“Wanting it but not needing it”

Thank for the belated bday gift. I’m loving it and loving you.

AL : Nah..your bday gift
MC : *acting surprise* wah.. thank you
AL : Guess what is it
MC : erm….a bottle of something?
AL : No
MC : A pen with huge handle?
AL : *laugh*

Actually AL had mention what she wanted to get for me. Hahaha….

( it was actually wrap nicely in a green wrapping paper )


Meet up with my darling AL for breakfast together with Ha-B.
Then we went shopping at JJ to have private time together.
(I always love this session with my close firends)
Suppose to rush to PD that afternoon for Phang family gathering after shopping.
Ha-B suddenly have some important things to do so we will only start our journey in the evening.
AL and I have more time with each other.

Both of us walk with no sense of direction because we just wanted to talk.
We ended up in What-sun and both love pharmacy. We spend quite some time and suddenly…..
I saw those items RM0.77?? i took quite a few things to scan to ensure that the price is correct.

To our shock syiok-ness, the price is correct! So we wack quite a fews things

I even sapu all the panties available but Ha-B dun let me post up the colourful-nice-comfortable-cotton panties.

As for AL, she tergila-gila with the decorated, scented soap and the soap holder?!
I force her to take 2 panties also. Hehehe….

We also bought buy-1-free-1 item. We share share lor…
Hand Liquid Soap => RM6.90
Nail Polish Remover => RM3.90

All that i took, i only pay RM23++ ~~~Amazing~~~

We went to SR to have lunch and went back my house to play makeup-makeup (masak-masak)

The next day, after returning from PD, ( i will post my PD trip in another post )
We went makan with Ha-b friend, who is doing a Sony road show in MP.

After dinner, we send them back to MP but i still thinking of the comb from VS that i didn’t buy in JJ What-son.
So i force Ha-B to bring me to MP What-son.
While i was crazy-ing shopping, another crazy woman tap on my shoulder. It was AL.
As mention above, both of us were crazy about pharmacies.

This time i took the comb .. two! ..and other daily usable stuff and spend RM100++


Bene-fit Me

A friend had intro me this product of the same brand long long time ago. but i wasn’t keen in buying anymore foundation so i just listen and put aside. The another friend fron SIN intro me the liquid blusher pulak.

I went online i search for the product and find it cute, but wasn’t really interested in buying anymore blusher. *ahem*

Last weekend had went to Gardens and saw this big huge advert for the new colour for blusher. I went to the counter and this lady was so kind to show me the product and i had my trial. She told me many of her customers just come and buy this product and she don’t even need to promote anything about it. She also mention that this brand is already more than 30yrs in the market but MAL is 1yr plus.

After trying it, i feel that it’s really amazing because i do not need to apply  any foundation or make up base on my face to apply this blusher and it last long. The effect is like a slight red flush on my cheek. But it looks natural because i do not have powdery stain on my face. Amazing and i love it.

How to use:

1. Simply just draw 3 lines on the apple of your cheek.

2. Use middle finger and pointer to tap your face to even out. You can also use a brush.

(take note that if using fingers to blend, it will stain the fingers)

3. and ta-dah..

Pls lah don’t look at my oily face, pores, eye bag and dark circles, just my CHEEK and LIPS. I didn’t bother to apply any foundation or concealer for those problematic area because i wan to prove that this thing really doesn’t need base for it. 🙂

This is my new look to work…eye liner, lipstick and blusher. Look at my amazing-cute rosy cheek. This was taken after work, arnd 7pm and my rosy cheek still makes me look fresh and healthy.

(for work i only apply 2 strokes on my cheek, so it’s not so rosy)

Since Cophie was sitting next to me while i was taking picture, so i guess he must be waitting for his turn.. so…..

2 months old

Everybody had been asking me me about my work. Compare to NOT working i am so much relax now.

Reason: Because i can finally overcome my financial problem and my crave for shopping for the 4months.

Previously i am not so much of a shopaholic but after this, it seems like i spend more than before. I thought that since i had been the broke-est time in my life for the past 2 months, i must be some stingy aunty. BUT NO. Instead i realise that i should pamper myself more. Goodnes i think my ha-b going to faint after reading this.

Anyway to express my gladness and happiness and appreciation-ess i here present, what i do in the office…

1. taking picture as i walk along the corridor to the toilet.

2. taking fool-ish picture of me self in the toilet when i am doing business

3. admire the rising sun

4. my syiok-ness when i 1st receive my 1st pay slip on 15th Jul

So now, i pray and hope that each day of my working life, i’ll be this happy and glad. Thanks to Him who had given me this opportunity to be who i am today. Thank you, Lord. Amen