N Far Lek

Yup.. Jboy is drinking this brand. this kinda expensive, not the most but 1 of the group. Why? i dunno. everybody seems to be drinking this and they say it is good so why not. i didn’t really survey milk powder coz i already decide to gv BM. Beside i’m thinking since he’s on BM all the time so abit “luxury” milk won’t be too much lah. ūüėÄ (some ppl gv formula so that the bb stool will be harden abit. but i gv is due to convenient sake when i’m going out)

I’d calculate that if he is on 100%¬†milk powder he’ll need 650g in 5days which is RM59 selling price. which means tat RM300 plus per month?? OMG. If ¬†he is on BM most of the time, it will be completely FOC. but i still let him drink formula when we’re out for shopping.¬†He only need 650g for 1.5 months which is 8boxes which is RM480plus per year! So i actually save alot. don’t mind buying the expensive breast pump. eventually i’ll earn back too.

Even that, I’d survey the quite cheap shop selling this arnd fifty 3 fifty. I bought half a dozen to keep stock coz i heard the price is going to increase in another 1 or 2 mths.

Grandma¬†say he is growing little tooth because she could feel the 2hard thing in his gums. i dunno. i can’t feel anything. Jboy also starts to blow bubble with his saliva and suck it back. Dirty boy.. He still doens’t know how to turn over which is a good thing. At least i¬† can still put him on the rocker while i’m busy with hse work.

Yesterday mosquito bit him for the 3rd time. my poor boy…we went da yi’s hse for 1nite. grandpa need to go for his meeting. so grandma and me went up to stay for 1nite to play play with hanhan jie jie. dun need to bring anything. rocker, spring cot, napkin baby bathe and lotion is all available. even milk powder also same. i just need to bring myself and my breast pump. hahahah….

oh he also know how to use his new pacifier dy. he knows he got no choise. ūüėÄ

Weight : 8.2kg

Mimi weight : 73kg (shit y nvr reduce?)

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Trained Routine

4 – 4.30 am : wake for the midnite feed. normally will do directly.

7-7.30 am : morning feed and force him back to sleep (coz i wan to sleep la. what else)

9-9.30 am : wake up and play awhile. i also try to find time to xpress. take about 10 to 15 min minus the washing. thank God i decided to buy the dual pump.

10.30 am : feed again depending on the previous feed. 3hrs apart.

11 am : nap awhile and i will do the short cleaning. Normally is to wash the laundry to catch the morning sun

12  Р1pm : wake up, feed and try to poo poo him. normally succesful but little bit nie recently. dunno why. he used to poo once per day now is twice. poo him immediately after feeding is easier.  bathe him rite after that. of course i also bathe myself and do my xpressing lo.

2pm – 4.30 / 5pm : will be his long nap. during this time i will do a massive cleaning including the hse and adult laundry. this also depends on luck. sometimes he just refuse to sleep long. he will normally wake up to pee. good boy eh? b4 he wake, i’ll also xpress the 3rd time. if i miss out the 2nd xpressing i’ll make this session earlier. sometime i’m too tired i’ll also sleep during this time.¬†so i’ll end up wasting time lor.

okay. after these leh.. i normally won’t do house chore. sometime will cook but most of the time, i jus spend time with him. isn’t this the same as working in the office???¬† after he wake up i’ll bathe him and try to poo him 2nd time.

arnd 7pm : dinner time he will take a short nap while i finish my dinner. good boy?

arnd 8pm : wake 1 hr later..i’ll do my 4th time xpressin during this time. try to xpress at least 4 times per day. but this is be a very bad frequency especially for a new BF mom. playwith him¬†until 10something.

10 pm : prepare for bedtime. sometimes will sleep earlier sometime 11pm. but most of the time 10.30pm. before i go for my rest i’ll xpress another final time for the day. i always try to make it as late as possible bcoz the next day i xpress quite late. but nite feeing i normally gv directly so ok abit lah. according to studies, nite is the most milk produce by the body.

there goes my whole day and it’s quite routine especially i’m trying to train him to poo and sleep. pee pee leh.. it’s arnd every 20min for a newborn like him. when my mom jaga she only use 1 napkin per day coz she make sure he pee. i have more to learn loh…¬†tiring and no increament job¬†but enjoyable. hopefully the boss will be happy. the boss is Jboy NOT Jman. ūüėÄ

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New Pacifier

Reason i bought this is because the current i’m using is keep on droping out from his mouth. Wondering is it too short or is it without the mouth shape. So i bought this MAM for a softer teat and with shape of the mouth. I also bought for 6+ mth because i’m thinking the previous for 3+ mth was too short. Mana tau he keep on showing his face wanna puke. But frankly speaking, Jboy never like the pacifier, he love the “natural” pacifier more. Is just that i need to train him to use the pacifier because i’ll be gone for 4 days and i’m afraid that my mom will have hard time putting him to sleep.

