybody that it’s genetic. (at least this is wat i read and heard alot) I couldn’t be bothered to even apply any lotion. Only Ha-B is worried and applying for me daily occasionally. 2 of my friends had applied daily during their pregnancy and when reaching the final month their tummy have stretch marks too. So i was thinking why waste all the effort.

Mana tau…that day it finally happen and i really cannot take it. It was so red and started so early.  I think it was all because i scrub my body too hard using the stupid gloves during my shower. I know it’s just and excuse but how could it happen so d*mn early… sister in law told me about the brand “Clarins” i also read from forums about it and my colleagues experience saying it really works. Frankly speaking, never heard about it before this. i still decided that it’s the only thing that can saved me.. So without wasting any more time i went 1-U JJ and bought the stupid Rm172 oil just to make myself feel better.

NOW i’m trying to apply expensive oil at night and pharmacy cream during the day. Hope it helps abit.. at least pls don’t expand anymore or get any worst…. 😦

BB don’t make mummy have ugly tummy okay…


(i took the photo of my tummy but the camera lighting cannot capture the obvious red-ness so sorry can’t share)

Ah Pid Mummy

I’d been having tummy ache. I do not kno alw how to describe the pain. It’s not cramps or wanna shit kinda pain..just pain…today it’s the 2nd day already. Colleagues encourage me to see the doc for safety purpose so reluctantly i took the gate pass (we are not allow to take half day leave therefore having the privileage to took 2 hours off for personal reason) went during lunch hours.

Waitted for 30min for the doc and nurses to return from their lunch. As soon as i step into the clinic, doc ask me if i could feel the baby or not. Kinda stupid right? How would i know what’s the feeling like. However i told doc that i have this tapping on my stomach quite often. In fact it’s been tapping on and off since wk 10th. Doc said it’s “THAT FEELING”. OMG i had been feeling it and i do not even know! How stoopid rite. I always thought it’s my muscle bouncing or my tummy growling.

Proceed with the scanning, BB is bigger now. It’s 13cm compare to last time 10cm. The spine is clearer and the cord can be seen too. The whole thigh, calf, feet and heel everything is so clear now. Still unable to see the fingers coz most probably it’s not open yet or it’s making into a fist-like. From the scanning, can see he’s moving and stretching. Now his position is on the left side of my tummy and leg kicking up my abdomen.

Doc also mention that the pain i’m feeling is most probably my muscle aching. Recently i had been coughing and blowing my nose like nobody business for 2nd month now. As long it’s not contractional pain it’s consider quite safe. Oh well, consider an early check-up.

Back in the office colleagues who are worried were relieve to hear the result. Again i could feel the tapping on my abdomen and this time i am sure it’s BB. Since i know the exact location of BB make me even more sure of it. I put my fingers to feel and i can actually feel my skin bulging up and down. So wierd rite? He is just 13cm. Where did he get all the strength to penetrate my thick fats? Amazing creation from God…praise the Lord.

Just realise..

I’m at my 18th wks now but my symptom all shows like i’m at my 1st trimester. I’m begining to feel nausea and fatigue. Ha-B said maybe i’m just starting to realise / wake up / finally believe i’m having a life in me. I also think so..mom pulak says that 1 day nvr vomit more than 10times don’t ever even talk about it. (>_<)

Haiyo and ah~ this boy… is really a mat salleh. He don’t like chinese food. every time grandma cooks he sure mengamuk. He don’t like garlic. Even my favourite yee mee also he don’t like. ( the yee mee came with the fried onion). He also don’t like spicy food. If possible he just want to eat bread, bread and bread. i have limited food choices now..In the begining i’m still able to take yogurt but now….yogurt in, dinner out. *yuck*

I’m also feeling tired all the time. Why now? Ppl say 2nd trimester is the “honeymoon” semester. Why now…. notti boy. Maybe also i’d been gaining alot that’s why i’m tired. 6kg extra. it’s not good i know but i can only eat bread and some other high carbo stuff. fish also abit jelak, vege cannot goes with garlic, fried rice is a huge NO NO, cereal is too sweet, chicken have the chicken yuckie smell (KFC is the worst), fried, oily stuff is also big NO. i really have no idea what to eat. can someone tell me what to eat for my next 22weeks to come? thank God i’m still able to take the bird nest. you see, expensive boy with expensive taste.

One side bulging

This morning woke up, i was touching and feeling my big round tummy. I was sleeping side ways, and i realise that my tummy was bulging at on the lower left side of the tummy. i straight woke up and feel again the whole tummy. it was softer on the abdomen and right side but the left side like got something hard inside. OMG. i quickly stand up and press it in. I still don’t know what is it.. but all went back normal after that. *phew*

BB don’t scared mummy like that again okay…