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Luckie…lucky me.. lucky jedric…i’d always wanted to try it


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Stand up right

Jedric was pulling himself up from the bb cot railling. He was kneeling down and both of us was like “wow” clever boy. Suddenly he just lift his whole body up and stand. OMG how did he do that? He don’t even know how to sit properly and now he want to stand?

He is always skipping things. He never crawls with his tummy. He started crawling with his tummy up. Then he now can’t even sit properly he want to stand. He dun like to eat porridge but can eat rice? Weird boy. but ok lah.. like CH said as long he is progressing, then it’s good enough.

My darling boy. 😀

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One day trip to Muar

Yesterday was the 1st time Jboy went south. We went to Muar, my dad’s hometown. We reach great grandma house around 12.30pm. It was my first time there too. My grandma rented a room, staying with my other relative. She’d more used to Muar with her friends and “land swimming” kaki.

When great grandma saw Jboy, she was shocked and excited. She was running in a spot (lari setempat) welcoming my boy. hahah.. my 83yrs old grandma so cute eh? She carry him for awhile (you know lah, how to carry a 10kg rice for so long)

Jboy was excited too. He didn’t even want to drink milk but juz looking around like “sua ku” Luckily he didn’t cry. He can recognize that it’s a new place.

After awhile we went to er yi’s hse, Jboy still looking around. Er ku (my dad’s cousin) was there too. Jboy get to meet new ppl and far far relative. Can say that he had behaving well. 🙂 After forcing him to finish his milk, he sleep for 15mins. We head back home…

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Crawling Progress

He can crawls forward

Style A : Lift himself with support on knee and palm. Swing forward and backward. Throw himself forward and land on his chest *ouch* Sometime on the face too.

Style B (advanced) : Lift himself with support on palm and feet. Knee tuck in and land on chest.

Style C : Use his elbow and move forward. 🙂 He finally can crawl forward after much try and error.

He can do yoga

Start with a Cobra post then follow by a downward facing dog. Continue with the Dog and Cat post. Rest on the tummy with both leg kicking and hand like swimming.

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