Normally if Jboy is given pacifier he will either spit it out or making the vomit face. So day time I nvr need to use the pacifier to put him to sleep. Maybe th spring cot also help alot lah.. but nite time i just wan him to fall asleep after so that i can have my time or sleep early.

Today i manage to force him to use the pacifier. it’s either use it or no pacifier at all. I did gv him the “natural” pacifier. I think he knows he got no choise so.. while sucking he grumbles too. hahah..

I also bought him a” teether” in case his new little tooth coming out.. which according to most babies arnd this age. Don’t ask about the price. i might need to go back to work if this temptation continues….

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Back to KL

I’d cut Jboy’s toe nail until bleeding for the 1st time. *sob**sob* but thank God he still cannot feel what’s pain. So he nvr show any expression. *phew

We also plan to go back KL after work and so¬†I pack¬†all the stuff . Jboy alone is like the whole car.. so many things to bring. I’d list out Jboy stuff… OMG is 30++ stuff. Manage to write down everythign that need to bring… so i didn’t miss out anything unintentionally. BUT forgot to bring my own things. The worst part is.. i’d been bz the whole mornign packing and my f*cking HaB can show face when i told him i forgot to bring my things. We haven’t even drove out the front hse gate. He f*cking show his bl*ody face to me! What an as* h*le. i damn kau pek chek. I feel like telling him. go back urself. I’m done here. WTF WTF WTF just cannot get over it!

1 project done

Today i manage to clean the masteroom only. Jboy is still having a bad nose. No matter what i do, don’t on aircorn, off aircorn earlier, use air purifier whole nite. Nothing seems to work. Every morning around 7am his nose will start to block. Cannot breathe, in fact me too having the same problem but at¬†least i can blow it out but he.. poor boy. He always end up crying. Today was worst. i use the nasal spray and his mucus all came out. Alot. Normally it won’t be that much lor.. my poor boy. Inherited from Mimi and Didi (Nice rite? i think i’m going to ask him to call us this)

Although there’s not much cleaning, i manage to hand make flash card for him. A to Z. I tried to find anywhere selling but i can’t find a suitably huge card for him. Further more now i’m income-less. So batter make my own lah. Next project is to make 1 to 10. Actually i have lotsa project for him eg: sand play grnd but this will be a few more year until he can walk, glass sticker which i already have all the material in my hse since pregnancy but nvr bother to kick start and many more lah.. dun wan to say too much la. later nvr do paiseh.. wuhahah…


Went to buy a new pacifier and a teething toy. Spend Rm50. ( i think i should need go back to work) We also manage to meet up with my friends to discuss some preparation. *ahem* i’m proud that i’m involve in this. Infact i even can help to choose the date for them. I must be their bestest friend. *ahem* We hv a drink in CIMB Old Town. Bear in mind CCTV everywhere… and i do my BF on the spot. No lah i was actually aware of it.. i uses his blanket to cover lah. i just wan to put him to sleep.. manatau once i put him in the pram he woke again. *argh* ended playing with him. My poor friend didn’t got me involve during the discussion.

I also met antoher aunty, AiNee. He daughter is 6mth old but Jboy looks so much bigger. HUGE-R! maybe mine is a boy lah. ūüėõ

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2nd day is even tougher

2nd day… i’m suppose to clean the whole upstair but unfortunately.. only manage to do the laundry..

He didn’t sleep long during his nap which is suppose to be 2 to 5 pm. So i’m also tight up with him most of the time.

Today is consider quite a failure because i didn’t¬†meet my target..¬†*argh* Chinese New Year is coming lor…

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Changing to 24hr job

I’d quit and join another new field.¬†I work from home and i¬†have this privilege¬†that only¬†female is able to take this job. ¬†This is a 24hr non stop work. I don’t have flexi time, because most of the time i’m working and it’s non stop. Yes i am a MOM.

