It crush my heart


There’s this collection thingy going on at Tesco. Spend min RM50 and get a sticker. With 10 sticker u get a free figurine or pay RM5 with 5 stickers. And is not like u get to choose which figurine u like. it is all in a box and it is by luck u get wat u wan. i hv 5 stickers collected and decided to get 1. J was waiting at the counter with me and he request to hv spiderman. i explain to him we can’t choose and only get to see when the box is open. anyway the 1st figurine we got was sully the big blue monster from Monster inc. J was abit disappointed but he didnt throw tantrum. however M was making a big fuss that he wanted it. So i told J to gv it to him. After we complete our groceries, we manage to collect another 5 stickers and so we went to get another figurine.

J still wanted a spiderman and this time we got ironman.. and again M was making alot noise when he saw the ironman. Awfully alot of noise i told J to gv it to his bro. He was reluctant but i didn’t force him. So on the way to the car, M still shouting and screaming and in the end J just voluntarily gv it to his bro. J ended up with Sully and his bro wont even let him touch the ironman.

*sigh* this is the part my heart really crush. Maybe some will say tat should teach M not to have watever he wants. or.. maybe some will just think that J wasn’t really interested in it anyway tat why he gv it away. But as a mom, i saw him waiting to get his spiderman and in the end he had to gv away his ironman (which is 2nd best) and ended up with sully… i really feel heart broken. as tho i had failed him. as tho i cannot fullfill him *SIGH*

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New fire truck bed

We recently bought a preloved fire truck bunker bed for my 2 sons. I do not like the double decker coz of the ceiling fans and also afraid the top sleeper will have terrible fall. Altho was preloved it looks new, and one of the mattress that comes with it was not being used before. We bought over with RM1k. Pil say was too much to pay but i think it is a good buy ๐Ÿ™‚

They used to sleep one on my left, one on my right. With theย new bb arrival, would really love if J could sleep on his own. And hoping M will somehow follow.

Day 1: I sleep with J on his fire truck until he falls asleep while M sleep with papa. After both of them fall asleep i move M to the fire truck bed at arnd 3am and couldn’t sleep after that. Arnd 4am J creep over to our bed and then i could sleep soundly. ๐Ÿ˜€ i think the mommy can’t sleep w/o her boys.ย 



(Glad that J really love the bed and he would do reading/viewing on his bed)

Day 2 : Again i sleep on the fire truck while J tries to fall asleep and M was sleeping with papa. i told J, i will move didi here with him and mama will go back to her bed. issit OK? He says OK and there is nothing to be afraid off. So i did. About 15min later i hear him sobbing and i ask why? He said, “i want mama”. Aw~~ so i have to put him to sleep again together 3 of us cramp into the small single size bed. But before i could doze off in my own bed he is awake again and climbing unto my bed… until morning. Didi manage to sleep tru.

Day 3 : Disaster. He refuse to sleep on his bed. i ask him why he said he is afraid. He insist sleeping with me. I told him i need to send back his bed if she didn’t like his bed. Told him also we could see each other and we are so near (only 2 feets apart) He tried.. he really tried to go back to his bed.. he even told me, “mama, go back to ur bed” but midnite both end up sleeping with us.

Day 4 : He request to push the bed together. i was thinking.. well maybe if the beds is stick together he will be more confident. NO. the can easily roll unto our bed again. -_-

Day 5 : We made it. We separate the bed but it was 1feet distance. This time put M to sleep in the fire truck and move J over. He was still awake when i move him but i told him. Didi will be accompany him. Well he did manage to sleep tru till morning. M however manage to climb unto my bed at midnite.


(Day 5 was a bit of a success for J)


(M still no hope to sleep alone)

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