Event of the month – AUGUST

Maybe i just do a wrap up for my month of August occasions. Abit lazy and no mood to blog because my 2084 had went into the factory.

2nd August: Lil brother’s bday. We celebrated with him, the next day. Bought him the cake he like from SR.

10th August: Happy 3rd Anniversary darling. Today is the official date that we are registered. Nothing really special happen because we were traveling so much and when we return home from KL it’s abit late. But my dearest had manage to buy me a gift. Thanks for the lovely gift, i like it alot! *muaks*

18th August: Granny’s 71st birthday! Happy birthday granny. Didn’t had any celebration like last year because granny was in Muar.

20th and 21st August: Special event for hubby and me. It’s our birthday. This year, all my 1st, 2nd and 4th aunt came down to Malacca for the school holiday. So i bought a cake to invite my aunt to sing me a song. Mana tau hubby also bought me a multi layered cake.The neighbors must be wondering why everyday we sing bday song. I didn’t get hubby anything because the thing tat i wanted to buy for him, he already bought himself.

Mine & Ha-B

Also this year we tone down alot. No BBQ or karaokae. We just went to W.K.C.C.T. to makan because there’s a super huge “tai tai pui” free for the bday person. Requirements are min 6 person and purchase of min RM30. Another reason for us to gathered because KS is going to fly off for 6months so we want to wish him all the best and save journey.

Oh and by the way, this year, my bday is a very special day coz it’s


Got it?

25th August: Baby aunt and D-boy’s birthday. They were too far away so can’t have celebration with them.

30th August: Pakto anniversary.. hahah…so i spend more than RM300 on myself today. (Just a reason for me to spend okay)

– Bene-tint blusher

– New hair cut

– Padini shirt, What? they are on 70% i can’t resist anyway i only bought 2. so don’t make a big fuss!

– Coffee press which i am longing for… BintangDuit… here i come for your beans!

31st August: I am not a very patriotic person so.. just Merdeka-lor. Didn’t go for count down or watever. Just stay at home.


My new hair style

It is actually the most expensive hair cut i spend in my life. RM65!

But it comes with a spa package so, it’s reasonable but i had never spend so much a hair cut.

I didn’t like it as much compare my previous hair cut, ok-lah. At least it get rid of all my dying, rotten hair.

Cophie’s New Stuff

It’s been a long long time since i update about my baby boy.

Recently ijust bought him a suppliment for his coat. His tear stain and palm is getting red-der and red-der. It’s said to be infected by red yeast. That thing cost me RM100 and it didn’t cured him. Although it seems to be less, still it’s there making Cophie looks like a dirty dog. Many of dog’s owner tried and works. I guess it must be something that Cohpie is eating. So i now changed his food from Royal Canin to Eukanuba.

Also i tried to swith his shampoo to those whitening type. Hope this works. The shampoo is 500ml and RM27. Hubby said just buy him Rejoice it’s a lot cheaper. hahaha…

Next i am getting him a traveling bag. My firend is going to Bangkok, so i ask her to help me to buy so that i could bring Cophie to places i go and without many ppl noticing. 🙂

He had just destroy one of his fav toy. This never happen to Missy before. Missy cares and protects her toys carefully but this notti boy is totally the opposite. He is the destroyer. Even his bowl is also full of bite marks. *argh*

Just hope and pray hard MY things don’t end up in his mouth.


I don’t blog so much because my camera had went into the hospital

Adorable, Notti, Darl’ Baby D-boy

He is Dylan. He is my fav niece’s lil brother. He is my fav nephew. Unlike his sister who is always shy and quiet, he is just too notti and playful… i juz love his notti-ness. Too adorable. If i ever have a baby boy i will really love to be like D-boy.

Imagine he can climb out from the baby play pen with his toe kepit-ting the bars. He always sing to me A,B,C and Twinkle Little Star and many more. Even though he is not even 2 yrs old he could sing fluent. hehehe..whenever he is back from Jakarta, i will try to slot my time to visit him.

(25.08.06: just born)


( standing strong even still not stable )

( 29.12.07: “look at my coconut hair” )

( 13.3.08: preparing for grandad 60th bday. btw he fall asleep on my tummy. must be really soft and fatty fluffy )

( 13.03.08: Just woke up at grandad dinner )

( 19.06.08: “mummy say eat biscuit must put on the plate, sit nicely and cannot walk here walk there”. Exactly like their mom when she was young )

( 26.07.08: HC graduation day. This is is favourite cartoon character now, Mak Tau. He can sing the Mak Tau song and laugh all day )

( and his sista)

( 21.06.08: Lastly, 3 lovely babies in the family on Seangi’s wedding )

Miki Shower aka Full Moon

Yeah, i am 1 month old dy.

10 things i feel about my new job:

1. Nice and comfortable office but no privacy

2. Room for growing and opportunity

3. Boss is willing to teach but also never fail to scold

4. More satisfaction on the job

5. Security

6. More empowerment

7. Wierd system with many double job and manual operation

8. Technology is way way way more advance than any i had seen

9. Not as bad as what other’s have to say about going home late

10. I love it!