MC is the emcee

My cousin’s wedding. A disaster. Because the emcee is very lousy. BUT cannot blame MC la. Coz my cousin didn’t bother to give me all the information earlier and MC only manage to start looking and memorizing at 6pm on actual day. Can you imagine?

Before the march in, no one had gave any sign to the emcee to start the event. Everything is very last minute and huru-hara. Not only that, my voice cannot be heard from behind. Worst i was stumbling because i wasn’t ready and many “erm” “erm” “erm”.

Terrible. Horrible. Gorrible

*MC = Miki Chua

(photo will be post later)


Got it

I haven’t really got it but base on verbal, mutual agreement and trust i should be able to start the job on 1st July.

The HR still had not prepare my offer letter and all the documentation to sign and by the time they are ready i will be in KK having my holiday. No time to sign so might as well i sign on the 1st day of reporting. Anyway this is what most of the people is doing, according to the HR.

Actually why i am so skeptical is because this week i am suppose to receive a call from HR stating that my medical result. But instead i received call from the manager asking me (so call phone interview) whether i am seriously interested in the job or want to job hop. I guess the pass experience with my ex company had really drive them crazy and suspicious. Anyway the manager wanted me to help her to convince her MD that i will be able to stay long. i also heard that she is actually teleconferencing but i just keep quite about that.

After stating all my points and the final point told her, “You help me to get in, I’ll help you and make sure i stay long” hahaha…she also laugh together with me.

Cophie Bo Geh (2)

This is and updated post from the previous Cophie Bo Geh.

Looking into his mouth now, the previous teeth had grown but other pair of tooth has gone.

Few weeks later the previous set had grown and the next pair is gone. Their teeth grow very fast.

I manage to capture those little baby milk teeth before he swallow it. Look how tiny it was..

Up Up Up…

But salary remain low…

I recently come across this which makes me really angry, furious, mad, geram and pek chek.

Why other ppl can, why we can’t. Why Why Why?

Below is taken as of 30May2008

Why I decided to go back to work

1. A neighbor was telling me her stories about how her boss do all tactic to force her to retired. And her daughter in law have to work on 2 jobs to support the family. I feel that why i am still capable and not too old, but don’t intend to work? Why when my salary is equivalent to her 2 jobs salary and i am not working?

2. WP slap me by telling me that, while young we should earn as much as possible because we never know what will happen to our future.

3. My dad was complaining that i am so young and already want to relax. Bersenang-senang sekarang, bersusah-susah kemudian. True also la.

4. Sitting at home is the coolest thing but i had done nothing important and meaningful to my life. My life is a piece of rotten, useless and no-value shit.

5. I am not a shopping type of person, but when it comes to home, i have alot i want to do.

(a) the grill at my kitchen

(b) cement the backyard

(c) tiled my porch

(d) custom made my wardrobe in my room

(e) have a nice work station room for hubby (so that he don’t simply treat the whole house as him work station)

(f) kitchen cabinet

(g) buy a dryer which hubby never allow. i guess now with the electricity going up, i don’t even have the chance to think about it.

6. I love traveling and there is so many places that i want to be.

So many things in mind, i guess the only thing is i should be back to work.

Happy Birthday Mom and Sis

Happy Birthday you two.. Every year my mom and sis got to share cake because their bday is the same date. This year no need to share cake because i had bake 1 and bought 1.

Hahahah…ugly wan give HC..nah…

Actually the cake i bake is broken into pieces. The very stupid me tot wan to take out the whole cake and put into a nice glassware. Mana tau when i terbalikkan the cake, the whole thing break into pcs. But i still arrange it nicely and trim those not nice part and eat myself. After putting into the glassware look nice also ma.

The other bday girl is not is the picture because she is back to KL. No chance to eat her own cake *sob* *sob*

My new hair style that haven’t been cut

My cousin’s wedding is around the corner, i do not know what to do with my ugly hair so i went to search online for a suitable hair. Then i found something amusing. So do let me know which suits me best. Long straight hair? wavy, curly hair? or short and sweet.

which is better

I personally most prefer this below. Looks like my fat round face only suit short hair.

And i also realize that if i were to have wavy and curly hair.. i should have my hair colored and some light make-up. Else really look kanasai

Anxious, Kan Cheong, Excited

Suddenly i wish that Monday could come faster. Suddenly i am so relieave that i finally will have a decent job. I do not know how will the boss treat me or how can i handle my new job but definitely it will be a whole new experience.

Why i am waitting for Monday? haha.. because the HR still had not confirm with me they are offering me. Just that during the interview i straight ask the director “So does this mean..?” i guess no one ever ask him this question. hahaha….

My whole interview session was really chaotic. i was being called for interview and the interviewer was on emergency. Nevermind lor.. after waitting for an hour i just leave and wait for the HR to call. It was Friday that day. Waitted over the weekend, and Monday, Tuesday. Finally i decided that Wednesday still not call i will call back. I didn’t call earlier coz i didn’t wan to sound too desperate. Then i receive a call from a friend saying that i didn’t turn up for Monday interview!! shit.. i heart just stop pounding for few second coz i really don’t rememeber any call for me regarding job.

It had been a very messy weekend cause my dad was arranged to go for surgical on Monday itself. But i still am very sure that there was no phone call from HR although my heart and mind was wondering and floating with no sense of direction. (worried my dad ma)

Anyway i call back and the HR was also quite confuse and didn’t realise they didn’t confirm with me the date and time of the 2nd, 1st interview. Immediately we arranged for that afternoon to be interview. It was a succesful interview because the manager called up the directer immediately on the spot and arrange for the next 2nd interview for me. So it was schedule the next day at 5.30pm

I reach there, waitted for 1 hour, and the HR finally bring me up to his room as the director just came out from his meeting. But unfortunately he told me he need to attend another meeting with customer which i am thinking should be taking a long time but he said 30 min will be done. SO i wait and 15 min later he told me that the meeting might take longer and ask me to come back again the next day.

No choise but fortunately, it was a holiday on Friday for the comp. i was thinking that i will have all his time for me (i thought should be the other way round) but also… not to forget if he got nothing to do and he just go office to interview me… also means tat i am doom. Why ler? Coz he will have all the time to interview me, tons of questions and ….shit lor.

Thank God everything went smoothly, he have another meeting after the interview so phone keep ringing and i was only with him for 1hr. hehehe…. he told me HR is going to call me on the following Monday so i straight ask him am i succesful for the interview lor…

Now i need to worry is that my medical test will be good and the HR don’t press any further with my expected salary. Already request for very low liao. Only 10% increament of my previous salary ma. With everything increasing, shouldn’t press me lor. hahaha…. Wish me luck!

Cophie Bo Geh

Today i was playing with Cophie and i like to open his mouth and look at all those tiny teeth. ( i did the same thing with Missy last time) When i open his mouth i saw this hole.. hahaha.. so cute.. like those standard 1 student who had just lost their tooth. So Cophie is also going through the same phase. Changing the milk tooth.

So 1 thing good about baby dog instead of human baby is that the growing up procedure is faster. hehehe…