After 1 quarter

where have i been? what had i been doing? i’m sick lately. sickness of happiness… haha yeah i had finally waited for this week. it’s my ending of 1st trimester.

overall i had not been feeling good or bad. the only trouble i have is with my throat. it’s giving my the “curry feeling” and the felling it’s like after a vomit out of excessive beer. *yuck* i’m always hungry. i eat when i open my eyes in the morning. 9am i eat again. 1pm i eat. 4pm i need to eat again to that at 5.30 i don’t have to go back ontime. 7pm is my latest time to have dinner. anytime later than tat, i really cannot tahan. but i also cannot eat too full.

i don’t have cravings, i don’t have morning sickness. my nausea only comes when i’m hungry. but my “ahem” is also growing at a very consider fast rate. i weigh the same before i’m pregnant. oh and last 2wks i went for scan, my BB have hands and legs. I’m so glad and relieved. Really thank God for this miracle.