Continuous torturing

First Mboy got his ulcer which grew bigger and bigger and i had to use medication to cure it. Then Jboy had bad diarrhea, luckily during the Salmonella outbreak we were at Malacca and medication were cheaper. And away from the “contagious” house!  When we’re back, i’ll do a sanitizing in the kitchen and sterilise all the things that uses by both of them.

After a week in Malacca, waking up in my own place today, my neck and shoulder decide to give me up, started to ache and cannot move too much. Stiff neck and shoulder came attacking me again.Then when i was trying to warp M in his diaper, just when i lift  him up, crack! I heard my upper back had a loud crack, somewhere behind my chest. I immediate have to put down M, cannot lift M anymore, ultimate pain. I can’t even breathe properly! I must had injured by back trying to lift M while sitting. then my body cannot turn. But i still have laundry to wash, kithcen to sanitize, meals to cook. *argh*

Also this morning woke up, M penis is abit swollen (due to swimming in the club?) due to phimosis again?!! and Jboy is down with flu. As i was cooking J decided to poo in his pant! Already so phobia with all the raw food and SHIT now i got to clear a 3yr old pants and the floor when he already potty trained! After clearing up, M decided to SHIT!!! on the floor and floor mat! *argh* with my stiff neck and shoulder, body aching i need to do all the unnecessary work!

I just wanna kill myself and solve all these


Salmonella Diarrhea

Thurs (7th Jun) : Jboy have watery + hard stool, twice.

Fri (8th Jun) : 4-5 times watery stool

Sat (9th Jun) : More than 20 times loose stool + mucus and blood + slight fever
(suspect the worsen is due to the chocolate he ate on the way back to Melaka which i didn’t know earlier that we’re not suppose to eat any high sugar contain during diarrhea)

Sun (10th Jun) : More than 30 times loose stool / tummy cramp + mucus and blood. We finally went to a specialist

Reason i didn’t went for medication immediate :
– He was very active and hyper
– No sign of de-hydrate
– He wasn’t purging just loose stool (like eaten alot of fibre)
– Many of the website mention that it will self recover

Dr Jessica, the paed who is also the same doc who examine J & M after they were delivered. Nice and patient. And she don’t simply prescript or give unnecessary medication. Afforable too.

Medication + Consultation = RM90
– Prolactor Probiotic  + Prebiotic
– Antibiotic (protect his intestine bcoz he had bloody stool)
– Smecta (stop the diarrhea and replenish fluid)

Feces Test = RM55

Test result were what i’d suspected, Salmonella bacteria infection. Cause by uncook food or feces. Can be eliminate by cooking above 165degree and washing hand with soap.

All the reason/causes i can think off :
– Didn’t wash my hand clean enough – sometime i will not use the soap unless i clean their poop, who actually wash their hand with soap everytime they wash their hand?
–  Using the same chopping board – HUGE mistake!! i seperate the knife so what? i didn’t seperate the chopping board. intend to buy 1 sooooon but unfortunately it happen b4 actions were taken
– Knife were stack together – so even the knife were seperated it was in contact with the vege/fruit knife. I didn’t wash my knife with soap which i tot it it wasn’t oily there’s no need soap. HUGE mistake!!
– Raw liquid – There’s once i’d try to cut separate the raw chicken bought from market.  The raw juices could had splash on counter tops and dishes i’d washed earlier. Read somewhere that poultry weren’t suppose to wash or if HAD too (which i think is a necessary) wash in a pail/small running water/carefully not to splash on counter tops. After that, clean all counter top with chlorine bleach
– Under cooked meat – I roast whole chicken check the thigh and it was completely cooked.  Prepare some for J, he ate them. When i was eating the breast part, i realise it wasn’t completely cooked. The meat still sticking to the bone. *sigh* could it be that? But M also eat oh~~
– Feces – Mboy poop in his diaper and i didn’t realise until i saw it stain on the tiles, then i quickly clean up everything. Could i missed out some parts or some toys also been stain with Mboy’s poop and i didn’t realise?
– I wash Mboys poo in the same basin as i told Jboy to wash his hand. Could it be i didn’t clear the basin properly?
– Sometime i’ll tell J to fetch the kitchen rag to clean up spill water/food. The rag could be contaminated from raw food from the kitchen?

Next time i just bake cookies and cake for breaskfast, lunch and dinner… *sigh*

*updates : Salmonella  bacteria cannot be kill in microwave. So whoever cooking with microwave pls becareful…

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9mth Mboy

M had  grown 2 ulcer.. 1 on the tongue and 1 on the upper lips. *sigh*

Before the ulcer, i saw plastic piece roughly 8mm x 1mm in his diaper, out from his stool. It came from 1 of the toy car. So i guess the plastic piece must had cut his lips and tongue and caused the ulcer. 😦 It grew bigger until ytd i told hubby to buy the watermelon frost & some gel for kids. Apply the watermelon frost in the morning and the gel in the afternoon after shower and nite before sleep.

I normally don’t like to apply those easten medication, not because i don’t trust their capability, but i don’t trust the way the make it! Probably last time works wonders but now… u never know what they put in it~~ but this time i got  no choice. I’d read from the internet that it can be .. possibly be “oral thrush” and if it is .. then it will be super problematic. So i don’t want to wait for the ulcer to cure itself (which it normally would after 2wks or so ) miki chua the biasa no patience wanna quickly cure it. So apply tiny wieny bit shouldn’t be a problem kua~~~

Teething : (J only had 3 teeth)

– 2 lower –> 4 upper –> 2 lower

Motor Skill : ( J only can lift himself to stand)

– can stand without holding to anything

– tip-toe bouncing on the floor of course holding to something… especially there’s music

– climb the stairs!

Communication :

– he interacts with us by making sounds and wait for us to response and then he response

– when i tell him ” don’t take my specs ah~” his hand will come and grab it fast, he understands

– he somehow can understand when J ask him to chase him

Food :

– still don’t eat much, maybe 2 spoon full

– i tried to gv him tasteless ( no salt, no sugar) food but he refuse to even open his mouth so i just might as well gv him watever J eats.

– i don’t blend his food coz he prefer to bite them himself

Habit : 

– sucking thumb

– clingy and cannot see if there’s nobody arnd

Interest :

– bathing especially if i let the water fall onto his head/face

– he likes the “Baby Genius : baby & parent” CD

– love shopping / get out from the hse. he’ll bounce for excited and u can see his face smiling from ear to ear! sometimes even laugh out loud!

Over all he is everything faster compare to his koko. I think he’s another hyper kid AND I AM GONE!!

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