I’d finally made my decision to quit my office job to hopefully able to give the best for my son. Watching him grow and being with him tru ups and downs. *keeps my finger cross*

My mission today is to clean the whole of downstairs which i manage to meet my target. *yippie* Realising that i also didn’t have all the time with Jboy because i was whole day cleaning. Didn’t manage to talk to chit chat with him lor..

Don’t worry Jboy¬†Mimi will¬†improve. i’ll do my work faster lor… tml another busy day…

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My appetite increase drastically… even more than during pregnancy. Ppl say their appetite increase during pregnancy. But mine increase after. Last time i only¬†eat 1/3 bowl of rice without feeing hungry between meals. Even during my pregnancy. Now i finish 1.5 bowl with just-nice feeling. OMG OMG OMG. What happen?

I realise, i start to feel hungry all the time. Even if i just finish my lunch 1 hr ago. But reason also my mom refuse to let me cut down my food in take coz i’m BF-ing. Afraid that i will drain out everything. So she is contantly reminding me to take my supplements and eat more and drink more.

I’d known 1 very committed BF mum sitting next to me who is always eating. She is so skinny and her baby is already 7mth old. ¬†She is so determine that she feed 100%.¬†¬†Which is a good thing becuase baby will have a better immuine system and will have a better digestion. Lucky her baby. Also i read from internet that the BM will produce some “thing” to protect the BB’s eyes can cannot be generate into formulas. I’m a proud mom for this.

For me, i have¬†just-nice production¬†therefore during the nite feeding HaB will feed with formula.¬† (I don’t wake for midnite feeds, lucky me-eh? Jealous leh..)I manage to store abit in my fridge in case anything. But if Jboy keep increasing his intake, it will be gone in no time. I hope in future, i can have enough to gv and store!¬†Trying to feed 100% and more direct feed hopefully can increase the production. ūüėÄ

I am impress with myself for being able to BF until now 3mth plus and wake up early 6.30am everyday to prepare milk-milk for him. I am so “wei da” hahahha…thinking back the day i deliver and i BF him for the 1st time i’m so impressed. My wound is already so painful, i’m so tired and i CANNOT move but still manage to let him suck. During my confinement i cannot get up from bed properly, wound still hurting like mad especially i refuse to take the pain killer (better not take any medication during BF) i’m sweaty and hot, uneasy, uncomfortable, aching all over¬†and pek chek because jboy was grumbling coz not enuf and i’m pekchek with myself coz cannot produce enuf ..¬†BUT i still manage to BF. thinking back i am so amaze with myself. I don’t think i can go through it again. No wonder some ppl just gave up..

*BM = breast milk

*BF = Breast feed

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New toy

WS was so kind to lend Jboy her nephew’s toy. Jboy 1st reaction was blurr blurr. He do not know what is all the things hanging in front of him. After he start to warm up, he start to kick and and his start to grab. This toy is to train up control using his hand and legs. Jboy is very happy with his new toy.


In fact there’s a few toy that can make him keep quite, the piano.


This is the toy he love the most, the mobile toy aka rotating toy.


Increase to 5oz

Recently, Jboy was feeling uneasy during evening. He will cry and cry. No matter how or what you do he will not stop. You can see he is very uncomfortable and uneasy.

Evening is one of the¬†“busy” session. (There’s a few “busy” session throughout the day) I just came back from work, bathe, pump and need to faster take the baby over from mom (currently mom is helping¬†until i’m free)¬†so that she can start cooking dinner. Kesian my mom, her job never stop…

It’s been few day Jboy loose show his tamtrum. We cannot figure out why but mom gave her opinion that he is hungry. I was like.. “what??!!” 4.5oz and still hungry. I know a few kid who is already 8 or 9 mth old not even reaching 4oz. Even my darling Dboy who is 3yr ++ also recently just increase to 6oz. BUT i had no choise because i’d tried almost everything, sarung (spring cot), rocker, carry him and rock, pacifier, play, talk, sing.. nothing seems to work.

Immediately the next meal i increase to 5oz… guess what… he sleep soundly and wake the next morning. Even the following day he didn’t make noise during the evening and was very happy talking and smiling to everybody. (Don’t ask me why happen during evening)

11 Jan 2010 –> Jboy started his 5oz milestone @ 3mth-1wk old.

His face also start to turn reddish. I think the eczema is coming back…why is my breast milk not working? issit something to do with my food consumption?

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